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2002 The Snow Queen Review; Satan, Seasons, a Muppet and talking Reindeer, Oh My!

I feel like a broken record at this point saying that a movie can be both good and bad but that is what the Hallmark 2002 Tv-Movie, The Snow Queen is, it exists in a weird void of good/bad. The … Continue reading

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Frollo VS Nostalgia Critic

I don’t know what compelled this person to make this video but bless them. Follow thehunchblog Tweet

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Notre Dame de Paris; Staging and Lighting

Compared to other musicals in the world, Notre Dame de Paris is VERY minimal for something that is marketed as a spectacle. As far as sets, set pieces and props, there isn’t really much going on in the show. The … Continue reading

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The Man who Laughs Post-Script

Well, this is embarrassing, a Monday a didn’t account for. Well to put it rather simply, I hated The Man who laughs as a book and as movies. Now I can officially move away from it and start the next … Continue reading

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Ella Enchanted Review; Who wears a Hoodie to a Ball?

This movie confuses me, I’m not really sure who it’s for. If I had to venture a guess I would say Ella Enchanted is for eight year girls who liked the Princess Dairies and like to shop at Claire’s. So … Continue reading

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An Interview with Jeremy Scott Lapp

Jeremy Scott Lapp was the Asst. Director- Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame Musical. It’s an interesting interview though it’s a little out-of-date since the show has no plans of going to broadway. I sort of wished they had mentioned … Continue reading

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Songs of Notre Dame de Paris Part 16

Donnez-la moi (Give her to me) Donnez-la moi is a bridge song. It’s Quasimodo literally fighting guards to get to Esmeralda’s body to claims it. It’s roughly thirty seconds long but it so sad. Danse mon Esmeralda (Dance my Esmeralda) … Continue reading

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The Man who Laughs Conclusions

There are actually a few other version of The Man who Laughs including one from 1921 and 1971 but the 1928 is the most well know, the 1966 is the most infamous and the 2012 is the most recent, so … Continue reading

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The Thief of Bagdad 1940; Ahmad and Aladdin shop at the same store

The first time I watched the 1940 version of The Thief of Bagdad, I recalled liking it more than the 1920’s version but when I thought about it recently I couldn’t remember why.It could have just been the superficialness of … Continue reading

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Would Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame won the Best Animation Movie Award?

This post has been like a roller coaster. At first I was going to write on a different idea which I still going to do on why Hollywood should make a new Hunchback movie but that idea lead to this … Continue reading

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