Is it just me or does it seem like Alessandra Ferrari has the same intonations as Tina Arena? Why do English language Esmeraldas have a tendency to belt even though the music doesn’t warrant it?


This just the beginning and I wasn’t even done with the Asian Tour pictures -_-

Richard Charest as Gringoire singing Ages of the Cathedrals.

I think he sounds pretty good in English.

And news coverage (can hear Charest, Carlye, and Ferrari singing)

According to this is the cast list for the World Tour of Notre Dame de Paris, which has a lot of former cast members.

Alessandra Ferrari as Esmeralda picture image

Alessandra Ferrari as Esmeralda

Quasimodo – Matt Laurent
Esmeralda – Alessandra  Ferrari
Gringoire – Matteo Setti Richard Charest
Phoebus – Yvan Pedneault
Frollo – Robert Marien
Fleur de Lys – Elica MacKenzie
Clopin- Ian Carlyle