I mentioned last week that I went to Anime Boston(4/6-4/9) and I had a great time, I got sick but I had a great time. But one of the best parts was that me and my sister’s AMV (Anime Music Video) won Best Comedy. Now since I shamelessly self-promote I wanted to post it here but since it has nothing to with Hunchback I decided to show it to the  characters of the Hunchback and asked them what they thought.

The Video


Their Reactions

Quaismodo –  It lacked soul and depth but I liked, will you be my friend now?
Esmeralda –  They look like princes who ride white horses, I loved it
Frollo– Such an empty hollow video that turns my eyes from god (Maybe if I join a Boy band she’ll love me)
Phoebus – I found my purpose, I going to join a  Boy Band
Gringoire – I suppose it was amusing but I could write a much more amusing song and edit a better AMV.
Clopin –  That would provide the perfect distraction for pick-pocketing
Fleur de Lys –  I really didn’t care for it.
Jehan–  I love it, can you loan me 5 bucks?

Man, there is no pleasing some people.

Anime- Ouran High School Host Club
Song – Pop song by Jon Lajoie [Explicit]
Edited by the Warlike Swans (Me and my Sister)


Here is a video of Garou and Tina Arena singing Ma Maison c’est ta Maison with a chior of 2000. Enjoy

Fun Fact – Arena born in Australia and Original Esmeralda in the London Cast is based in Paris and speaks Fluent French.

I hope you like videos of the Asian Tour Cast because that is what this post is all about. Originally I had just found one new video but in the course of trying to tell Lilly-Jane Young and Myriam Brousseau apart (they look very similar) I found a few more videos so enjoy and tell what do you think of this cast.

Korean News Preview

The Age of the Cathedrals

Refugees & Belle

Dance my Esmeralda

Myriam Brousseau backstage as Fleur de Lys

These videos are from “Chabada” a French Tv Show from Decemeber 4 2011 with the orginal cast of Notre Dame de Paris (except Bruno Pellatier) right before the reunion concerts. The last video is the whole thing, so if you have 50minutes to kill, give it a watch or watch the song clips. I think I got all them. Enjoy!



I’ve been on a Princess Tutu kick of late (it’s a wonderful anime by the way) and thought why not post a Princess Tutu Notre Dame de Paris AMV (Anime Music Video). It’s to La Monture and it uses the original French Cast with Julie Zenatti.

Whether you Love it or Hate it, Valentine’s Day is still a Holiday! So make it the way you want it to be. And Enjoy this Video


Video made by thjdnv

Bad Romance with NOTRE DAME OF PARIS? Classic! And what makes it fun is the silly editing.


Here are some video clips of the Asian Tour Cast of Notre Dame de Paris, Enjoy!

and a link with a video

So what do you think of this cast?  Tell Me!


This Video I found on Youku and it’s of Matt Laurent (Quasimodo) and Candice Parise (Esmeralda) singing an excerpt of “The Birds they put in Cages” from the English version of Notre Dame de Paris. This is not a perforrmance of the show but a concert for a crowd. Please forgive the Audio and Visuals but it’s better than nothing right? Enjoy

click here to view on youtube

I’m going to give Parise and Laurent a pass on judgement till  better audio clip comes around. (though I hear clips Laurent singing the role before)  but I have a feeling Parise belts Esmeralda as did Tina Arena, which I do not care for but for know not going to pass judgement or criticism.

This video I feel remissed in not posting till now. This video uses the Bollywood Film Devdas , and it’s made by me.  I used to edit to  Devdas  all the time because franky it’s a pretty movie. This video is the symphonic version of Belle.  I did this video as an experiment to learn Final Cut Express and trying to be slightly narrative. Anyway Enjoy

Click here to view it on youtube

There are other Devdas videos to Notre Dame de Paris, I’ll post those sometime soon ^^