This a Japanese Ad for Notre Dame de Paris.  The World Tour Cast will perform in Tokyo   from Feb 27th to March 17th. THis is the first time the show will be performed in Japan.

The cast mixing in this ad is weird. They play audio of Bruno Pelletier and Garou singing in English and yet they show footage of the 2005 Asian Tour cast. Both Matt Laurent and Richard Charest were in the 2005 Asian Tour and are in the World Tour Cast.  It just seem like false advertising to not showcase the cast that people are paying to see.

The Age of the Cathedrals

The Refugees


Feast of Fools




I find it curious that the encore startes in French then goes to english. I liked that Charest thanks them in Mandarin. ^^ (“thank you” is about the only thing I can say in Mandrian)

The World Tour Trio (Matt Laurent, Robert Marien and Yvan Pedneault) singing Belle to I guess an audience member in Taipei, Taiwan.  I


Is it just me or does it seem like Alessandra Ferrari has the same intonations as Tina Arena? Why do English language Esmeraldas have a tendency to belt even though the music doesn’t warrant it?











This just the beginning and I wasn’t even done with the Asian Tour pictures -_-