These pictures were from a Futuristic Gothic Musical Version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame done in 2011. Scott Walter who played Frollo (and Clopin) received a lot of praise for his Frollo.

Ron Pederson as Quasimodo, Hunchback  pictureimage

Ron Pederson as Quasimodo, Hunchback

Scott Walters as Claude Frollo & Ava Markus as La Esmeralda, Hunchback picture image

Scott Walters as Claude Frollo & Ava Markus as La Esmeralda, Hunchback

Scott Walters as Claude Frollo, Hunchback picture image

Scott Walters as Claude Frollo, Hunchback

Scott Walters & Jeremy Baumung as Pierre Gringoire, Hunchback

Scott Walters & Jeremy Baumung as Pierre Gringoire, Hunchback

Such cool weird costume ^^ I would love to see this version.

From this you can get the scope the of the first act. The sets are very well done with lots of levels. I will say I’m a bit disappointed in the costumes but this production has lot of people to dress and chorus and dancer I’m sure have several costume changes so I’m will let that go.

This really does seem like an English version of Der Glockner von Notre Dame.  They have Zuflcht (Sanctuary), Hoch uber der Welf (High above the World), and Esmeralda. I can’t help wondering what changes were made from Glockner to this musical version  as this show was called collaboration between the school and Disney. So I while I’m not against an straight version I do hope that this version has its own spin to it.


Steven Webb (Quaimodo) and Zoë George (Esmeralda) in Lionel Bart's Quasimodo! picture image

Steven Webb (Quaimodo) and Zoë George (Esmeralda) in Lionel Bart’s Quasimodo!

There have been a lot of reviews published on the new Hunchback of Notre Dame show “Quasimodo!” by Lionel Bart.  The reviews have been mixed. The show was written in 1963 and only performed in workshops. However the show was never actually finished by Bart. The result of this the the show despite being polished and tweaked still feels unfinished.  From reading the reviews it seems like only Quasimodo and Esmeralda get any sense of character develop. Frollo seems to suffer the most as he is given no scenes or solo to make him the key antagonist. However the review really  focus on Esmeralda and Quasimodo as the heart of the show. The review also praise the cast for their enthusiasms and passion for the show. Perhaps the show needs another round of revisions before it’s given a second round on stage because it seems to have good bones.

The song of the show seems to Abracadabra (which is duet between Esmeralda and Gringoire )

(This is the Hunchblog’s 60oth post)

Earlier this week I looked at a preview of a stage version of the Hunchback of Notre Dame but this seem to be a trend. In my never ending quest for content I have found lots of articles on up coming Hunchback stage shows. (The one called Quasimodo was written in the 1960’s  by Lionel Bart who wrote Oliver Musical. It’s now finally being performed. It’s playing March 20th 2013-April 13th) (this one is modern day interpretation set in a high school)

Plus the one in Gilbert, Arizona that I mention in another post

Also the Roland Petit ballet is gaining popularity. Plus the Ice Skating performances of Meryl Davis & Charlie White, and Yuzuru Hanyu. And Korean singer Iu recorded a cover of Age of the Cathedrals from Notre dame de Paris on her latest album.

So what does this mean? There is an increase of live performances using Hunchback as a source of late? Perhaps, I’m just noticing it more  and there is always  a number of Hunchback performances in the world or perhaps it is gaining popularity? What do you think is this typical or do you think Hunchback is gaining popularity?

On April 18th  2013, The King’s Academy will perform “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” Disney collaborated with the school to adapt the movie into a stage show. Now I’m basing this post on the preview.


First off, this is a high school performance so I’m not going to get into the singing or acting. I’ll just say what I find interesting and what I dislike. I will say that the singing is quite good in general .

This stage version seem to very similar to the german Der Glockner Von Notre Dame. Clopin doesn’t have a puppet, Frollo says that Quasimodo will hopefully “think like him” instead be of “use to him”, and Quasimodo sings “God Help the outcast.” Now I mention  in my Glockner review that I hated that Quasimodo is shoe-horned into that song,  depriving Esmeralda of her only solo song. But who knows, maybe she will this version, though I doubt it. My guess is that this show will follow the movie more than Der Glockner did. I can’t imagine a high school production killing Esmeralda but then again, I was in a High School production of Oliver Twist and Nancy dies, so maybe.  Unlike Glockner “The Court of Miracle” remains in the show but I think it doesn’t work with a full chorus that is trying to sound pretty. It should have been a smaller group singing more roughly.

Now some nitpicks, Clopin is pronounce wrong. It’s not “Clo-pin”, It’s “Clo-pan”. Disney got it right but perhaps the kid was nervous. But did he call Phoebus “Edgerick”?  I can’t respond to that? That is so wrong.  Did they change the name and think no one would know?  Who ever wrote shame.  Edgerick? What kind of name is that? Maybe I miss heard that.  Also, I personally don’t care for the chorus’ arm choreography. I get what they’re doing, it’s just silly. ‘

I hope the songs from Glockner are in the show mainly “Someday” and “Esmeralda.”


I can’t really review this since it’s a preview as I can’t see the full scope of the show and I really don’t like being overly critical to teenagers who can sing well.


If there a full version of play on youtube I will review it  more in depth but as I live no where here  Florida and lack the means to fly there I can’t see it live. But if you do,  visit here from more info. And then tell me all about it ^_~

This is a video for a   Korean musical version of The  Hunchback of Notre Dame . You can see the influences of Notre Dame de Paris and the Disney version.  It was done by the N.A Company and it premiered in August 2012. It seems to have  great energy and maybe more light-hearted than other stage versions. And I think there may even be Sister Gudule in this version.

Poster for the Korean Hunchback Musical

Poster for the Korean Hunchback Musical

Alan Menken picture image

Alan Menken

Last week I wrote about how with the announcement of the Aladdin Broadway show we shouldn’t except the Hunchback musical anytime soon. However while that is true don’t loss hope that it will never happen. According to an article on there is a line that Alan Menken is also eyeing bringing and The Hunchback of Notre Dame to Broadway.”  This line is at the very end of the article but it shows that Menken is still on board with making the Hunchback musical happen, so maybe it will the show after Aladdin closes.

There is also another article on, that says that Journalist Michael Riedel  reports  The Hunchback Musical “could be back moving forward as well. ”  So we’ll see

But in the mean time you can see a play version of the Hunchback at the Actors Youth Theatre in Glibert Arizona in May.

You can read more here;

Aladdin the musical  picture image

Aladdin the musical

It has been announced that Aladdin will hit Broadway Spring of 2014 after a run in Toronto. This isn’t the first time Aladdin has had the Live Musical treatment as it has a show in the parks and in Seattle.


Adam Jacobs as Aladdin and Courtney Reed as Jasmine, Seattle Production picture image

Adam Jacobs as Aladdin and Courtney Reed as Jasmine, Seattle Production

But what does this announcement mean for the Hunchback and it coming to Broadway? This mean don’t except the show anytime before 2015. I for my part am disappointed that this mean a Broadway show of the Hunchback will be delayed even more but I’m not surprise that they would go for Aladdin over Hunchback. Aladdin was the more successful movie that spawned two additional movies, a TV series and in general made more money for the company. Plus an Aladdin production is more geared to the over-the-top spectacle that Broadway and Disney both love. Hunchback not so much. It’s spectacle comes from the sets and not so much the costume or the choreography.

Esmeralda & Quasimodo Der Glöckner von Notre Dame picture image

Esmeralda & Quasimodo Der Glöckner von Notre Dame

I do hope that someday the show will come to Broadway after all it was very success in Germany so it’s not that far-fetched that they it could do well in New York.

The Hunch Marquee, The Critic picture image

The Hunch Marquee, The Critic

Since Today is the Feast of Fools/The Epiphany which is the day the Hunchback starts on, I thought I would take a break from Silly Sunday and review one most outstanding and most beautiful versions of Hunchback. Unfortunately this version is the shortest and it really is just a reference in a TV show but the shear masterpiece of this makes it more than a mere reference it’s a classic version on to it’s self.

Quasimodo with the Citizen of Paris in Hunch, The Critic picture image

Quasimodo with the Citizen of Paris in Hunch, The Critic

Of course I’m refereeing to musical version to from The Critic. In the episode Jay Sherman gets tickets to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s newest musical “Hunch.”

Quasimodo on the Pillory in Hunch, The Critic picture image

Quasimodo on the Pillory in Hunch, The Critic

This version centers more around Quasimodo and the citizens of Paris. It opens with Quasimodo tied to the pillory and the citizens blaming all their problems on Quasimodo.

Quasimodo and Esmeralda in Hunch, The Critic picture image

Quasimodo and Esmeralda in Hunch, The Critic

But Quasimodo takes it in stride and meets the lovely, innocent and kind Esmeralda. Quasimodo and her meet for a romantic picnic where they fall in love.

Quasimodo in Hunch, The Critic picture image

Quasimodo in Hunch, The Critic

However a misunderstanding occurs and Quasimodo is let alone in his stone deaf world. The silence is broken by the toll from the bells.

Jay Sherman is the luck audience member, The Critic picture image

Jay Sherman is the luck audience member, The Critic

A bell in then lower into the audience where one lucky person is blessed to be the bell’s clapper.

Jay Sherman, The Critic picture image

Jay Sherman, The Critic

It is in this moment that Quasimodo gets the courage to save day and wins the respect and acceptance of the people of Paris.

Quasimodo with the Citizen of Paris in Hunch, The Critic picture image

Quasimodo with the Citizen of Paris in Hunch, The Critic

This musical has lot of memorable numbers and brilliant lyrics. It also make full use of all the wonderful word-play and sight gags that can be done with the word “Hunch.” It’s quite apparent that Disney saw this fantastic and was like “let’s copy this” but Disney fails to capture the power, the magic and the overall spectacle of this timeless version. Even the beloved Notre Dame de Paris pales in comparison the the majesty of Hunch. Clearly Hunch is the most amazing and genius rendering on Victor Hugo’s novel ever made and it’s worthy everyone love and adoration.

Watch the Glory of it here

or enjoy it as it was ment to be view on a TV


Pictures and Trailer from the upcoming 2012 Les Misérables  movies. I’m still not sure on the casting and the production values seem a bit to  much like “Notice Me Academy”.


(Please Note –  I’m not as familiar with Les Mis so I may have misidentified  characters or actors)

How do you think Notre Dame de Paris would translate to a movie format? I think a cinematic treatment could be cool but the musical doesn’t have the best “narrative.”