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Cinderella 1997 Review – On the Power of Fantasy, Genetics, And Whitney Houston

When the 1997 version of Cinderella came out, it was like the shit at my school, granted I hated that school and pretty much everyone who went there with every single fiber of my being but I recalled liking it … Continue reading

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Vanessa Hudgens for Quasimodo

Oh Wait, it’s already happen!   Go to 2:20 for the picture proof. Follow thehunchblog Tweet

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Songs of Notre Dame de Paris Part 2

Bohémienne Bohémienne is one of the few upbeat songs in Notre Dame de Paris. Pending on the cast you’re watching the number can be more upbeat, as most Esmeraldas do have dance choreography. The trouble with some Esmeraldas, is that … Continue reading

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The Man who Laughs; An Interlude

Taking a break from the Book posts for this week. I had considered on taking the whole week off from posting and I still may but I haven’t totally decided, may just reschedule a few instead, making it simpler on … Continue reading

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Musical Petition

I thought the point of the musical performance at La Jolla and Papermill was a Broadway preview there is a petition for a Broadway version. Sign the Petition Here , I did. EDIT – Ok, I found the reason for the … Continue reading

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Stardust Review; Where Shinies Save the Day

  Stardust is a big-budget movie based on a book by Neil Gaiman from 2007. This is one is special. I say that because this one of the very and I do mean very rare cases where I read the … Continue reading

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Ciara Renee singing God help the Outcast

Ok a few things, first off I really like the costume. I like Esmeralda is blues but you can see the Disney inspiration but it doesn’t feel tacky or cheap, it feels right. Second, I want to thank the person … Continue reading

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Songs of Notre Dame de Paris Part 1

I might discuss aspects from other casts but I’m going to keep it to the original cast. Le Temps des Cathédrals (The Age of Cathedral)   This is the first number of the show. It’s sung by Pierre Gringoire who … Continue reading

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The Man who Laughs Part II: Book I: Chapter 6-8

Part II:  Book I: The Everlasting Presence of the Past Part II:  Book I: Chapter 6: Barkilphedro Ok, I’m REALLY disappointed that Barkiphedro isn’t a puppy-dog. Instead he is old guy who is a spy for Queen Anne on her … Continue reading

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Disney Live-Action Remakes

On March 31st it was announced  that Disney is planning on making a Live-Action Mulan movie, Source. This adds to number of Live-ation remakes following Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Dumbo and I guess Maleficent is in the mix too. Really we … Continue reading

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