The Tale of the Princess Kaguya Review; Suteki na Eiga

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya picture image

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

Let’s be real here The Tale of the Princess Kaguya is perfect oscar bait. How so you may ask? Well the different categories have their own unique types bait. Animation though really doesn’t so much as critics liked it and it was it animated.  However The Tale of the Princess Kaguya tips into the foreign film bait as it was produced by Japanese animated powerhouse, Studio Ghibli in 2013.

First off it’s cultural story, the academy eats that shit up, it has a sad ending, oh they love that, tears replenish their electrolytes and it’s done in an interesting animation style. Now I’m being little insulting as I think the Academy Awards are pompous and self-congratulatory, just because something is nominated or wins it doesn’t make it good. So is The Tale of the Princess Kaguya a good movie? OMG, yes, it’s wondrous.

I watched this in Japanese with English subtitles. It was directed by Isao Takahata.

Kaguya with a caged bird The Tale of the Princess Kaguya picture image

Kaguya with a caged bird

The story of is based on a classical Japanese folk story called The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter from the 10th century, a.k.a The Heien period. I read it once ages ago but let’s just focus on the movie and not its merits as an adaptation.

One day a Bamboo cutter sees a glowing stalk of bamboo, when he goes to investigate it he sees a tiny girl. He thinks she is a Divine Princess and takes her home. He shows her to his wife and the girl transforms into baby. The girl grows up very quickly and she makes friends with the local boys and enjoys her rural life.

The Bamboo cutter finds gold and fine clothing and thinks that the heaven means for the girl to grow up in the capital as a proper princess. So the Bamboo cutter takes the girl and his wife away from their mountain home to the capital where the girl is groomed to be a proper Heien lady, which is contrary to her free-spited personality but she complies. When she comes of age she is given the name of Kaguya for the light she seems to radiate.

Rumors then circulate about Kaguya’s beauty and five suitors ask for her hand in marriage. They all liken her to legendary treasure. Having to interest in marriage Kaguya asks each of them to bring her the treasure. Two try and fake the treasure, one abandons the quest, one tries to woo her with lies and one dies. Having caused misery to them Kaguya goes in to a state of depression. The Empeors then tries to pursues Kaguya and asks her to be his and against her father’s wishes Kaguya refuses. The Emperor then visits and embraces her and she vanishes. ZShe reappears and the Empeor withdraws but still wished Kaguya to be his. But the die has been cast because when the Empeor embrace her Kaguya wished in her heart for the moon to take her away and that wished is too be answered.

Kaguya tells her parents that she is really from the moon. While on the moon she has committed a crime by wishing to go to Earth and having a mortal life after a Celestial lady had experience it. She then tells them that on the 15th the Moon Host will come for her because she has wished for it but she doesn’t want to leave.

Kaguya and her servant then go back to her hometown where she runs into one her friends, Sutemaru, with whom her had a strong bond. She tells him that she would have been happiest with him. He tells her that he will protect her and that they should run away. They fly into the sky but Kaguya is torn from him and he awakens in the feild and thinks it was a dream and returns to his wife and child while Kaguya return to the capital.

Her family tries to protect her but the Moon host comes for her and once a moon robe in placed on her she will forget everything of her life. Kaguya and her parents beg for a moment but the robe is put on her as she hugs her parents.

As Kaguya arrives on the moon she looks back at the Earth with tears in her eyes.

Kaguya as a baby and her parents The Tale of the Princess Kaguya picture image

Kaguya as a baby and her parents

This story is a universal story about the exception of parents and the happiness of children. Parents do their best but they always want their children to do better than them though sometimes that doesn’t bring the child happiness. It’s an ageless story that speaks to vast audience.

Kaguya is the bamboo grove The Tale of the Princess Kaguya picture image

Kaguya is the bamboo grove


If I had one complaint with the movie is towards the middle it gets a little boring. Japanese film have a history of being stylistically slow which can add to the mood but it is an acquired taste. I would say that the pacing is good though as weird as that might be to say that it slow but the pacing is good. Otherwise it a lovely movie and my crummy write up doesn’t do it justice.

Kaguya and Sutemaru The Tale of the Princess Kaguya picture image

Kaguya and Sutemaru

The characters are fairly simple but they have complexities. Kaguya’s father is well meaning but does place high expectations on Kaguya. The mother is a little more of the salt of the Earth and understands Kaguya’s longing for the rural life more. Kaguya’s governess, Lady Sagami, is strict but well-meaning. Kaguya’s main love interest, Sutemaru is not that interesting as a character but you do root for them. I really loved Kaguya’s servant, Menowarawa, she is adorable.

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya picture image


Kaguya is the most established character. It’s a coming of age tale so we see her grown-up from an active girl to a bright graceful lady. Though even when she is a proper lady she doesn’t lose that natural spark she has throughout the beginning of the movie. That being said this type of character is nothing new, it’s been done a billion times but Kaguya is likable so she doesn’t feel like a rehashed character.

Kaguya running away  The Tale of the Princess Kaguya picture image

Kaguya running away

The main selling point of this movie is its animation. It has muted tone which I very often sight has a negative but here it’s not. The animation has a very story-book like quality to it, almost like a scroll from the Heien period. Two scenes that really stick out to me is Kaguya running from her naming party where the animation takes on this sumi-e, brush stroke energy and the second is where Kaguya and Sutemaru fly. That scene was gorgeous. I don’t think the animation willl be to everyone’s liking but I appreciate it style, elegances and mood.

Menowarawa The Tale of the Princess Kaguya picture image


The Tale of the Princess Kaguya is a very poetic movie that has all the right elements to be considered a masterwork. I think this might be one the best film from Studio Ghibli and that is saying a lot.

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Netflix’s tagline for Disney’s Hunchback

This is no joke the write-up for the Disney version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame on the Netflix app for the PS3, could for other app I just say it on the PS3 one.

Esmeralda and Quasimodo Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Esmeralda reading Quasimodo’s palm Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame

“A deformed bell ringer falls for a beautiful gypsy girl and lives happily ever-after? Hey, it could happen.”

Expect everyone knows it doesn’t. It’s kind of the psedo-clever default joke of the movie like Belle’s two hour Stockholm Syndrome. There is just so must fail in that little write-up that I had to share it.



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Gringoire of Notre Dame de Paris; When you get the best songs you don’t need a character

Bruno Pelletier as Gringoire in Notre Dame de Paris picture image

Bruno Pelletier as Gringoire in Notre Dame de Paris

I’m at a loss as to what to say about Gringoire in Notre Dame de Paris. Unlike Esmeralda and Frollo. Gringoire’s characterization doesn’t change version to version, so there isn’t a distinction between Bruno Pelletier’s Gringoire to the other actors.

Bruno Pelletier as Gringoire with Daniel Lavoie as Frollo pointing at him   picture image

Bruno Pelletier as Gringoire with Daniel Lavoie as Frollo pointing at him

Gringoire is the story teller and gives some exposition. He sort of interacts with other characters, mainly Frollo.

Bruno Pelletier as Gringoire in Notre Dame de Paris picture image

Bruno Pelletier as Gringoire i

However Gringoire is likable. He just immersed into this world and story that he pulls the audience into it. Every song he sings there is a certainty to it and it makes him seem all the more wonderful.

Bruno Pelletier as Gringoire with Helene Segara as Esmeralda in Notre Dame de Paris picture image

Bruno Pelletier as Gringoire with Helene Segara as Esmeralda

Gringoire here isn’t a coward like he is in the book. He starts off liking Esmeralda but he doesn’t pursue her or fall in love with her like in some other versions. It does seem a little hurt when Esmeralda tells him that she likes someone else but he takes in strides. Speaking of Esmeralda, I wish he got another song with her. He only got one duet with her plus two ensemble numbers, they also get two lines in an addition to La Cour des miracles in other versions.

Bruno Pelletier as Gringoire in Notre Dame de Paris picture image

Bruno Pelletier as Gringoire

That’s sort of it, he doesn’t have much a characterization as all the songs he sing say nothing about him except that he is a troubadour and not a ladies man, that’s it. This should bother me but there is so much power in the songs Gringoire sings  that it’s forgivable.

Next Time – Quasimodo

Garou as Quasimodo Notre Dame de Paris image picture

Garou as Quasimodo Notre Dame de Paris

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The Man who Laughs Book 2, Chapter 5-8

Book 2: The Hooker At Sea

Yup still snowing, though to be honest I’m writing this post on the same day as the last Man who Laughs post. High-Five for scheduling posts. (Though it probably is also snowing today.)

Book 2, Chapter 5; Hardquanonne

Ok, so Hardquanonne is the Doctor’s name or at least how he is credited which probably is a spoiler. More sea talk and a discussion about a gourd. The gourd belong to Hardquanonne and he was a friend of the cook. That’s all I got, Moving on.

Book 2, Chapter 6; They Think that Help is at Hand

If you said this chapter was more about the storm on the sea, you’d be right because it is. Seriously, book come on. Maybe storms on the sea was more exciting in 1869 but we’re are like at 15% with this book and it’s been like six chapters and prior to that the storm was starting and there is still more.

Book 2, Chapter 7; Superhuman Horrors

If like Hugo is just stalling. Was he payed by the word. Really, I got nothing. I mean this chapter was kind of fun to read fucks if it know what the point of it is. It’s a dark night, they’re at sea, there is storm, I’m not sure where that plot went, do you? I really hope this is adding to something because getting annoyed.

I should just say, I have never been much of a reader so pardon my ineptitude.

Book 2, Chapter 8; Nix et Nox

AGIAN, like the chapter before MORE on the storm at sea. I suppose in fairness to the book the Storm has mounted over the chapter to this chapter where it is the strongest and the people on the book think they are free and at the end they hear a bell. But 8 odd chapters of Sea and Storm imaginary is too much.

Ten more chapters in Book 2, I was wrong there are 17 chapters in Book 2 and not 12 but in my defense; Roman Numerals and Laziness.

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Happily N’Ever After Review; The Movie Literally Tells you it gets Worst

Happily N'Ever After  picture image

Happily N’Ever After

I would like a moment of silence for all the films that never were and never will be because this movie exists. How many GOOD were passed over for this? Who sold their soul to get this green-light? Or is this movie the result of pure aged-old Hollywood nepotism? Or was it solely as cheap Shrek cash in? What method was it movie is it because it wasn’t made for its compelling plot, charming characters or it’s sense of style?

Well the Subject line gives it away but it’s the 2006 fuck-feast Happily N’Ever After. It was made by Vanguard Animation and released by Lions Gate Film. It was pretty much panned on its released and has a 4% on Rotten Tomatoes, but is as bad as all that? Let’s just say I was a lot less happy after this shit ended, though I like when it end.

Ella and Step-Mother Frieda Happily N'Ever After  picture image

Ella and Step-Mother Frieda

In Fairy-tale land, lame name, there is a wizard who keeps fairy-tales in balance and he has two assistants, who are a Timon and Pumba knock-off meets Sorcerers Apprentice. The Wizard the goes on Vacation. While that is happening Cinderella a.k.a Ella, is getting ready for the ball. There is also a dude-bro named Rick, who is the prince’s only servant  and he likes Ella. So they go to the big stupid ball and the step-mother over hears the two assistants talking and she takes over and tips the scales so Ella’s dress vanishes and the Prince leaves to go off to find her.

The rest of the movie is Ella trying to find the Prince while fighting off fairy-tale baddies. She then defeats the Step mother and picks Rick-the-dick in the end.

Munk and Mambo Happily N'Ever After  picture image

Munk and Mambo

So what is wrong with this movie? Well to put it very concisely, Everything! First the story. It been done before or if not it just felt stale when it thought it was being new. To the film’s some-what credit there was something interesting about fighting fate but the movie was more concerned about making lame jokes than having a pulse, so that anything of substance was an after-thought.

The Prince Happily N'Ever After  picture image

The Prince

The characters are also annoying. The hero, Rick is the biggest whiner. There was nothing remotely likable about him. The prince, while as a massive twit, as was his point, but he was marging more likable in his idiocy. The step-mother was a boring villain, whose motivation was just because. The Timon and Pumba knock-offs, whose names are Mambo and Munk are well Andy Dick and Wallace Shawn, take that for what you want. Some of the other side characters are okay like Rumpelstiltskin and the Dwarves. I really only mildly chucked twice in this movie’s run time, TWICE!

Ella Happily N'Ever After  picture image


Then there is Ella, the princess character of this waste of celluloid. Her design is really bad. I don’t know who they were referencing but she was not pretty. Half the time she just looked sleepy. Also who idea was it to put her in such a short skirt. It was jarring. Well her looks aren’t great but how is her personality? I’m not sure. They movie claims she is girly and optimistic. Ok, yeah she kind of acts that way but if that isn’t a cliche Princess personality I don’t know what is it. She was boring and that is the long and short of her character.

Ella and Rick Happily N'Ever After  picture image

Ella and Rick

So the characters, story and the dialogue are all garbage but people can forgive that if the movie looks good, so how are the visuals? If you said they suck you’re right, I mean there are pictures in the post after all.

Every character in this look cold, plastic and artificial. There is just nothing interest in the visuals. Also the movement of the characters is not fluid at all, it very stilted and awkward. half the time it looked like bad stop-motion animation but you know if the movie had been stop-motion at least it would have been more interesting because there is nothing that interesting about 3d animation anymore, it’s just cheaper. I suppose that was the stylisitic intention of Happily N’Ever After, Cheap, like a two dollar hooker.

Ella, Munk and Mambo Happily N'Ever After  picture image

Ella, Munk and Mambo


Happily N’Ever After is as enjoyable as constipation. A good punch in the face is preferable. And how dare you use the Monster Mash, that song is sacred, Sacred I say!

And just to add to the insult of this movie, it got a sequel, which I’m not watching, though Snow White got a better design that Cinderella.

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Final Fantasy 14 Hunchback Reference

For those of you who read the blog, you know I like Final Fantasy. I have been playing the franchise’s second MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV; A Realm Reborn. FF14 has a lot of references to a lot of things for titles of quests. I was doing a quest to level up one of my classes  and the quest was called Topsy-Turvy Time. For the quest you just have to gather scaffolding logs, hence the name.

 Topsy-Turvy Final Fantasy XIV; A Realm Reborn picture image

Topsy-Turvy Time Levequest

I don’t know about you but when I hear the words “Topsy-Turvy” I go to the Disney song right away. Is it a direct reference to Hunchback? Only the localization team knows for certain but I think it is and that all that matters.

There could be more references to Hunchback in game but I’m sure there are more Disney ones.

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Frollo of Notre Dame de Paris; Richly Pathetic

Daniel Lavoie as Frollo Notre Dame de Paris picture image

Daniel Lavoie as Frollo

Like Esmeralda, Frollo’s personality really come done to which Notre Dame de Paris cast you are watching. Some play him big and expressive while others are restrained. However no matter which cast you are watch, Frollo in Notre Dame de Paris is the closest depiction to the novel that we will ever get.

Daniel Lavoie Frollo Notre Dame de Paris picture image


Frollo was originally played by French-Canadian singer Daniel Lavoie. Lavoie play a more restrain Frollo. Every moment Lavoie gives is tense. You get the feeling that he trying within himself to contain himself and is losing. But what makes him the best depiction of Frollo.

Daniel Lavoie as Frollo Notre Dame de Paris  picture image

Daniel Lavoie as Frollo

For one thing he is a priest though more than a few get that. Second he like science. Although it really just mentioned in a passing song but it counts. So far only THREE other Frollos even hinted at interested and and two where in dorky kid’s versions.

Daniel Lavoie as Frollo Notre Dame de Paris  picture image

Daniel Lavoie as Frollo

No, what what really makes this Frollo stand out as great is that you can get sympathy for him. You understand that he wants Esmeralda and does horrible things but there is pathos to him which is very in keeping with the book.

Daniel Lavoie as Frollo Notre Dame de Paris  picture image

Daniel Lavoie as Frollo

The sympathy that Lavoie’s Frollo portrayals gives the character a lot of complexity. I get the sense that his lust comes more from a place of love than most Frollos but his profession tortures him.

Daniel Lavoie as Frollo Notre Dame de Paris

Daniel Lavoie as Frollo 

However Lavoie may have too much pathos and restrain. Don’t get me wrong, I really like version but that deafening madness of lust doesn’t truly over take him as it does in the book. The most Lavoie does is a mad laugh at the end. Like I said you feel his inner craziness cause by his lust but it remains too inward, we need outward drama especially at the end.

Daniel Lavoie as Frollo Notre Dame de Paris picture image

Daniel Lavoie as Frollo 

That being said I would take a Frollo that has his lust drives him to pathos over a Frollo that is just evil or elicits zero sympathy.

Next Time Gringoire

Bruno Pelletier as Gringoire in Notre Dame de Paris picture image

Bruno Pelletier as Gringoire in Notre Dame de Paris

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The Man who Laughs Book 2, Chapter 1-4

Book 2: The Hooker At Sea

I know it’s a boat but I have to giggle at that title. And I’m REALLY starting to doubt my ability to blog about this book.

Book 2, Chapter 1; Superhuman Laws

So if you wanted to learn about the people on the boat and the group who abandoned our pal, ten year old nameless boy, well rejoice because you kind of get that but mostly these chapters are about the snow storm approaching, and living in New England I’m sick of Snow, in fact it’s snowing now as I’m writing this blog post and it more than likely will still be snowing when this gets posted.

Anyway I digress. This chapter is about the storm on the sea. That’s pretty much it. It’s getting redundant to talk about Hugo’s descriptions. If nothing else this gave me good night-time reading fodder, and that joke is getting redundant too.

Book 2, Chapter 2; Our First Rough Sketches Filled In

The title of this chapter is true. We learn something about the rag-tag team of people on this hooker, (giggles………phrasing). Mostly it’s not that super interesting until we get to the German dude and then it’s like “Oh, Hello Frollo fancy seeing you in this book.”
Hugo uses almost exactly the same description for this guy as he uses for Frollo. Like Baldness forming a tonsure. Also words associated with Frollo are flung in there, like Virgin and Cassock and dude isn’t a priest.

You can read the chapter here; it’s at the very end.

Book 2, Chapter 3; Troubled Men on the Trouble Sea

Oh, what is this? Could it be the mythical and legendary Dialogue? I heard about it once in a book that was all descriptions. Seriously though finally someone says something and it not that interesting and it’s in Spanish.

The skipper chats with the Chief of the group who abandoned Ten Year Old Nameless Boy about the the old German Frollo-esque dude, who is called both The Sage and the Madman, of course he is.

Book 2, Chapter 4; A Cloud Different from the Others Enters the Scene

Well if a Cloud enters the scene you know what that means? PARTY-TIME! Probably not.

Here we get a conversation between the Skipper and the German guy. The Old German guy is concerned about the weather which means his dialogue is descriptions. Oh, you clever author. But we do get more actual conversation, The Old German guy prefers to be called The Doctor. The conversation isn’t that reveling, it’s still mostly about the sea and the weather.

I’m sensing a theme to Book II……

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New Quasi T-Shirt plus….

Well these  Hunchback Zazzle shirts never sell but I could help it. And it says “Hunch” on the back.

Cheaper one with a black outline of Quasimodo on a white shirt HERE

There is also this

Quasimodo will Protect your Phone
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Happy Feb 14th……

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Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas Review; Wait what does the Book do again?


Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas picture image

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

Guess what? We have another Dreamworks film! This time it’s the 2003 movie Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. Bless this little movie’s heart, in same ways it wants to try but it feel very half-hearted.

Sinbad and Eris Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas picture image

Sinbad and Eris

A pirate name Sinbad wants to steal this treasure called the Book of Peace, really movie that is the best name you could think up? He wants it so he retire to Fiji. So Sinbad attack the ship the book in on, on its way to Syracuse. As he attacks, the Goddess of Discourse Eris sends Cetus, sea monster as she wants the book too. Sinbad sees that the Book is guarded by his childhood pal, Proteus, the Prince of Syracuse. Cetus attacks and Sinbad and Proteus fight it and Sinbad leaves without the book but he gets knock off into the sea and mets Eris.

Eris tells Sinbad to get the book for her and she will give him riches. Sinbad makes his way to Syracuse but abandons the plan when he sees Proteus‘ fiancee Marina. Eris however disguise herself as Sinbad and steal the book. Sinbad is arrested and claims Eris did it. Proteus defend his pal offers himself in Sinabd place. Sinbad is told to go to Tartarus, Eris’s realm to get the book back in ten days or Proteus will be executed. Sinbad agrees buy decides to head to Fiji.

However Marina, Proteus‘ sea loving gal sneaks on the ship and pays Sinbad to go Tartaus. They get into a few scrapes from Eris like Sirens and the Roc and Sinbad and Marina go from disliking each other to love. Sinbad also tells her the the reason he left Syracuse ten year prior to the movie is because he feel in love with her but she was promised to Proteus.

So they make it to Tartarus and Eris reveals her whole plan, that she knew Proteus would sacrifice himself to Sinbad and that Sinbad would be a jerk and not return if he could get the book which would leave Syracuse in chaos without an heir, Eris makes Sinbad a deal that if Sinbad truthfully tells whether he will return to Syracuse to accept blame and be executed she will surrender the book. Sinbad say he will but she calls him a liar. However as Protues is about he be beheaded Sinbad shows up accepts his death. But then Eris shows up and gives back the book because when gods makes a promise they have to keep it. So everyone is happy and Proteus gives up Marina and she and Sinbad hit the open sea together the end.

Sinbad and Proteus Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas picture image

Sinbad and Proteus

Let’s just tackle the BIG issue with this movie. Sinbad is Persian in origins not Ancient Greek. This movie have nothing to do with Sinbad or any legends of the seven seas. Sinbad was just used in the title for name recognition. Hey, if you want to tell a Sinbad story great, do it but this isn’t one. And hey, if you want to tell the story of Ancient Greek Pirates who have to deal with evil scheming Godess, fantastic that is great but don’t use Sinbad’s name, use one of the Ancient Greek Pirates, or make something up. I suppose Sinbad could be Persian since he only mentioned he lived in Syracuse at only point in his life and he said nothing about where he was born, so the film could have mitigated Sinbad’s origins and the style but they didn’t so it an issue.

Also this films get some other things wrong, like Fiji. I’m going out on a limb here, Fiji wasn’t known to the Ancient Greeks. Maybe I’m wrong but Ancient Greeks Shipping routes kept to the Mediterranean and Fiji is in the South Pacific. I get that Sinbad is explorer and goes everywhere but it’s just on those things that takes you out of the movie, like Sinbad using the word Sushi. Since I’m being am nitpicking for fun, Sushi’s origins in Japan can be traced to 8th century.

Also while I’m on a nitpicking spree, Tartarus wasn’t Eris‘ hangout it was used a dungeon of torment and the prison for the Titans. Anyway now let’s just talk about the film proper.

Sinbad and Marina Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas picture image

Sinbad and Marina

Sinbad is a Small Big movie. It has adventure but aside from some minor character development it doesn’t mean to much too in the ending . Also when it comes down to it the resolution is handle very quickly. It’s a small story told like it’s a big sweeping epic when it’s not. If it wasn’t for Eris padding out the movie the adventure part , which is the selling point, wouldn’t have happened.

Also this movie took it’s conclusion from Hercules where the Gods keeps their word but the humans don’t.

Sinbad and Marina Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas picture image

Sinbad and Marina

Then we have our characters. Sinbad is a rouge al la 1940’s Pirate movies. Really he is fine, sort of snarky but he’s fine . Proteus is nice I guess, he does have much of a character outside proper gentlemen who can fight type. Marina is feisty but that is all I can really say about her. The dog is fun.

But really the only character I liked was Eris, who is just this femme fatal type but I think part of her charm is her animation.

Sinbad and a CG Siren Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas picture image

Sinbad and a CG Siren

The animation is odd. It’s a combination of Hand drawn characters with CG everything else. For the background it was fine for the most part but the monsters looked bad and sometimes the characters against the CG backgrounds looked awkward. The only time it worked was with Eris and that is because they kept her otherworldly and in dark so the contrast wasn’t as strong and meld better.

Also the sirens looked Way better than Cetus, that island thing, Roc and Tartarus.

That being said why don’t the character wear Grecian clothes? Again just takes me out of the movie. Like Eris in a chiton could have had really animation. I’m not sure what the rest of character are wearing though it looks vaguely Arabic expect the movie clearly has that Greek setting. It’s weird unless they were supposed to be in lost in execution?

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas picture image


Despite it’s weird decisions Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas is just a okay but boring movie. It just feels like it was giving about 50%.

So Marina’s name means the Sea and Sinbad loves Marina which means he loves the sea. Ha, so clever, It’s just like The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, muir also means sea in Old Irish.

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