Chris Hemsworth as Thor picture image

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Here’s a little factoid about me that you may not know, I’m not a fan of Superhero movies.  They just have never appealed to me. However, a friend made me watch Thor  and I really liked it. I think I liked the blend of Norse mythology in a sci-fi/fantasy context but as a Hunchback fan I enjoy watching Thor’s character arch as it was like Phoebus.

Chris Hemsworth picture image

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is actually a relatively popular choice for a hypothecial cast of Hunchback of Notre Dame as Phoebus. And I have to agree with the popular vote here he’s really is perfect for the role. His look is good and if his performance as Thor is any indication he can play the role of Phoebus with their great smarminess or warmth (pending on the vision of the movie). Either way Chris Hemsworth would make a great Phoebus and he’s currently popular in hollywood so who know it may even happen.

Chris Hemsworth Smiling picture igame

Chris Hemsworth Smiling


What do you think? Do you think Chris Hemsworth would make a good Phoebus or do you think there someone better out there for the role?

Chris Hemsworth as Thor in The Avengers Picture image

Chris Hemsworth as Thor in The Avengers

Denis Lavant in Tuvalu as Anton picture image

Denis Lavant in Tuvalu as Anton

I Saw Tuvalu on a whim and though it was an odd movie but I enjoyed it. Who wouldn’t like a movie that is german expressionism revival about a love triangle sets in a collapsing bathhouse and that is a practically silent film. No seriously as odd as this film is it’s very enjoyable but one thing that struck me while watching it was Denis Lavant, who played the lead. Watching him in Tuvalu convinced me that he would make the perfect Quasimodo.

Denis Lavant picture image

Denis Lavant

Why would he make a perfect Quasimodo? First Lavant has made career on his unique face. A unique face is a plus for a Quasimodo. He’s not just some pretty-boy that put a heap of make-up on. Lavant’s natural roughness would add to Quasimodo’s pathos and make it feel more natural.  Second he has the ability to act without speaking which I think a person playing Quasimodo should have given that Quasimodo is a psychically demanding role.

Denis Lavant picture image

Denis Lavant

In my mind Denis Lavant was born to play Quasimodo. Watch Tuvalu or another one of Denis Lavant’s movies and see if you agree. I recommend watching Tuvalu though to really get a understanding of Lavant’s potent as Quasimodo.

As another possible Frollo choice for a movie version may I present Iain Glen.

Iain Glen picture image

Iain Glen

Iain Glen has been in many British shows and movies and has done stage work. The popular  show he has been in include but are not limited to MI-5 (season 9 as Vaughan Edwards), Doctor Who  (Season 5 as Octavian), Game of Throne (as Ser Jorah Mormont) and Downton Abbey (Season 2 as Sir Richard Carlisle).

Iain Glen as Ser Jorah Mormont from Game of Thrones picture image

Iain Glen as Ser Jorah Mormont from Game of Thrones

Now I have no shame in saying that I’m a fan of Downton Abbey and his role as the as the obsessive and possessive Richard Carlisle indicated to me that he would make a great Frollo. And when I watch Wives and Daughters (he plays Mr. Preston another character who is obsessively in love) it solidify the idea that he would make an awesome Frollo. Also based on his performance in Game of Thrones where he plays a Knight who is protective and secret in love with a much younger girl I really believe he would make an ideal Frollo.

Iain Glen as Sir Richard Carlisle from Downton Abbey picture image

Iain Glen as Sir Richard Carlisle from Downton Abbey

Plus he has the right look and his voice has a low, cold and threatening vibe. Another reason to cast him is like Frollo he has a sex appeal but it’s not because he’s conventionally attractive. He is defiantly a top pick for Frollo (in my mind).

Iain Glen as Vaughn Edwards from MI-5 picture image

Iain Glen as Vaughn Edwards from MI-5

Tell me what you think would Iain Glen make a good Frollo?

Back in November I started a series  of for hypothetical casting for Hunchback musicals or movie.

Erika Marozsan picture image

Erika Marozsan

So for an Esmeralda in a movie, I think Hugarian actress Erika Marozsan would make a good Esmeralda. She has the right look for the role  and she is a decent actress. Though in truth I’ve only seen her in one movie, Gloomy Sunday, but she was great in it(it’s one of my favorites). They only fault that she has is that she a little old for the role, as Esmeralda should be played by someone who can pass for 16 years old, but that’s if you want to adhere closely with the book and let’s face what Hunchback adapation follows the book very closely.

Erika Marozsan in Gloomy Sunday picture image

Erika Marozsan in Gloomy Sunday

Erika Marozsan picture image

Erika Marozsan

Erika Marozsan in Gloomy Sunday picture image

Erika Marozsan in Gloomy Sunday

So I going to start periodically posting hypothetical casting choices for either movies or musicals.

So First off, since there is a new english language cast of Notre Dame de Paris  let’s start there.

The thing about the English version of Notre Dame de Paris is that there are a lot of awkward weird lines and just because someone is a good singer it doesn’t mean that these lines can be delivered naturally. There are very few people in this world that can sing song with truly weird lyrics and sound serious and/or sincere. One singer who can do this well for example is the late Dio, who sang Holy Diver . Now I say in my preface that people could living or dead however this post is not about Dio, it actually about another person who is capable of singing very weird lyrics and makes them seem natural and yet would make well cast in Notre Dame de Paris and that person is David Byrne. David Byrne was the lead singer of the Talking Heads but left to have a solo career.

David Byrne picture image

David Byrne

I only recently became of fan David Byrne when I was introduced to him for potential AMV (anime music video) ideas (Shameless plug- I worked on an amv using  a David Byrne song to Mononoke TV click here to watch, and leave a comment if you like ^_~, the amv is called Dark Interlude).

Lot of his songs are strange out of the ones I have heard I think U.B. Jesus and Speechless are the weirdest (lyrically). So given that he is a great singer who can sing some crazy lines and make them seem normal, I’d cast him as Frollo in Notre Dame de Paris, (He even looks a bit like Daniel Lavoie (the original Frollo))