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Project Re-Read! Book 7 Chapters 4-6

Book 7, Chapter 4, Anakh This chapter is a little important, as the word Anakh inscribed on a wall of Notre Dame is said to have inspired Frollo and the rest of book from there. The added word of impurity … Continue reading

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Horoscope 07-23-14

This prophesy comes to us through the median of the English Version of Belle from Notre Dame de Paris. “Belle, there is a demon inside her who came from hell” Avoid pretty people today, they bring ill omens. Tomorrow they … Continue reading

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Belle 2014 Rendition

  Every so often, the original French trio of Belle, Garou, Daniel Lavoie and Patrick Fiori, sing Belle. It’s alway nice to see and and hear Belle sung by these three.  I love how Lavoie is hold his hand like … Continue reading

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The Many Styles of Frollo

In the realm of Hunchback we that Quasimodo will (or should) be ugly and deformed and Esmeralda should be pretty, these are truth in in the novel, they have set looks. Frollo, while he does have a set look in … Continue reading

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Matt Laurent transforms into Quasimodo

A behing the scene video of Matt Laurent getting ready to play Quasimodo from Notre Dame de Paris His costume is 15 years old! Follow thehunchblog Tweet

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Sochi and Notre Dame de Paris

I haven’t really been following the 2014 Winter Olympics BUT two (or three) Gold Medalists, Yuzuru Hanyu and Meryl Davis & Charlie have previously skated to Notre Dame de Paris music.   You can see their Notre Dame de Paris … Continue reading

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Melanie Renaud covers Vivre

Renaud played Esmeralda in Notre Dame de Paris in the 2005 Canadian Cast as well as the 2005 French Cast. I like her singing but the arrangement in parts or a little strange. Follow thehunchblog Tweet

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Anti Or Pro Hypothetical Casting; Taylor Swift as Fleur de Lys

I admit, I don’t care for Taylor Swift. Her music does nothing for me and  the fact the she plays an instrument and writes her songs maybe a feat in the current music scene but it’s not like she a … Continue reading

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Lost Films; 1911 Notre Dame de Paris

  The second lost film was made in 1911 and was directed by Albert Capellani. It was called Notre Dame de Paris and was 36 minutes long. It starred  Stacia Napierkowska as Esmeralda. Napierkowska was a dancer before going into … Continue reading

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Asking the Hard Questions to Quasimodo and Esmeralda

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