Watermelon-seed Spitting Contest

watermelon-seed spitting contest

watermelon-seed spitting contest

Esmeralda steeling herself up for the Watermelon-seed Spitting Contest that is being held as part of the Festival of Fools. Meanwhile, the Archdeacon is having second thoughts about agreeing to hold the contest INSIDE the front hall of the cathedral

Story and image by AnaykhOntheDoor

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4 comments on “Watermelon-seed Spitting Contest

  1. Esme on said:

    Maybe we need to see a “meet the contestants” post.

  2. AnaykhOntheDoor on said:

    …That would have been a great idea!

    So we have Esmeralda on the pyre spitting at Frollo, Frollo doing a spit take when Quasi says “Festival,” Hugo spitting out feathers, Hugo ABOUT to hock a loogie on a mime, and Hugo spitting out rocks like a machine gun. Just how much spitting is in this movie?

  3. InsertNameHere:P on said:

    XD I was honestly expecting a picture of her at the pyre spitting watermelon seeds at Frollo.

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