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A Quasimodo Reference in Game of Thrones

No real Spoilers I was reading the fourth Book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, A Feast for Crows,  A Song of Ice and Fire  is great series and what the HBO show Game of Thrones is … Continue reading

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Game of THrones and Non/Disney Trailer

This is the audio from the season 4 trailer. The Hunchback characters get three chracter Phoebous as Jaimie Lannister, Frollo as Tywin Lannister and Quasimodo as Tyrion Lannister. Perfect casting if you ask me.   Tyrion is the MAN.   … Continue reading

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Bambi II; Bambi of House Baratheon

I want to review Bambi II, really I do but it’s beyond reproach as Patrick Stewart is it and anything with Patrick Stewart is clearly awesome. Alright, I’ll try and review it! Bambi II is a midquel. It takes place … Continue reading

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This song could be called Out There

They sure sings the phrase “Out There” a lot huh? It’s like  they are much saying “Out There” is a  Disney Princess song. Follow thehunchblog Tweet

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Game of Thrones and Hunchback

Let’s talk about Game of Thrones because everyone else is. Game of Thrones is a very popular show on HBO not mention a popular book series calledA Song of Ice and Fire. So what does this have to with Hunchback? … Continue reading

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Hypothetical Casting for a Frollo

As another possible Frollo choice for a movie version may I present Iain Glen.   Iain Glen has been in many British shows and movies and has done stage work. The popular  show he has been in include but are … Continue reading

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