The Annoying Instruments Enchanted Tales Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Annoying Instruments


One of the best thing about this movie is that while you are watching it you realize that the Gargoyles in the Disney version are not that bad. And that is because this version, this abysmal version, has characters that are 1000 times more annoying than the Gargoyles could ever be. They are collectively called “Melody’s Instrumentals.”


Melody and her team of annoying instruments Enchanted tales The Hunchback of Notre Dame picture images

Melody and her team of annoying instruments

As previous stated in my Melody post, Melody has some kind super niche power where she gives life to instruments. All these Instruments have their own unique yet annoying personalities. And just for you people, I tried to learn their names but only three are mentioned as having names. Bad writing.

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The Annoying Instruments

First we have the accordion. He doesn’t have a name but his straps can be used as arms. He speaks with a German accent and loves strudel. I would say he is the leader as he is both bossy and encouraging but he’s all vexing.

Then we have the tambourine who is also nameless. He also seems to speak with a German accent. He’s old and never shut-up about it. Just in case you missed that fact that’s he’s old, he wears glasses. He also speaks bell.

Next is the Violin. His name is Paganini. He has a thick Italian accent. He likes music. He considers himself sensitive and sophisticated. He also has allergies to hay. His bow wears a bow-tie and doesn’t speak, thank goodness

Then we have two Click and Klack, who are like clappers. Click and Klack are annoying fucks.

And last and certainly least, the dumb bells. The bells are Melody’s newest acquisition. They were given to her by Quasimodo. She uses them as a hair accessory. They giggle and that is about it.

Enchanted Tales Hunchback of Accordion and Violin Notre Dame  picture image

Accordion and Violin a.k.a Paganini

The instruments follow Melody everywhere she goes and for the most part she ignores them or maybe she just tunes them out. Ha, tune because they’re instruments.

The trouble with them is that they never shut-up and the movie is under the false impression that they are likable and endearing so they keep focusing on them and giving them screen time. They are the ones to pretty much save the day which gives them some reason to exist in the narrative which is just insulting.

 The Tambourine, Click and Klack and the Bells Enchanted Tales Hunchback of Notre Dame  picture image

The Tambourine, Click and Klack and the Bells

They have no real counterpart unless you want to count Djali but they are nothing like Djail. Djali is awesome. No, they are in this movie  to further distances the story from Hunchback and bring it closer to Beauty and the Beast. It’s really insulting to the original story and it’s really insulting to viewer that has to watch these annoying jerks for more than 30 seconds which is my limit and  they are most of the run time of this. Say what you what about Disney’s Gargoyles they are miles better than these guys

Next Time the other characters @@

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