Book 1; Night Not as Black as Man

Book 1, Chapter 5; The Tree of Human Invention

So our new friend, ten year old nameless boy, what a lovely name, comes upon a corpse in a tree. Isn’t that nice? Most and when I say most I mean pretty much all of the chapter, describes the corpse in tree. Of course through most of the chapter the corpse is concealed as a grotesque form from the tree so much that so that you know it’s a corpse but you’re not that sure.

Book 1, Chapter 6; Struggle Between Death and Night

Hey was there not enough descriptions of the corpse in the tree from the last chapter? Heck no, this is Victor Hugo damn it and we need all the descriptions.

To be fair this chapter is interesting as we learn stuff about the corpse in question that it was the fashion is England to hang smuggler on the coast as a warning to others. I also like how Hugo says that ten year old nameless boy (until this character gets name this is what i’m calling him or maybe just Tyonb for short), sees the corpse as a ghost and not a corpse.

In a previous chapter we learned there was storm approaching so in this chapter Ten year old nameless boy is nearly killed by the cold and the corpse saves him with the wind. I do like how Hugo describes the corpse in the tree even if I’m being goofy about it. There are some lovely prose in the book I just wish more was happening though it’s still early in the book.

Book 1, Chapter 7; The North Point of Portland

After the corpse saves ten year old nameless boy, he becomes so scared that he runs off. This fear induced flight saves him but he doesn’t know where is going. He turns up at the Isthmus of Portland. An Isthmus is a narrow stripe of land connecting two larger land area usually with water on either side, the more you know.

Basically this is just ten year old nameless boy running and not knowing where is he going. Though I suppose he has to get to somewhere before this part can end.

Book 2 has like a billion chapters…….okay only twelve.

Also being silly is the only way I can get through this @@

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