Got Five Chapters Today!

Book 2, Chapter 3, Besos Para Golpes
The title of this chapter means ‘A Kiss brings Pain’ in Spanish.  Quite a lot happens in this chapter. Gringoire having reached The Place de Grève to warm himself  from the bonfire sees Esmeralda for the first time and is smitten. He also sees Frollo, or the a bald man staring.  Sister Gudule yells at Esmeralda and Frollo stops Quasimodo’s reign as the Pope of Fools.   I really enjoy this chapter because it the first time in the book you get a  sense for the personalities of characters other than Gringoire.


Book 2, Chapter 4, The Inconveniences of Following a Pretty Woman in the Street at Night
This chapter set our plot in motion. It starts with our pal Gringoire following Esmeralda  home. As he’s following her, Frollo and Quasimodo try to kidnap her. Gringoire calls for help and Phoebus saves Esmeralda and arrests Quasimodo. Because of these events it’s an important chapter. However it plays out in a humorous way. Gringoire delights in stalking Esmeralda while she is a little more than annoyed. The Kidnap itself makes up a brief part of the end and it still sort of funny. I do like that Quasimodo’s weapon, ugliness, is proven useless in the dark. I don’t like him being liken to a bat, bats are awesome and a symbol of good luck, minor point. All in all I enjoyed this chapter.



Book 2, Chapter 5, The Continuation of the Inconveniences
In the previous chapter, Quasimodo throws Gringoire into the gutter and this is the aftermath of it. Gringoire tries to think about Quasimodo’s companion and he thinks of Frollo but is really certain why he thinks of him.  He is then almost burned under a mattress by some punk-ass kids called gamin, which means street urchin. You know Street Urchin does  not refer to the little friends from the sea which I ate once a sushi place and didn’t care  but rather it comes from the old French for Hedgehog. Ok, getting back on track this chapter is ok. It severed to link the other man to Frollo. Otherwise it get us from the Kidnaping to the next event. Most movies omit this scene.



Book 2, Chapter 6, The Broken Pitcher
Whew, Long Chapter (though not the longest). This where our pal Gringoire gets into a real pickle! After running from the gamins, he gets lost and when he relieves that mattress was what he’s been looking (either sleep or warmth) he gets more lost and runs into vagrants and stumbles into the Court of Miracles, which is a bar of sorts. The Court of Miracles itself was a French term which referred to slum districts of Paris, France where the unemployed migrants from rural areas resided. Gringoire meets the ruler, Clopin and is sentence to Gringoire to hang. Gringoire is given a chance by stealing from the bellboy (a dummy with bells on him) while standing on a stool on one leg. He fails, this task was meant to be fail. Then he offered to the ladies. In the end, Esmeralda saves him and the two are married for 4 years. This chapter is very humorous since you take delight in Gringoire’s pain. You know Clopin is having a jolly time jerking this guy around and either hanging or wedding, Gringoire did provide entertainment.



Book 2, Chapter 7, A Wedding Night
Grinoire is taken to Esmeralda’s place where Gringoire learns she is not interested in him as a lover. They pretty much settle on friends. Gringoire and Esmeralda BFF! We get some minor backstory for Esmeralda like she know nothing like Jon Snow (Sorry I’ve been reading  the A Song of Ice and Fire series). Though we find out she been in Paris for only a few month, she said since last August and the novel starts in January. Speaking this chapter,  it ends the events of January 6th 1482. We also see her amulet for the first time. For all the gaps in Esmeralda’s backstory, Gringoire makes up for it with his long backstory about his failed vocations and how awesome Frollo is. This is a nice chapter as we finally get  insights into  Esmeralda’s character. I like the interplay between Gringoire and Esmeralda. It kind of a shame there is not more or it in the book.


Book 1, Chapter 5, Quasimodo

The contest for the Pope of Fools begins and ends in this chapter. We are treated to a very detailed description of to what Hugo’s Quasimodo looks like. The men reveal in Quasimodo’s ugliness and the women fears it. One women even claims that Quasimodo practices witchcraft. I feel like this chapter finally starts the story going. It also shows off Quasimodo’s impressive collection of nicknames.

Book 1, Chapter 6, Esmeralda

While the Pop of Fools contest goes one, Grigoire and his actor continue on with their play as a few people are still sort of listening. The final nail in the play’s coffin comes when someone says that Esmeralda has entered the square. This chapter is interesting because in the last paragraph we get two references to the Virgin Mary. So even before we meet Esmeralda, she already aligned to the Virgin.

Book 2, Chapter 1, From Charybdis to Scylla

Between Scylla and Charybdis is an Idiom that comes out of Greek Mythology that means “ having to choose between two evils.” It’s like “between a rock and a hard place.” Charybdis and Scylla are both sea monsters.

Now that Gringoire’s play is dead, he finds himself in a pickle. He’s broke so he can’t return to his lodging as he own them money and he can’t seem to find a quiet place to sleep because of the feast. In the end Gringoire says “Fuck it” and heads over to the The Place de Grève because it you can’t beat them join them. I liked this chapter, I know hoe Gringoire feels here. I feel your pain Pierre.

Book 2, Chapter 2, The Place de Grève

This Chapter describes The Place de Grève it also foreshadows the pillory and the giblet. It’s a short chapter filled with description but not wholly dull just a little.

The time has come to re-read The Hunchback of Notre Dame! Every monday for a while I will blog on the novel by chapters. Since the book has like 57 chapters I will do a few  at a time. I will blog on my thoughts and feeling on each chapter. Some chapters  may just have their own post and some post will be a few, pending on the chapter. I going to re-red my old stand-by version, Barnes & Noble Classics Series of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. These posts will be pretty off the cuff.

Book 1, Chapter 1, The Great Hall
Personally, I have never enjoyed this chapter. It’s lot of stuff that amounts to almost nothing. We are introduced to two characters, Jehan Frollo and Gringoire, though Gringoire is not named. The chapter just sets-up a scene with a a lot of chaos and noise. Tonally, it’s a good set-up for the book but with all the names you kind get bogged down with names and people you’re not going to hear from again. It give us a good look at common everyday people but it just not my favorite chapter in the book.

Book 1, Chapter 2, Pierre Gringoire
As the name of the chapter implies, in this chapter we meet Pierre Gringoie. Gringoire is putting on a morality play. This play is about Nobility, Religion, Commerce and Labour. The play is not well met by the common people and poorly met by a beggar name Clopin Trouillefou who interrupts the play. Like the last chapter it the same scene, so it’s noisy and full of people. At the end the Cardinal arrives. Like the last chapter, not favorite.

Book 1, Chapter 3, The Cardinal
With the Cardinal’s entrance, Gringoire’s play is once again interrupted. There some political stuff going on here with the Cardinal being annoyed that he has to show respected to the Flemish. Again not a fan of this chapter but I swear I do love this book just not the opening chapters.

Book 1, Chapter 4, Master Jacques Coppenole
In this chapter, Gringoire play is allowed to continue on by the Cardinal but names and titles are still being called out of people who are important enough to sit along side the cardinal so no one in the crowd is listening to the play. And just when it seems like the everyone who is anyone is there and people might start listening to Gringoire’s play, a houser named Master Jacques Coppenole, makes a speech about how this no fun and they should crown the Pope of Fools. This chapter saving grace is explains how the competition for the Pope of Fools is chosen. The speech also ends Gringoire plays. Still not my favorite but it starts us moving to the next part.

The First four chapter set-up Gringoire’s misfortune and lack of appriciation for his literally work. Poor Guy. They also shows  how mad a crowd can be which a big thing later.

Today’s Prophecy comes from the novel


“But no, I still crawl; I bruise my face and knees on sharp stones of the subterranean way.”

Today will be a rough day for you.


This week’s fan art is by SamaHatter.  It depicts a conversation Frollo and Gringoire have about Esmeralda fr0m the book. Gringoire mentions how he peaked in on Esmeralda changing and Frollo becomes enraged . I love the expressions in this work. It’s awesome

Once I Peeked at her through the Keyhole by Samahatter

Once I Peeked at her through the Keyhole by Samahatter

Check out more by SamaHatter


Today’s Horoscopes from the novel of The Hunchback of Notre Dame is thus;

Esmeralda gives Quasimodo a drop of water (Maureen O'Hara, Charles Laughton) 1939 Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Without a word she approached the sufferer, who vainly writhed and twisted to avoid her, and loosening a gourd from her girdle, she raised it gently to the parched lips of the miserable wretch.”

Help with come to you even if you don’t want it at first.


Esmeralda using the Barnes and Noble Book for see into the Future picture

Esmeralda using the Barnes and Noble Book for see into the Future

Today we’ll look into the novel of the Hunchback of Notre Dame to gain an insight into your future.

But usually all insults were unheeded by both priest and ringer. Quasimodo was too deaf and Claude too great a dreamer to hear them


The way is clear, don’t listen to ideal prattle today it could get in the way of your dreams.

This delightful video was made by Amanda G. and it’s a summary of the novel in 4 minutes. Enjoy

Thanks to Amanda G. for letting me post this

Esmeralda Hunchback of Notre Dame Patsy Ruth Miller 1923 picture image

Esmeralda Hunchback of Notre Dame Patsy Ruth Miller 1923

I think the 1923 version of  Hunchback of Notre Dame is the best depiction of Esmeralda in an movie. She captures the original charm of Esmeralda  from the book. She is  young, sweet, free-spirited, innocent, romantic and  a bit shallow.  Let’s face it, Esmeralda is not a particularly deep character. She is not  battling her own inner-demons nor is struggling against the social system. She just a young girl who likes to dance and the 1923 version allows her to be that character.

Esmeralda Rejecting Frollo Hunchback of Notre Dame Patsy Ruth Miller 1923 picture image

Esmeralda Rejecting Frollo Hunchback of Notre Dame Patsy Ruth Miller 1923

Unlike the Esmeralda of the novel the 1923 version has a bit more backbone and is more realistic. In the book Esmeralda is afraid of Frollo, in the 1923 she seems to ignore him or at most is just indifferent to him. Her behaving this way towards the Frollo character  does make their relationship less dramatic though.

Esmeralda Rejecting Phoebus Hunchback of Notre Dame Patsy Ruth Miller 1923 picture Image

Esmeralda Rejecting Phoebus Hunchback of Notre Dame Patsy Ruth Miller 1923

Also in the book there is no issue for her about Phoebus’ nobility. In the 1923 version Esmeralda does understand the social differences between them and at one point tries to rejects him however she retracts that very quickly. It may seem like a contrived sub-plot but it does add a bit of maturity to her character that we don’t see in the book.


Esmeralda Rejecting Quasimodo Hunchback of Notre Dame Patsy Ruth Miller 1923 picture image

Esmeralda Rejecting Quasimodo Hunchback of Notre Dame Patsy Ruth Miller 1923


Much like novel Esmeralda the 1923 doesn’t have lot of depth her characterization, basically her motivation is love and nothing else. I appreciate that movie kept her character simple and sweet like she is in book, it’s a nice foil to subsequent Esmeraldas who are either more mature or have a cause.


Esmeralda Hunchback of Notre Dame Patsy Ruth Miller 1923 picture image

Esmeralda Hunchback of Notre Dame Patsy Ruth Miller 1923

Next Time-  Jehan a.k.a Not Frollo

Jehan Frollo (Brandon Hurst) Hunchback of Notre Dame 1923 picture image

Jehan Frollo (Brandon Hurst) Hunchback of Notre Dame 1923

Cast Poster of Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame

Cast Poster of Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame


All in all Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame is good movie.  Is it the best Hunchback adaptation? No, but it’s far from the worst. It’s kind of the worst of best and best of worst. I think when it comes down to it  to fully appreciate this movie, just forget everything you know about the original novel. They are two different stories. The best thing about the Disney version is at least it introduced people to the story and gets people to want to read even if it just to find how divergent Disney is from Victor Hugo.




Frollo singing Hellfire Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Frollo singing Hellfire Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame

Xed Gargoyles Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame image picture

Xed out Gargoyles Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame







Another good point is Frollo, who is one the best Disney villain. The worst part are those horrible, insipid gargoyles. They were not funny and they were weak. But at least they are worst part that is associated with Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame. I mean it’s not like they did one of those Direct to DVD sequels with Hunchback. They gave the movie some dignity.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame II 2 Sequel Disney

The Hunchback of Notre Dame II



Damn. they did! Well it is Disney after all….







Next Time – Hunchback of Notre Dame II; The Quest for More Money or as my computer labels it “Tambourine”

A Screenshot of the the Hunchback of Notre Dame II

A Screenshot of the the Hunchback of Notre Dame II