Lifehouse’s Quasimodo

Another song named after Quasimodo.

The song captures Quasimodo as a figure who is pushed around and who suffers but breaks free of and does accept himself. Of Course the song has a lot of interpretations but given the name it has to a reference to Quasimodo the literary figure.

Get the song here,

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2 comments on “Lifehouse’s Quasimodo

  1. AnaykhOntheDoor on said:

    I JUST heard this song myself and I was just about to message you about it!
    I also recently discovered two instrumental Quasimodo-themed songs. One is a jazz number by Charlie Parker called Quasimodo (which I found on the collection “A Studio Chronicle 1940-1948”), the other is a haunting metal piece by Apocalyptica called “On the Rooftop with Quasimodo.” It’s on their album “7th Symphony.”

  2. Esme on said:

    There’s also an Alice Cooper song which references Quasimodo. The song is “Sanctuary.”

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