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Pan’s Labyrinth Review: Chalk-a, Chalk, ChalkZone

Before I begin this review I just want to say that Guillermo del Toro you some how read this, please make that Monster adaptation for HBO! Please. Ok, so Pan’s Labyrinth a.k.a El Laberinto del Fauno or Faun’s Labyrinth is … Continue reading

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Anti-Hypothetical Casting Sister Gudule; Jane Lynch

Special Note- All this month every Wednesday there is will  be some very scary Anti-Hypothetical Casting posts.   When it was first suggested to me to by Esmee I actually confused Jane Lynch for Jamie Lee Curtis, I don’t watch … Continue reading

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Scary Scenes: Kidnap Attempt 1939 version

The 1923 version staring Lon Chaney maybe considered the monster movie of the Hunchback pantheon but the 1939 have a far more scary-ish scene. Ok, it’s not scary but it has a very dark moody tone that make it’s uneasy. … Continue reading

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Horrible Hunchbacks and other Deformed Dudes: The Hunchback of Morgue

The Hunchback of Morgue is a 1973 Spanish B slasher movie staring Paul Naschy, who had quite a following. Let me be perfectly clear, I didn’t not watch this movie. I had thought about watching it and making it the … Continue reading

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The Dark Crystal Review: Prophets can be wrong…

When the world thinks about the Legacy of Jim Henson, it typically thinks of the glory of the Muppets. However Henson did more than just the Muppets in his career. We have looked his 1986 movie, Labyrinth which was a … Continue reading

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Disney and The Bechdel Test

As mentioned before  Hunchback versions seldom ever passes The Bechdel Test, including the Disney version read here.  But it made me think about the other Disney movies. I was going to go through and look at each movie but I  don’t … Continue reading

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Notre Dame de Paris; Conclusion

Despite its flaws Notre Dame de Paris is the one of the best adaptions of the novel. It captures the spirt of Hugo and the characters better than any other version to date. Is it perfect? No but you don’t … Continue reading

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3 Weird Facts about Demi Moore

Demi Moore voice Esmeralda in the Disney version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. -Her first job was a bill collector. -She “won” Worst Actress of 1997 for her performances in the films The Juror (1996) and Striptease (1996), then … Continue reading

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Oz The Great and Powerful; Shut-up Theodora

Basically one day, some Disney executive smoked a joint and thought “let’s have a prequel to The Wizard of Oz” but someone told them there was already a prequel floating around called Wicked. But the executive ignored that story and … Continue reading

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Should Hollywood make a new Hunchback movie?

Short answer, yes! As of now there have been two Hunchback movies that seemingly have never got their footing one being from Max Ryan that had a full cast list and the other was from Josh Brolin who just had … Continue reading

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