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Notre Dame’s mark on Hugo

  It’s true that Notre Dame owes a lot of its cultural significance to Victor Hugo and his novel but Notre Dame didn’t just sit there and let Hugo’s imagination work with out her influence. One story goes is that … Continue reading

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Notre Dame in the 1800′s

By the early 1800’s Notre Dame was in a sad state. The local government thought about tearing it down. Then, in 1804, Napoleon decided it was the perfect place for his coronation, which gave the gave the old girl a … Continue reading

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Victor Hugo Gala

This video is from the Victor Hugo Musical Gala. It features Nadia Bel, Matt Laurent, Robert Marien, Bruno Pelletier, Richard Charest, Sophie Tremblay all singing Le Temps des Cathédrales.

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This Day in History

On May 22th 1885, at the age of 83, Victor Hugo died of pneumonia.  His death created an intense national mourning. He was revered not only as a literary figure but as a statesman who shaped the Third Republic and … Continue reading

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Victor Hugo the artist

In addition to a novelist, poet, dramatist and writer Hugo was a a wonderful artist. Many of his works have survived. I really like his artwork. It has a whimsical fantasy aspect to it, at least from my point of … Continue reading

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Mr and Mrs Hugo

                  Victor Hugo married the girl next door, Adèle Foucher. Hugo’s mother, Sophie, was against the match but after her death he married Adèle  on October 14 1822. They had five children … Continue reading

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Life Imitating Art; Hugo’s Youngest Daughter

Did you know that Victor Hugo youngest child, Adele developed a romantic obsession a British military officer  who rejected and nearly destroyed her. Kind of sounds like  an mash-up of Frollo and Esmeralda. Adele’s love-life allludes to Notre Dame but … Continue reading

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Hugo inspiration in Princess Tutu

Don’t let the title fool you, Princess Tutu is great show even if you’re not a fan of anime. It uses a lot of elements and story imaginary from famous ballets and classical music. There are two slight references to … Continue reading

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Esmeralda; the Lady in Red

As Esmeralda been adapted for different versions of The Hunchback of Notre Dame she has wore red a lot. The first couple adaptations La Esmeralda (the opera and the Ballet)  her costumes has red details.   In 1839, Begium Painter, … Continue reading

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Frollo Flies Kite: A Fan-Fiction by Me Chapter 1

preface – The fan-fiction was created at the request/bribe of friend. I’m posting this in 3 parts to avoid a wall of text and I’ll linked them together after they’ve all been released. Story was more or less written in … Continue reading

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