La Jolla Hunchback Poster picture image

La Jolla Hunchback Poster

The musical version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame is first to play at the La Jolla playhouse in San Diego on October 26 through  December 7. You can get tickets for it now.

However after that starting on March 4th through April 5th the production goes to Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn New Jersey.  So east coast people can get a chance.

I hope they release the casting of the musical soon. 

Esmeralda would probably wear Emeraude.

Edit – Phoebus bought it for her

Disclaimer – Not affiliated with Lovell Design just a fan of their stuff

My Angers Rose Window Pendant by  Lovell Design picture image

My Angers Rose Window Pendant by Lovell Design

I have been a fan of Lovell Design for a few years now. they make Lovell Design natural and nautical theme jewelry pieces. When I was in Maine for a day I went to one of their stores and I saw that they made Rose Window pendants and pins from the Cathedrals in Europe. THe have two of Notre Dame’s Rose Windows. I got the Rose Window from Angers. It’s one of my favorite pendants to wear.

Notre Dame North Rose Window Pendant by Lovell Design picture image

Notre Dame North Rose Window Pendant by Lovell Design

You can get one the Rose Window Pieces on  Lovell’s website. In addition to Notre Dame North and West Rose Windows and Angers they have Rose Window designs from Chartres, Clermont, Lausanne, and St Chapelle.

And can you check Lovell Design other pieceson Amazon, sad to say the Rose Window are not there but there stuff is very pretty I love their St. Brendan’s Cross.

Let’s concluded with series of posts with titular character herself, Notre Dame.

Notre Dame, Paris, France - Matted Photo

Notre Dame, Paris, France – Matted Photo

Notre Dame means in French Our Lady. Notre Dame de Paris mean Our lady of Paris. All churches that have Notre Dame in them refer to the Virgin Mary.


The original title novel, Notre Dame de Paris, has double meaning, it refers to the Cathedral and Esmeralda. Esmeralda has a lot of association to the Virgin Mary in the book, but that is a post series for another time.


Illustration Sister Gudule and Esmeralda by Luc Oliver Merson picture image

Illustration Sister Gudule and Esmeralda by Luc Oliver Merson

Sister Gudule has an impressive array of names and nicknames.

Let’s start with Sister Gudule. The Sister indicates she is a nun. Gudule is an ceratin type of nun called anchoress. Very simply, an Anchoress is one who retires from the world and prays. These nuns are also called Sachette. I think the name comes from the rags they wear. The name Gudule is French name that seems to be derived from the name Gudula which is derived from Gothic for either guths meaning God or from gôds meaning good. This reflects Gudule’s devotion to praying to god to answer she only prayer which is to have her daughter returned to her

Her name however is Paquette Guybertaut. It’s a little unclear what Paquette means as a first name, one source said Ruddy-cheeked and another indicated it’s pet-form of Pacquet which is “a bundle of kindling” Given her character in her youth and her father was a minstrel, Ruddy-cheeked makes more sense. Her true last name is Guybertaut. Guybertaut on its own does not to seem to be a real surname. Guybertaut can be broken down to Guy and Bertaut. Guy as a last name indicates coming from district of Guise in France. Bertaut is a real surname but I can’t find any hint as its meaning. It doesn’t really matter as Gudule does not remember this name, she only remembers the nickname she was given when she was eighteen.

She was more commonly referred to as Paquette la Chantefleurie. Chantefleurie means “The Flower Song”. It symbolizes her winsome youthful nature which is a kin to Esmeralda’s personality.

Her names reflect her capricious youth and her harsh adulthood as a recluse yearning for lost child.

Illustration of  Jehan Frollo picture image

Illustration of Jehan Frollo

Jehan is an old French from of Iohannes or John. Iohannes is Latin form of the Greek name Ioannes. Ioannese is derived from the Hebrew name Yochanan which means Yahweh is gracious.

John and the Jehan form are commons names but it seems that Jehan’s name is meant with irony. This  is because he is a good-for-nothing  mooch. However he does have Frollo’s favor at the beginning of the novel but he loses it when Frollo loses patience for his life style.

For the meaning of Frollo, please see my post on Claude Frollo’s name meaning

Considering the two Frollos are both killed by Quasimodo, does that make Quasimodo an allegorical King Arthur?

There another compontent of his name, Jehan Frollo du Moulin, which means “of the Windmill.” Jehan was raised at a windmill

Disney Djali from Hunchback of Notre Dame

Disney Djali from Hunchback of Notre Dame

Djali means a wandering performer/musician/dancer. In some places in the world it has a negative connotation.

Djali  is a performer as she does harmless tricks and mimic people.


Julie Zenatti as Fleur de Lys Notre Dame de Paris picture image

Julie Zenatti as Fleur de Lys, Notre Dame de Paris

Fleur de Lys de Gondelaurier is Phoebus’ fiancee. She is a young noblewoman.

Fleur de Lys means lily and is the symbol of France and part of the royal family heraldry.    Lilies denote  purity but a theory on her name indicates that it signifies how alike she is is to the rest of her social class. That she is a stereotype, a symbol of the greater populace.

Her surname is Gondelaurier and it doesn’t seem to be a real surname. It can be broken down to Gond meaning “hinge” or Hinge pin” as a  in a door and laurier meaning laurel tree. The Laurel  tree is her house sigil. One could surmises that the hinge means that she is the door to Phoebus’s social climbing and it “hinges” on her. The laurel imagery also reflects on Phoebus as it has connections to Apollo. Very simply, Apollo fell in love with a nymph named Daphne. Apollo pursued her. She begged her father to help and he turned her into a laurel tree. Apollo took the laurel leaves and made a crown. The connection is that when Fleur de Lys avoids Phoebus, he pursues but only to to get respectability, the crown of laurels.

Clopin with Puppet Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Clopin with Puppet Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame

Clopin Trouillfou is the king of beggars and in many versions he is the king of the entire Paris underworld.

Clopin is his given name. It comes from an expression that means to “to hobble along” or Marcher clopin-clopant.  Clopin itself comes from  the word clopiner meaning to limp. Unlike Frollo, whose given name also mean limp, here it reference the fact that Clopin is king of people who fake ailments for money as well as he himself who pretends not to have a leg.

Trouillfou is a compound of Trouille which means fear with a strong connotation, as in “scared to death,”  and fou which means fool. Basically it mean scared crazy.  This name suggests that he either is crazy or his presence makes people crazy, like Gringoire or his legion of beggars.