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Book 3, Chapter 1, Notre-Dame
This is a lovely chapter to read. Hugo’s descriptions are musical. He talks about how time has stole from Notre Dame but has also enhanced its beauty. My favorite part however is towards the end of the chapter where he talks about the changing styling that Notre Dame exhibits and how it’s like a chimera. This word choice links Notre Dame’s structure to that of Quasimodo. This is mentioned later on but it’s a little hint.

Book 3, Chapter 2, A Bird’s-Eye View of Paris
Groans, this chapter feels so long. It basically describes in massive detail what medieval Paris was like. It’s one of those chapter that you can skip if you want. Sure you will miss some points later on about where the action is but it’s not a great thing to have missed it. This chapter is both interesting and boring. It’s boring because much like the chapter before, it grinds the story to a stop to give you all these massive descriptions. The information is really interesting though. Hugo’s language is just great to read. I just with info wasn’t wasn’t right slap in the middle of the story.

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