Here’s a dumb post, what is the chance of me getting a hunchback or hunchback related song (as in a singer who associated with a Hunchback version) to randomy play on itunes when it is on shuffle? I know, super important scientific enquiry!

Now I don’t really listen to my music on iTunes anymore. I tend to use Pandora, spotify or youtube so the music I have on iTunes represents my taste circa mid 2000s up to 2014 roughly. So I have a lot anime/ video game music and Bollywood and random stuff as well as Norte Dame de Paris and other Hunchback stuff.

I took a sample of 20 songs because 20 is a good sample size. So what is the likelihood of me listening to a Hunchback song or a singer from a Hunchback version on itunes in shuffle mode?

Click for the list of songs

1. Rien n’est comme avant by Helene Segara (1)
2. Beau comme Soleil by Nadia Bel (2) DAMN first two out of the gate
3. Higurashi no naku koro ni opening
4. Tromme in der stadt from Berlin Hunchback Musical (3) We’re getting so many
5. Now I’m your Mom by David Byrne
6. Tere Liye from Veer-Zaara
7. Wind City [ City of Wind Windia] by Cyril the Wolf (This is the 2nd time I have listen to this)
8. Kokoro no Kasa wa from Sakura Wars
9. Kogaku Motet from Final Fantasy 9 Plus OST
10. A Walk in the Dark by David Byrne (I love this song)
11. Fossil Roo from Final Fantasy 9 OST
12. Pandemonium from Final Fantasy 9 OST
13. Broken Things by David Byrne
14. Surreal by Ayumi Hamasaki
15. Sumida from Sakura Wars
16. Hungarian Dance no.5 by Brahms
17. Amnesie by Julie Zenatti (4)
18. La Sorciere from Notre Dame de Paris (5)
19. Kalluri Vaanil from Pennin Manathai Thottu (The Benny Lava song)
20. Phony King of England from Disney Robin Hood



The result is one in five or 20%

But everyone knows that good science requires testing so MAYBE  I will do this again sometime for science. Another good experiment would be the frequency of language. Like how many English language songs I get, or French, or Japanese or Hindi, but this a Hunchback blog so let’s keep to hunchback.  But in this case of this sample because I’m curious;

Click for song language frequency

Engish – 5 out of 20
French – 4 out of 20
Hindi – 1 out of 20
Instrumental – 4 out of 20
Japanese – 4 out of 20
miscellaneous – 2 out of 20

I’m kinda surprised that  more English songs came up.



I’m late to the party on this one but I did listen to it when it was released, on my phone at an Anime Conventions I’m sure it was intended to be listen to in that manner. This post is off the cuff.

So first off this is a very lovely version. It is technically very well done. The orchestration and Groban’s voice is very pleasing. However Groban does not have the power and emotion of Bruno Pelletier or Matteo Setti of the Italian cast, I’m sure there are other great Gringoires I’m just lazy and I don’t feel like listening to the song over 20 times to list on in a tangent.

Also another personal issue I have and this could relate to the lack of power is that Groban seems disconnect to the lyrics. I’m sure he is know what he is singing but the language could just disconnect him a bit. Though I do recall him singing in other language and hearing more passion so maybe that wasn’t it.

It is a very pretty version and I like that people who may have not heard the song otherwise get a taste of the musical.

Pre- order Josh Groban’s Stages

Also Groban was in this movie which I love so despite my criticism I don’t care, anyone who was ever in one these movies is  beyond reproach, beyond it I say (not really.)

Renaud played Esmeralda in Notre Dame de Paris in the 2005 Canadian Cast as well as the 2005 French Cast.

I like her singing but the arrangement in parts or a little strange.

This is Hunchback of Notre Dame by The Frantic Elevators. It’s not my type song at all.  But it’s interesting and there is no denying that it’s about the  Hunchback.

Another song named after Quasimodo.

The song captures Quasimodo as a figure who is pushed around and who suffers but breaks free of and does accept himself. Of Course the song has a lot of interpretations but given the name it has to a reference to Quasimodo the literary figure.

Get the song here,

This cover is on Iu’s latest album  and it is her Japanese debut. Which I find interesting since Notre Dame de Paris has had it’s a premiere of the English version of the show not long  before this album’s release. I like this cover. I think cool that she opted to sing this song over an Esmeralda song or Belle.

The album is called  Can you hear me? but I think it’s on the part of bonus DVD combo.

The first time I heard Belle from Notre Dame de Paris one of my first thoughts was “This sounds like a piece of music from Final Fantasy IX.” Now at the risk of sounding like a “gamer” (which I’m really not), Final Fantasy IX is one of my favorite games ever. The piece of music from the game that sounds like Belle is called “Freya’s Theme. ”

Now it’s only in the beginning of each that they sound similar. For first 7 seconds of each they really sound alike. They both have the same rhythms, beats and tone. But Belle’s tempo is much slower and the use of instruments is different. Belle uses guitars and Freya’s Theme uses what sounds like a harpsichord (I think). In any case, both pieces use strings.

Maybe it’s because I love Final Fantasy IX so much that helped me gravitate to Belle and Notre Dame de Paris. But they’re are both great pieces of music. Also bells are important item during the part where this music play in Final Fantasy IX. Coincidence? Oh, I think not.

Well actually I do. But isn’t that kind of cool. But then again the game does look to European history and style so they are more than likely refefencing the same  music roots. But it’s worth noting that in Japanese the main character’s name is “Jitan” which is how the Japanese spell Gitan meaning Gyspy. So I suppose it’s possible that the production team took inspiration for Notre Dame de Paris as the Final Fantasy IX was being made right after the musical came out in Paris. Though I really doubt that.

Music by  Richard Cocciante and Nobuo Uematsu

This is also on the DVD but you don’t get the cool Japanese subtitles.

The songs in Jetlag version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame make the songs in the Disney sequel look like the original Disney version. They’re bad, real bad, absolute awfulness.

In total there are three songs and they are completely shoehorned in movie. The only reason for the songs is that it’s a Jetlag formula to have three songs regardless or not if they fit into that movie. None of the characters sing them and they add nothing to the story hence they are worthless. If they were good songs you could forgive them being thrown in over the beginning, end credits and in a random part in the middle but no they are terrible and random. So let’s start with first song which is called “Pity not Quasimodo” which plays over the opening credits.

Right off the bat it starts with “La Marsellaise” (The National Anthem of France). You can’t throw a famous song like that in. It’s tacky. I guess they were establishing the setting but had there just been an accordion piece composed for the movie it would have been so much better. Sure, an accordion would be an anachronism but it’s not an National Anthem. We’re 7 seconds in and already I’m disgusted.

Quaismodo Jetlag The Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Quaismodo Jetlag The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The lyrics of the song begins with a several of questions that are meant to get the viewers to empathize with Quasimodo. The Questions are;

Have you ever felt out of place?
Have you ever felt like a stranger?
And your clothes were all wrong
And your voice was too loud

If you answered yes to these questions then song suggests that you know how a deformed, deaf, hunchback who has to live apart from society, is a subject of ridicule and was abandon at birth must feel. Really song? Having inappropriate clothes and a loud voice does not often ostracized a person from society.

Esmeralda gives Quasimodo a kiss Jetlag version Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Esmeralda gives Quasimodo a kiss

However, you’re not supposed to pity Quasimodo because he has big heart and the song implies that girl named Esmeralda falls in love with him. 45 seconds and the movie gives away the ending.

In terms of the music I can make out a few cords, a drum and electric piano but the mixing between the vocals and the accompaniment is bad. I can’t really make out if it’s bad or not. But I can tell it’s cheesy and cheap sounding. The vocals, oh the vocals. The guy singing has a thin, raspy, breathy voice. I don’t partially care for this style of voice but at least he can carry a tune and he also had crap to work with.

Notre Dame of Paris Jetlag version Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Notre Dame of Paris Jetlag

If you thought the song was uninteresting and lazy well then let’s look at the visuals. The visual are just sets. So we have Notre Dame, the pillory, the city and the dock and that’s it. It’s boring the most exciting thing in the opening is a flag blowing in the breeze. The animation budget was clearly not wasted here.

This introduction is failure. Aside the boring song and the visual that are lazy and boring there is no tone or mood to this. It lacks joy. Watching this opening makes me feel that this is going to be a boring movie. But wait, the movie is boring so I guess the this opening succeeded, Good job opening, you succeeded in giving me a nice 40 minute nap, Kudos.

Watch this song here or get you very own copy of the Jetlag Version Here

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Esmeralda dancing Jetlag Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Esmeralda dancing Jetlag Hunchback of Notre Dame

This is the music from the Hunchback word (La Cite des Cloches) from the thrid installment of Kingdom Hearts; Dream Drop Distance.

It’s composed by Yoko Shimomura. You can tell that Shimomura took inspiration from Menken’s score especially from Sanctuary but it not a carbon-copy it’s it own thing and sounds epic. In fact the second  piece is called “Le Sanctuaire.” This piece of music makes me want to play the game.

or those of you who don’t know the Kingdom Hearts Franchise is a co-venture with Disney and Square Enix. Square Enix is the owner of The Final Fantasy Franchise, of which I am a fan,  I like Final Fantasy IX the best.