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Adam Driver

Frollo is an interesting character to cast because on the one hand we have the book which tells us that Frollo is 36. But the age of 36 is different in a modern setting  than it was in 1482 when the story is set or even in 1831 even the book was written. The book even tells us Frollo is in middle age or the winter of this life.  So most of the movie go for an older Frollo. Sometimes it a tad younger or sometime he looks like death, looking at you 1997 Richard Harris Frollo. But can we have both? Can we have a younger-ish Frollo who is believable at acting older or in someway austere and cold but passionate at the same time? Can we have a walking contradiction?


Yes! We can! And it’s Adam Driver!


Adam Driver as Kylo Ren, Star Wars The Force Awakens picture image

Adam Driver as Kylo Ren, Star Wars The Force Awakens

Driver is best known for playing Kylo Ren in the Sequel trilogy of Star Wars. He is a compelling character even if you don’t like that thing he did in The Force Awakens. Driver is just a very phenomenal actor who bring his A-game to every role and he has already played a priest in Silence, a very different story and character than Frollo. There is no doubt that Driver could excel at playing Frollo.


Adam Driver picture image

Adam Driver

Driver would be a young Frollo  but he does have a good look for the character already. He’s not a typically attractive, some people find him very attractive and some don’t see it at all.  He’s tall which helps, he has a narrow face with good angles, the perfect recipe for a Frollo.


Adam Driver picture image

Adam Driver


If this casting happen, I for one would be ecstatic, it just seems like a GREAT fit. What do you think? Would Adam Driver make a good Frollo?  Or no?

OT – I admit, I ship Reylo   

 Warren Clarke as Quasimodo 1977 The Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Warren Clarke as Quasimodo

There are only three ways to make the role of Quasimodo more Oscar baity; Set the story during WW2, make it about actors being great or have Quasimodo eat a raw bison liver or all three! Sure it would be a weird adaptation but you got to hedge your Oscar bets. All kidding aside, Quasimodo is the dream role for an actor to get acting accolades, it’s combines a demanding physical performance with a deeply emotional one. Plus actors love playing ugly characters, that’s how you know they’re good at acting.

 Warren Clarke as Quasimodo 1977 The Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Warren Clarke as Quasimodo

One would think that most Quasimodo since Laughton would keep that mode of Quasimodo, the sad type, that was the angle of the 1997 version. Or they would keep to the book and give Quasimodo his mild arc of hating people except Frollo and then liking Esmeralda more than his own life. Disney deviated to give him arc about overcoming his oppressor. However the 1977 version follows more the 1956 approach the character in that while he there he has no personality.

Warren Clarke as Quasimodo 1977 The Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Warren Clarke as Quasimodo

Like Quinn’s version, Warren Clarke plays, or was directed to play, Quasimodo as super happy. This is the happiest Quasimodo ever. Either he has a mental deficiency in addition to being deaf or he is just so happy. Doesn’t make for a compelling character if he just happy. So when he tells Esmeralda that he wishes he was like Djali or that he would jump with just a look or cries when Esmeralda yells at him it doesn’t feel in character. It a shame since Clarke seems like he could have pulled off the character with better direction and writing.

Warren Clarke as Quasimodo 1977 The Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Warren Clarke as Quasimodo

Even the psychically it just lacking. Clarke has a hunch as part of his costume, which is standard, bit most of the other actor still hunch expect for Quinn and one of the Russian Quasimodo from Notre Dame de Paris.

 Warren Clarke as Quasimodo 1977 The Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Warren Clarke as Quasimodo

It’s liked there were different visions for this version of the character and they somehow all made it to screen and the result is just a weird smiling mess.

One Little Tear

Meegan Warner a Rapunzel & Emma Booth as Gothel Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 9 One Little Tear picture image

Meegan Warner a Rapunzel & Emma Booth as Gothel

I think there was someone on reddit a few weeks ago who mentioned this twist, the twist that Victoria was Rapunzel. Anyway, I liked the badstory and the plot development. It does weaken Rapunzel and Druzilla’s feud and why was Rapunzel working with Gothel? Anyway I suppose the big taken away is Anastacia waking up and Lucy going into sleep for maybe to Henry to wake with true love kiss a la season 1 and 2 and so on and on. Can Jacinda wake her?

Speaking of Jacinda, it’s maddening the lack of chemistry she has with Henry but has LOADS with Nick. SO much so I that was starting to think the twist was Lucy wasn’t Henry’s daughter BUT Nope she is Rumple and Rapunzel confirmed that one. Good old Rumple, make your family your prime motivation and then ignore your family every chance you get. Also I feel bad that I felt very little when Lucy goes unconscious because I enjoy the “villains” more. Though it’s a nice twist that Victoria is a villain by her motivation is like the hero, family and what not, she just making bad decisions. This episode gave her the  right dose of likability and contempt to make her more compelling. Finally a reason for casting Gabrielle Anwar! 

It also could be that while Lucy is in the Henry role from season 1, she doesn’t have the same development. What can you say about her? She wants her parents to get together and she dances? Is that a compelling character? I guess she runs away a lot as well.  Henry was annoying in season 1 but the shwo focuses on his character more. So Lucy is little more than a plot device for more interesting and even less interesting characters.

All in all I liked  this episode. Decent twist too but it was pretty good across the board especially with Victoria/Tremaine/Rapunzel’s backstory. Though let’s get real, that ice breaking part, eyeroll. Who jumps into the water?  That part was dumb.       


picture image


Daisy Ridley for Esmeralda was suggestion by Sky. At first this made me think of Ridley to play Fleur de Lys. As much as I love Ridley’s Rey, I do want to see Ridley playing a character like Fleur, maybe as a bitch maybe not. For whatever reason I have a soft-spot for Fleur. Sure in the book Fleur has blonde hair but so does Jehan and Quasimodo has red and Esmeralda has dark eyes, why get bogged down with colorition when other movies ignore them so much? Fleur de Lys could have brown hair why not?


Daisy Ridley picture image


Given Ridley’s star in on the raise it hard to see her accepting the role of Fleur where as  Esmeralda is a leading role. I could see her doing Fleur pending on other facets of the production like the director and if it was more of an ensemble piece.


Daisy Ridley picture image

Daisy Ridley

So let’s consider her for Esmeralda. The only way I could see her playing the role is if they did Esmeralda’s original backstory, as in she is French raised by Gypsies, even if they did not have the whole of the Sister Gudule plot in the movie.


Daisy Ridley as Mary Debenham from Murder on the Orient Express picture image

Daisy Ridley as Mary Debenham from Murder on the Orient Express

On the acting front I could Ridley playing the role even though she still fairly new and so far her biggest roles have been Rey in Star Wars and Mary Debenham  in Murder on the Orient Express. She also playing Ophelia in upcoming movie. Not sure how Ridley would play the role but my guess it would less overtly sexual than some other actresses and portrayals but you never know.


Daisy Ridley as Rey from Star Wars The Force Awakens picture image

Daisy Ridley as Rey from Star Wars The Force Awakens

Ridley has one big thing working for her as Esmeralda and that  is her sword and fighting ability. Ridley has done a lot of strength training and fight choreography for action scenes in Star wars. Those skills could translate into some nice dance choreography.


Daisy Ridley picture image

Daisy Ridley

I could see her going either way. As much as I think Daisy Ridley is cool person, she would not be my top pick for either role but if she were casted for either Esmeralda or Fleur  I would happy to see her grace a Hunchback version?

What do you people think? Ridley for Esmeralda? Ridley for Fleur de Lys? Or Neither? Or Both?

Quasimodo  Ornament picture image

Quasimodo Ornament

The Hunchblog own’s Quasimodo design on an xmas ornament. On the back it says “Have your a Quasi Little Christmas.”

You can get it here

Mads Mikkelsen picture image

Mads Mikkelsen

This suggestion is off a list from as part of an ideal casting. Also since it’s Star Wars season I though picking Star War alunms would fun so Mads Mikkelsen it is.


Mads Mikkelsen as Galen Erso in Rogue one picture image

Mads Mikkelsen as Galen Erso in Rogue one

Mikkelsen play Galen Erso in the 2016 Rogue one or Rouge one  if you’re dyslexic like me. He also had very long career playing different types of Character from Hannibal Lector to Kaecilius in Doctor Strange  to  playing opposite Alicia Vikander in A Royal Affair. Vikander was also the topic of a Hypothetical casting post for Esmeralda.


Mads Mikkelsen as Lucas in The Hunt picture image

Mads Mikkelsen as Lucas in The Hunt

I will confess, Mikkelsen would not a my first pick to play Frollo but upon looking more in his acting and considering his look, I can see this a good option. First he a good actor with a good range. It’s hard to really pinpoint how he would approach the character but pending on the film direction for Frollo, I would say he could pull it off effectively.  


Mads Mikkelsen picture image

Mads Mikkelsen


Mikkelsen also has very interesting facial features that could lead themselves to a really good and memorable look for Frollo with the right make-up direction.  He just the kind of actor who can skew more attractive to more weird looking, I don’t mean that in a bad way.


Mads Mikkelsen picture image

Mads Mikkelsen

Mads Mikkelsen would not be my first choice to play Frollo but if he was cast I would not complain. It would be interesting to see what how he would portale the character. What do you think Mads Mikkelsen for Frollo? Yay? Or Nay?

Also leading up to The Last Jedi and maybe after I’m going to more hypothetical casting using Star Wars actors so if you got a suggestion leave a comment.  Also any anti-suggestions are welcome,  like Jar Jar Binks as Frollo or Gringoire or Phoebus, maybe Esmeralda.


 Kenneth Haigh as Frollo 1977 Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Kenneth Haigh as Frollo

It’s a little tricky to really formulate an opinion of the 1977 version of Frollo. On the one hand, this is one of the most accurate versions of the characters. He’s a priest, he does practice alchemy, he expressives desire for Esmeralda. However one major fault with the character is just in the way the movie is shot and how it counters  Frollo’s character.

 Kenneth Haigh as Frollo 1977 Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Kenneth Haigh as Frollo

Let’s be clear, Kenneth Haigh does fine with the material and direction he was given.  Frollo is not  easy role to play since it’s all very internal. You either need to allow for the director to get facial shots or you could run the risk of over acting.  

Kenneth Haigh as Frollo 1977 Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Kenneth Haigh as Frollo 1977 Hunchback of Notre Dame

Trouble with the 1977 version and with MANY versions is that it’s shot as purely representational, it’s a period piece and the filmmakers don’t add any artistic shots, angles or lighting to hint at the characters’ internal struggles thus relying solely of dialogue and expressions. And at most with Frollo the character’s austerity doesn’t allow for many chances for the desirous or conflicted expressions to be showcase. Not saying they are not there even in this version, they are but they are downplayed. The most Frollo gets is yelling about his desire, closing his eyes and the red door scene. He does do his crazy laugh but even that seemed to be tame and awkward. He does not seem like a man insane with lust.

Frollo singing Hellfire Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Frollo singing Hellfire Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame

Frollo’s character almost exists more in musicals. The best showcases of Frollo’s character are Disney’s Hellfire and Notre Dame de Paris’ Tu vas me Detruire. As both pieces use song, a nice substitute for dialogue, expressions/body language and visuals to give insight to the character. Hellfire uses fire and hellish imagery to get the point across whereas Tu vas me Detruire has stone pillars or  the church literally trying to crush Frollo.

Daniel Lavoie as Frollo performing Tu vas me Detruire Notre Dame de Paris picture image

Daniel Lavoie as Frollo performing Tu vas me Detruire

You can interpret this as  his desires will crush  him or that the church is trying to stop his desires and he the one pushing them away choosing to give in to his lust for Esmeralda thus choosing to be destroyed.

Example of Chiaroscuro Frollo (Sir Cedric Hardwicke) 1939 Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Sir Cedric Hardwicke as Frollo, 1939

The only non-musical movie version to actually give some thought to visual representation of Frollo’s desire  is the 1939 movie. In that version when Frollo backs Esmeralda against a tree to confess, there are some great shadows, with only his eyes illuminated which makes him look insane as the actor, Cedric Hardwicke, keeps them opened very wide.        

Michelle Newell as Esmeralda & Kenneth Haigh as Frollo The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1977 picture image

Michelle Newell as Esmeralda & Kenneth Haigh as Frollo

With respect to the 1977 version it is one of the few versions to get Frollo’s scenes down. One example is when Frollo and Gringoire spirit Esmeralda out and Gringoire leaves her with Frollo. Though the scene is vastly shorter than in the book I appreciate that they at least made a go at having that scene in the movie.  But that being said is having all the scenes in movie presents in the movie but shot is a plain efficient manner somehow better than approaching the material in way that makes it visually interesting? I would say no. This is a good effort at the character and his scene but it’s just a dull rendition.

Got two this time and I’m also a week late but I’m a very lazy person so that’s a good enough reason.


Episode 7: Eloise Gardner

Meegan Warner a Rapunzel & Colin O'Donoghue as Wish Hook Once Upon a Time Season 7 episode 7 Eloise Gardner picture image

Meegan Warner as Rapunzel & Colin O’Donoghue as Wish Hook

I do love Fairy-Tale Procedurals!

So according to someone on reddit the reveal of Alice being both Tilly  AND Wish-Hooks daughter was obvious and yeah it was, I mean I caught onto it BUT I never saw anyone mentioning it prior so maybe it was in your face that one needed to mention it, I’ll leave it at that. And yet I was off on Gothel being Eloise Gardner, I think or she posing as Eloise Gardner for  dramatics.

This episode explain how who is Alice’s mother and how she became cursed. Wish-Regina infoms Wish Hook that she is out of magic, so he goes to a tower to find some. Rapunzel is there and she tells him she needs a flower petal to ecape so he gets a flower and then they share an “enjoyable night.”  However  Hook is trick by Mother Gothel  who was posing as Rapunzel who had in turn trapped her in the tower and she needed a someone with her blood to be trapped in her to escape. Gothel is also the witch trapped by Ivy and Victoria and she also poses as Eloise Gardner too just throw off Rogers because Eloise Gardner is the missing teeangers who saved Rogers but the OUAT wiki says Gothel is Eloise, more confusion. This backstory does make things a little more problematic.

First thing, I did not HATE this backstory BUT there big big problems. FIRST ONE, The Tower itself.  So wish realm Hook goes to the OTHER Enchated Forest with no issue? We know it’s in that realm because we saw it when Regina trained Ivy. The realm hoping and time line are just in shatters for a show that’s WHOLE first center around it. Remember Rumple orchestrating the Dark curse to find his son? Remember? How Realm  hopping is child’s play and easy EXCEPT when it’s not. So Wish Realm Hook had a baby with another realm witch? Is he real and that makes Real World/Enchanted Forest/MistHaven Regina a murder and that begs the question What Happen to Wish Realm Regina? Also How old is Alice? She is conceived  after Regina failed the Dark curse so she has to be Emma’s age but time seems to move faster in the other enchanted forest. How old is she?  I”M CONFUSED NOW!  

Ok, the OTHER problem with this backstory  is the one most people are talking about with is OUAT penchant for rape with magic. This is not the first time a character has engaged in sex with someone who is in disguise, in essence the person did not consent to sex with that person. THis happen with Zelena in season 4 posing as Marian and getting pregnant with Robin. And now again with Wish Hook and Gothel posing as Rapunzel.  But wait there is more, Graham from season 1, remember him, he was Regina sex slave because he had his heart and then she murders him. Emma dates a flying monkey who is technically in his real form as Walsh/Oz but still was misleading as well as Emma and Neal because she still a minor when Henry was conceived. So this show has issues! Like big issues

 Colin O'Donoghue as Wish Hook Once Upon a Time Season 7 episode 7 Eloise Gardner picture image

Colin O’Donoghue as Wish Hook

So the rest of the episode was Roger tracking down Eloise and finding Gothel and Victoria gets locked up for it as by Ivy’s design.

The there is the food truck plot which what I’m calling the Jacinda Henry Lucy stuff. It’s just not interest. Basically Regina in order to protect Henry from whatever it was Ivy did is blocking Hnery and Jacinda for dating. This should more dramatic emotional thing but who cares. Henry has more chemistry with his mix tapes and in turn Jacinda has more chemistry with her truck’s engine. Does ANYONE CARE?     

Despite the issue with this episode it was fine. It’s nice to see the OUAT writers learn what a set-up is because the Hook dark one arc was stupid and I’m not over it, also Tilly might be one of the more interesting new characters, her and Ivy .  


Episode 8: Pretty in Blue

 Rose Reynolds as Alice & Dania Ramirez as Ella Once Upon a Time Season 7 episode 8 Pretty in Blue picture image

Rose Reynolds as Alice & Dania Ramirez as Ella

Oh Show why did you bring up Catherine Nolan? I still want to know happen with Frederick? Did Catherine go to law school, I mean Dopey got a master’s degree so why not her? Oh this show and dropping people and characters.

Anyway this episode, groans.

So Alice and Wish Hook have this curse on then where Hook’s heart is poisoned so they CAN’T be together. That is a thing now and WHY?  Why on them? And who cast it? Anyway long and short of it is this poisoned Heart was on Ella’s (Cinderella) mother and father but Ella thought her mother abandoned her family and Ivy tried to it  to Henry’s heart but gets stopped and something with pendants showcasing Henry and Ella are true loves. The pendants have to show it because the actors do not. Also Alice can make portals appear, like that’s her thing.  

And apparently it’s not fully the actors’ fault because they have chemistry with other characters. Henry and Ivy and Jacinda and her baby dad, Nick. Lucy’s theory is that Nick is the Catherine Nolan of Hyperion Heights. Nick is a lawyer and a cool dude. But what is happening? Why do Henry and Ivy and Jacinda and Nick seem more like the pairing direction than Henry and Jacinda who the show trying to force true love on. We know it’s true love with them since it’s thier kiss that will break the curse because Ivy set it up and she making sure Regina blocks them. But what is the curse? Ivy or rather Drizella set it up to make her mother suffer but also to get magic from Anastasia? It’s all more convoluted than Regina’s or Snow’s or Hook/Nimue’s.

I did like Regina trying to gauge Weaver/Rumple, don’t why he would fake it. Anyway next time Regina and Henry are off to San Francisco to get someone.

Didn’t enjoy this episode as much it was all over the place.            

Tis the season for ugly x-mas sweaters


Wake up Call

Adelaide Kane as Drizella Once Upon a Time Season 7 episode 6 Wake Up Call picture image

Adelaide Kane as Drizella

This episode on a broad spectrum was okay. No strong feelings towards it. It seemed more like a gap filler, giving us some nuggets of info without giving us too much.

The biggest amount of character development comes from Ivy/Drizella. In the past she was taught magic by Regina which seemed to a plot by her mother to take her heart for Anastasia. Would that even work? Hearts can only be traded when true love is involved? Whatever, it’s hard to sort out the ever changing rules of magic. At least it seems that True Love’s kiss will break the spell but Drizella, who appears to have cast the “Dark Curse” made it hero proof as some will happen to Henry should he True Love Kiss with Jacinda. If the Charming ever around they would bring up that third option.  Also Drizella’s issues are mother based, like so many other characters before her; Regina, Zelena, Rumple ect. Basically she set up the curse because he mother didn’t love her and she wants her to suffer.

Also Regina wakes up because Ivy needs her help. Ok sure, Ivy is still the best of the new characters. Tilly/Alice isn’t bad though.

Speaking of,  is Tilly/Alice Eloise? I mean Rogers  is after his missing daughter, Eloise is missing and Tilly/Alice is being set up to be his missing daughter and Rogers is hunting this cold case, that is his plot. So unless this is a misdirect seems likely BUT WHO KNOWS til it’s reveal.

Also there is Lucy. Can’t figure her out. She was in the Enchanted Forest-like realm before but is the child of Henry and Ella. Was there a timeskip? Time is very messy in this season since Enchanted Forest and The world without magic (sometimes)  runs parallel but this unnamed “other realm” moves differently. According to wikipedia, not the best source, it says this regarding Lucy in the season 6 finale,

In the Magical Forest (During the future), In the woods, a man is seen running away from a beast. He reaches a cabin and sends his daughter Lucy away with the “Once Upon A Time” storybook, telling her to keep it safe as he fights off the creature.”

And then

“Many years in the future, in the Magical Forest, the young girl returns to her home and discovers everything destroyed. However, Tiger Lily shows up and tells her to take the book to her mother, telling her that the fairies foresaw that she will be reunited with her father.”

And finally

In the Future, Many “Years Later” in Seattle, Lucy arrives at the man’s apartment by train. Lucy tells the man, who is revealed to be an adult Henry, that she is his daughter and that his family needs him, although Henry no longer remembers her.”

I suppose that is a reveal for another episode. Again this was an ok episode. Nice to see Regina back and Ivy is a treat but no real strong feeling toward the episode.               

Also the second Lady and the Tramp reference and it about another Italian restaurant, other things happen in that movie. How about  someone walking a cocker spaniel with a blue collar and with  a large standard schnauzer terrier mix  with red collar and another person walking a cairn terrier and bloodhound. Better than a line about pizza at Bella Notte  with stray dogs, because dogs are the best and this season is lacking them, at least there was sometimes Pongo and Charming’s dog.

Hulu tries to sell Hunchback 2 with lies

Hulu tries to sell Hunchback 2 with lies

The words “Magic” and “favorite” should be nowhere near Hunchback 2