If China ever does put on a version of Notre Dame de Paris (Matt Laurent mentioned this  as a possibilty) this guy would make a great Gringoire. he has the right  amount of power and control  to his voice.

November 11th- 18th

November 19th -December 02nd

December 03th – 09th

December 10th-16th

December 17th-23th

December 24th- 31th

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February 26th

March 18th – 24th

April 1st- 4th


Here are Two New Video featuring the Asian Tour Cast. The First is an Interview with Matt Laurent (Quasimodo)  and Candice Parise (Esmeralda)

The Second is clips from the Show with Features; The Age of the Cathedral, The Refugees,  Belle, My Home in the Sky, Bohemienne, The King of Fools, Kidnap Attempt, Torn Apart,  and The Word Phoebus

Videos are from the Beijing, China performances. Enjoy

(Personal Fun Fact – I went to China in June 2007 for two weeks with my college, about four hours after landing I broke my foot. X-rays make the best souvenirs )

This Video I found on Youku and it’s of Matt Laurent (Quasimodo) and Candice Parise (Esmeralda) singing an excerpt of “The Birds they put in Cages” from the English version of Notre Dame de Paris. This is not a perforrmance of the show but a concert for a crowd. Please forgive the Audio and Visuals but it’s better than nothing right? Enjoy

click here to view on youtube

I’m going to give Parise and Laurent a pass on judgement till  better audio clip comes around. (though I hear clips Laurent singing the role before)  but I have a feeling Parise belts Esmeralda as did Tina Arena, which I do not care for but for know not going to pass judgement or criticism.

Notre Dame de Paris Asian Tour La Cour des Miracles picture image

Notre Dame de Paris Asian Tour Cast performing La Cour des Miracles

So the 2011 Asian Tour Cast has ended in it’s first location of Guangzhou, China and it’s heading to Shanghai. The show premires there on the 2nd (which techinally today-the day of the post) and it will be there till December 24.  So if you’re in Shanghai go see it ^^

I will say that I find it funny that a big selling point of the show for the Asian Tour is William Jenning’s lyrics. William Jenning, of course is a well regraded lyricist who wrote the lyrics for “My Heart will go on” but the english lyrics in this show are terrible for the most part and yet that it’s a big selling point. *shakes head in disappointment*


After some research (mainly trying to figure out a name from Chinese Characters @_@),  Candice Parise will be playing Esmeralda Asian Tour Cast.

Candice Parise singing in a Press Conference in China Esmeralda Notre Dame de Paris picture image

Candice Parise singing in a Press Conference in China