Book 2: The Hooker At Sea

I’m sorry, these chapters @@.  I feel Hugo is trying to lose me on purpose.

Book 2, Chapter 9; The Charge Confided to a Raging Sea

This chapter explains the bell that heard. Basically it’s a buoy and when it ring means rough sea, though if you can hear the bell you’re fucked anyway so it’s shit as a warning. Kudos Bell.

Book 2, Chapter 10; The Colossal savage, the Storm

At Last! We come to the storm messing up the boat. That is all really. I mean it’s exciting but that is pretty much all there is to this chapter. Oh wait, at the end they see the Light…house.

Book 2, Chapter 11; The Casket

This chapter is about the lighthouse because screw characters or plot, Lighthouse! The Caskets refers to the rock….I think.

Book 2, Chapter 12; Face to Face with the Rock

You know what just dawned on me, the ocean is the most well developed character in this book so far. The Second is that corpse that Ten Year Old Nameless boy found, the third I guess would be that night or the hooker. I know he had Homo and Ursus but it’s been 12 chapters since they were mentioned and it felt like a different book altogether.

Anyway this chapter, the people and crew try to make their way to the rocks and no one can swim not even the sailors, groans.  It’s a dangerous maneuver at they try to get the boat into a cave under the lighthouse. But they get away.

I gotta say, this chapter leaves me for a loop. I skimmed it and re-read it and shrugs.

Book 2, Chapter 13; Face to Face with Night

Ok, so they get way from Caskets and  then they see another rock, Ortach Rock which is the title for the next chapter, which no doubt will explain the formation of the rock in great detail and the history of all the boats that have ever seen it. I have no read this chapter yet but consider this book’s style I think it’s a good guess.

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