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Top Five Least Popular Hunchback Items on Zazzle

These are the least popular Hunchback items that I have created for Zazzle. They are pretty bad I confess. I don’t know what I was thinking on some of these. #1 Esmeralda Textile Mousepad Esmeralda Textile Mousepad by Hunchstore #2 … Continue reading

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Costumes in the 1997 version of Hunchback; There is something familiar about these costumes

The costumes in the 1997 version of the Hunchback were done by John Bloomfield. Bloomfield’s credits include Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Waterworld, two movies not known for their costumes. Of the two movies, Robin Hood is more similar … Continue reading

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Ariel, Beyond Boobs and Bellybuttons

People like to think that The Little Mermaid , Ariel, was more than likely traumatized by her wedding night and the goings on of human sex opposed to her “fishy” ways. Well, for those people who think they are oh … Continue reading

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Kronk’s New Groove; Yzma’s fate is a bit dark

On paper the idea for Kronk leading a sequel of The Emperor’s New Groove is pretty good. Kronk is a fun likable goof who seems like he could have carried a movie. Then you still down to watch Kronk’s New … Continue reading

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Top Five Most Popular Hunchback Items on Zazzle

QuasAs I was changing my Zazzle password, I decided to see what my top 5 most popular Hunchback items were and which were the least popular.  These are the top ones and next week the least popular ones. #1 Just … Continue reading

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Competing Styles; Directing in the 1997 Hunchback

The 1997 Hunchback was directed Peter Medak. Medak is no stranger to TV movie directing and TV directing in general. The directing in this adaptation is mixture of weird angle frames and total utilitarian shot-verse-shots. The competing style of the … Continue reading

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What’s in a name? Notre Dame

Let’s concluded with series of posts with titular character herself, Notre Dame. Notre Dame means in French Our Lady. Notre Dame de Paris mean Our lady of Paris. All churches that have Notre Dame in them refer to the Virgin … Continue reading

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Male Esmeralda, Stunning Genderswap Fanart

Art by Sakimi chan   See the Rest Here Which on is you Favorite

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Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie; Take a Drink every time Roo says Best Halloween Ever

Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie is pretty much a direct sequel to Pooh’s Heffalump Movie. It a sequel in that they don’t introduce Lumpy because they just assumed you watched it and know this character. I begrudgingly watch the Heffalump movie … Continue reading

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Hypothetical Casting; Benedict Cumberpatch as Frollo

The time has come to talk about Benedict Cumberbatch and Frollo. Cumberbatch has been in many poplar things of late, he was the voice of Smaug and the necromancer in TheThe Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug , Khan in Star … Continue reading

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