All through it seem like Disney exhausted its collection of movies to make its crappy sequels, some movies were spared by some miracle. But speculation is fun and here are the sequels that could have been but never were, Thank Goodness. These lame plots are made up by me. Note they pretty much stop making these in 2008 so movies after that are not considered even though Disney made a Tangled sequel and there is talk of a Frozen is getting a sequel @@.

Snow White II – Three stories involving the dwarves and Castle etiquette.

Pinocchio II; The Curse of The Red Fairy – Pinocchio has to be come wooden again to save Geppeto from the Blue Fairy’s crazy sister, the Red Fairy. The whale gets a cameo

Dumbo II – Dumbo has to fly to save world from the Pink Elephants that have been made real by the Ringmaster  and his evil new Genie friend.

Alice in Wonderland II; Return to Wonderland. I suppose they could just do Alice  through the Looking Glass but here is a lamer idea. Alice’s daughter does the same thing but with more annoying characters.  I do not  accept the Burton version.

Sleeping Beauty II –  Maleficent’s  raven  becomes human and  kidnaps  Prince Phillip and puts him sleep and Aurora has to become  kick ass and save him. The Fairies can give her like a training montage.

The Sword and the Stone II –  Seriously, They had all the Arthurian legends and they didn’t pick one.  But let’s go with the lamest story ever, Arthur meets a girl and Merlin is bummed that Arthur doesn’t have time for him.

The Aristocats II – The Kittens form a band with Tom’s help but the dump him for a sassy manager.

Robin Hood II – Prequel about how everyone met or something.

The Black Cauldron II – Though Disney pretends this doesn’t exist it does have sequels.  It’s from  a series called The Chronicles of Prydain.  Just do the story from the third book and ruin it because it a Disney sequel, so Taran moves in to Eilonwy’s castle and doesn’t fit in, hi-jinx encase.

The Great Mouse Detective II  – Again more stories from the source material.  Let just take the high road (giggle sequels and the high road) just use Mlle. Relda, the story’s Irene Adler counterpart, so Basil gets a girlfriend. Maybe he has to fight someone for her, love triangle they are cliche.

Oliver & Company II – Oliver’s son goes off into New York City to be a street cat because rules and family are super lame.

Hercules II – Again more stuff of Hercules but lame sequel story, Hercules and Meg have to save Thebes from same monster  sent by Circe, maybe a lion so I can make Game of Throne jokes. I will note that Hercules was shameless abused for money as it did have  a midquel TV show. It even had a crossover with Aladdin.  I saw the crossover episode and no more.

Treasure Planet  II – They find more treasure? Didn’t see this one

Home of the Range II – Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm more farm hi-jinx? Three short story structure because it’s lazy and easier. I didn’t see this one either.


Still nothing is lamer than Quasimodo getting a girlfriend with that Bell @@. Do you have any sequel/midquel/prequel ideas for the Disney movies that were spared the sequel treatment?

6 Thoughts on “Ideas for The Disney Movies that didn’t get Sequels

  1. Vicky on 01/02/2015 at 8:43 pm said:

    Upon doing a quick search, it turns out that a bit of information had become available about Aristocats 2; it was going to involve the adventures of a kitten vs a jewel thief on a ship. There is an online article titled “8 Disney Sequels That Didn’t Happen” which also includes a sequel to Bambi (actual sequel, not intersequel) titled Bambi’s Children, a Treasure Planet sequel, a Pinocchio sequel and a Nightmare before Christmas sequel/prequel.

  2. Vicky on 01/02/2015 at 8:36 pm said:

    Filmation made a sequel to Pinocchio, titled Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night. It was technically a sequel to the book but it seems to have been promoted as a sequel to Disney’s Pinocchio. Disney did sue but the verdict was that Pinocchio is public domain and no further action could be taken. It is quite an interesting movie to watch and I have always liked it.

    In addition, more than 10 years ago there were rumours about a sequel to Aristocats. However, no information became available but it hardly matters as this project was eventually cancelled. I wonder if it was going to be about the butler coming back to seek revenge. Furthermore, at about the same time there was word going around about a sequel to Hercules. Unlike Aristocats 2, there was some information available online about this one. Hercules and Megara were going to have a daughter named Hebes (oddly named after Heracles’s final, immortal wife, who married him after Heracles himself became immortal) and it was going to be about the Trojan War where Hercules would have to rescue a friend that had been abducted. I guess that this would be Helen, who later appeared in Disney’s animated Hercules TV series. Phil was also going to return with a new design (why?). Since it has now been more than 10 years, I don’t suppose that it will ever be made, which is a pity as it was a far more interesting concept than, say, Belle’s Magical World.

  3. dghjkl on 07/03/2014 at 9:40 am said:

    A Dumbo sequel was planned, but the idea was thrown away before it came out.

  4. Esmee on 07/02/2014 at 8:59 am said:

    Technically Snow White has a sequel…it’s just not done by Disney. I think the title was Happily Ever After and it came out around ’92 or ’93. I don’t really remember much of it because I was 7 or 8 at the time and haven’t seen it since.

    And there was a Hercules prequel…direct to video, which came out in ’98. It basically set the stage for the TV show.

    While I’m not a big fan of sequels/prequels or midquels, I like getting back story on villains. And to do something that complex, the film would actually have to be good…which is probably why Disney doesn’t do that.

    • jess on 07/02/2014 at 1:38 pm said:

      I have seen Happily Ever After ages ago and I will talk about it soon, hehehe.

      I didn’t know about the Hercules prequel but since the show was a midquel I have to wonder what the prequel for the midquel show is like.

      The villains are always more interesting in a Disney. They might do more Disney’s villain movies like Maleficent.

      • Esmee on 07/02/2014 at 5:27 pm said:

        I haven’t seen the Hercules prequel and I don’t recall there being much of a marketing campaign for it…it was probably done to get people interested in the series.

        According to a Disney Wiki site, it does look as though Alice in Wonderland will be getting a sequel…

        And according to a Cruella DeVille movie is in the works.

        That one looks really interesting to me, because Cruella was my mom’s favorite villain and my mom passed away in November.

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