It’s been a while since I have offered new Merch for my Zazzle store.

The idea behind these designs was inspired by “movie monsters” and Quasimodo dressing up like them for Halloween. It is meant to be cute and silly. There is are Zombie, a Mummy and Dracula/Vampire designs.

Quasimodo as a Zombie

Quasimodo as a Mummy

(the hieroglyphs phonetically spell “Quasimodo” (at least I hope they do) and the irony of latin being depicted in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs is not totally lost on me)

Quasimodo as Dracula or a Vampire

Bonus Vampire Socks

Lastly not for Halloween but a new Keychain using Esmeralda’s color scheme.

Valentine’s Day! It’s either one of the most romantic days of the year, a stressful day that you forgot about till JUST now, or the bane of your existence.

Whatever the day means you go treat yourself with chocolate or any other treat you prefer.

Side note (slightly personal)- I love Galavant, wish it had a third season, it should have gotten a third season. I have seen it twice and I tried to rewatch it back in May 2022 BUT due to circumstances I couldn’t get back into it at that point. Maybe in future but I still love the songs and the vibe.

Here is a throwback from 2013.

A Christmas Cookie I decorated a very long time ago that was a cross-section of that bell from the sequel. I have never been know for my cookie decor game but I had fun.

La Fidel Cookie hunchback sequal
La Fidel Cookie

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Here are Ten Titles for Hallmark Christmas movies that would be either inspired by Hunchback or Hallmark Hunchback of Notre Dame versions with Christmas.

If you have no idea what a Hallmark Christmas Movie is, Congrats. Basically Christmas is magic and great, big city bad, rural countryside good, careers bad, family good, and conventionally attractive white people in front of Christmas trees.

So here are just titles they are meant to be not good or at most amusing. To my knowledge these titles don’t exist yet….*

A Christmas Hunch

A Christmas Bell

A Hunchback for Christmas

The Christmas Goat

Our Lady of Christmas

The Feast of the Fool(ish) Christmas

A Broken Christmas Jug

Jingle Cathedral Bells

Deck the Belfry

Christmas at Notre Dame

* Christmas Belle and A Belle for Christmas are real movies. Christmas Goats are a subject of some movies since the Yule Goat is traditional in Scandinavian and Northern European countries. The Broken Jug is a real movie and Christmas at Notre Dame is the name of an album.

Like most people on the internet I make a lot ranked list content. Not here so much but else yes. I few years ago I did a list of Non-Christmas Movies which is not a new concept and how I’m doing again so this a part 2 of the this list except this one is not ranked and there are only four.

Why four? Because. That is a good enough reason. (I had five but one was already on my OG list and I just wanted this out prior to the Holiday so four)

I had a few parameters for these movies. First they had to some kind of winter aesthetic, had to have something to with family and gifts. However none of these film about about Christmas or or have scenes Christmas.

Some Spoilers

Anastasia (1997)

Anya journey to the past Anastasia picture image

I don’t know about you but when I think about Christmas the music from The Nutcracker comes up as peak Christmas music. And that makes me think of the setting of Anastasia. Add in some snowscape, The Once upon as December song, the necklace motif and reconnecting with family and you could add this to your holiday watch list.

The Chronicles of Narnia; The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (2005)

James Cosmo as Father Christmas and Georgie Henley as Lucy, Narnia

Dumb side story, I love Bob’s Burgers and one of my favorite bits is in the second episode where one of the kids says that Narnia was written by Salman Rushdie. I don’t know what I find that so funny but I do.

So back to Narnia. Giving that Narnia is under a constant winter due to Jadis, The White Witch I think it very much got that winter aesthetic down. The internal drama is about family and Santa a.k.a Father Christmas gives them presents which are very useful.

The Little Princess (1995)

Liesel Mattews as Sarah, The Little Princess
Liesel Matthews as Sarah, The Little Princess

Again we have snow imagery with Sarah spinning in the snow. She gets a locket from her father before he goes off to war. The locket is taken after her father is presumed dead leaving Sarah at the mercy of her boarding School’s Head Mistress. Her friends the locket back for her. And at the end of the movie she reunites with her father and gains an adopted sister.

La Belle et la Bête (2014) or any version you want

Lea Seydoux as Belle La Belle et la Bete 2014 picture image
Lea Seydoux as Belle

Surrounding the Beast’s domain is snow, much like the Disney version. The Beast gifts her items, like in the Disney version and the 1946 version. In this version it’s dresses. There is also a family dynamic at play since she offers herself to the Beast to save her father. Why did I pick this? Seemed logically, really Beauty and the Beast version will work for happy Christmas movie watching. Even the 2017 (or the Christmas mid-quel movie) if you want, it’s not the one I would go for but whatever makes you happy.

Shout out to Three Wishes for Cinderella, I forgot you were on the OG list.

Happy Holidays

SO I’m rather sick…. so Throwback image.

Have a Spooky Autumnal Holiday or Halloween to you all.

Gargoyle celebrating Halloween picture image Hunchback of Notre dame
Gargoyle celebrating Halloween

I photoshopped this back in 2012…..

One of the differences between DisneyWorld and DisneyLand is that DisneyLand carters more to Locals and DisneyWorld carters more for Tourists.

Most of the year this doesn’t mean too many difference in to my knowledge. The exception is Halloween and Christmas. The idea that DisneyWorld has to remain somewhat consistent for all the patrons that visit throughout the year even with the seasonal decor. This isn’t the case for DisneyLand that can really jazz up the decor from year to year and have overlay on certain rides.

This year at DisneyLand’s Halloween Oogie Boogie Bash has the Villains Grove. Which is A REALLY COOL Spooky Walkthrough. It’s a more atmospheric than outright scary with cool lightening, sounds, smells and props. It’s based on Villain inspired vignettes from the movies.

AND THE FIRST ONE IS Frollo’s Sanctuary. Which is actually very pretty. Also it smells like incense.

You can read more about it right here

I just love it when Disney remembers Hunchback and adds it to the park or merch. Though there has been more merch lately and I will write more about that later.

Anyway enjoy this spooky video of the Villains Grove

So you like The Hunchback of Notre Dame enough to dress-up from it for Halloween? But you don’t want to be too on the nose, you want to be weird or clever or just not a “character” from the novel.

Well here is a list for you. A List of Vaguely Hunchback costume ideas that can be as big and crazy as you want or something more last minute.

Also these don’t have to be strictly for Halloween, any costume party would do.

There are ten costume ideas. The are in no order.


A Gargoyle

Notre Dame's Gargoyle picture images
Notre Dame’s Gargoyle

For whatever reason Gargoyles are NOT a popular choice for Halloween and I think that is a darn shame. Not ONLY are the monstrous but they ward off evil spirits. They are also iconic for Hunchback as they a prominent feature of Notre Dame and they are liken to Quasimodo.

A Medieval High Justice

Jehan Frollo (Sir Cedric Hardwicke) 1939 Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image
Jehan Frollo, Sir Cedric Hardwicke 1939 Hunchback of Notre Dame

Basically a costume inspired by Frollo from either the 1939 or Disney version. You could also do the scepter Priest.


Djali Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image
Djali Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame

An Animal costume is classic costume choice. Plus Goats have scary connotations so it works on that level too. If You WANT to make it Book Djali make the horns gold and add some card that spell Phoebus in a pretty script. Disney version add a hoop earring.

Poet Juggler

Gringoire balancing a chair Jetlag version Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image
Gringoire balancing a chair Jetlag version Hunchback of Notre Dame

This one is open to interpretation. Basically inspired by Gringoire. You could opt to make a prop chair to balance in your teeth too.

Printing Press

Richard Harris as Frollo and the Printing Press, 1997 The Hunchback picture image
Richard Harris as Frollo and the Printing Press

A weird out there pick but very creative.

Hennin Princess

Danielle Dumont as Fleur de Lys, 1956 Hunchback of Notre dame picture image
Danielle Dumont as Fleur de Lys, 1956 Hunchback of Notre dame

Inspired by Fleur de Lys but you would be free to choose any color and decoration you want so long as you have the headgear. Though you are free to add Fleur de Lys in you want.

A Knight

Phoebus (Norman Kerry) 1923 Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image
Phoebus (Norman Kerry) 1923 Hunchback of Notre Dame

Inspired by Phoebus. More or less a basic staple idea UNLESS you go Burgundian in style. That would require research. Or you a do a Medieval take on a Roman look which is sort of what Disney did. Or you could just be a very shiny Knight as handsome as the sun.

An Alchemist

Frollo (Alain Cuny) practices alchemy, 1956 The Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image
Frollo (Alain Cuny) practices alchemy, 1956 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Frollo did practice Alchemy in the book. What would an Alchemist wear????? Up to you. Though some wear red jackets with the Flamel cross on the back.

A Stained Glass Window

Notre Dame's South Rose Window picture image
Notre Dame’s South Rose Window

Another Creative pick. This one could be very striking and crazy. You could take inspiration from the Notre Dame Rose Windows or some other motif. This is the one I’d most liked to see done.

A Bell

Quasimodo with a Bell Les Cloches Notre Dame de Paris picture image
Garou as Quasimodo with a bell

And last but not least A Bell. You can’t have Hunchback without a Bell. You could go ONE STEP further and be Belle Bell. Do with that as you will.

Which of these ideas would you pick???? I’m Curious.

Esmeralda Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

It’s Halloween time and that means costumes. Now we all know that Disney’s Esmeralda makes for a great Halloween costume as the components are easy to attain and on their own are very wearable for everyday use. It’s also very recognizable and warm enough for late autumn.

BUT is it the best version of Esmeralda to wear for the spooky season?

Is there a better Esmeralda Costume to wear while you acquire candy?

This is a ranked list of movie versions of Esmeralda’s primary costume that would work as a Halloween costume. It’s not a ranked list of the best costume of Esmeralda from the Hunchback movie adaptations but rather how it works for an average person to go out into the world and get noticed as person dressed like the character Esmeralda.

I will also included tier levels from F-S just for fun. Sorry about not have the graphic but that is more fun in a video format anyway.

There are 8 major movie versions so it’s a list of 8. And this all for fun!

Number #8

The 1999 version Quasimodo d’El Paris

Melanie Thierry as Esmeralda
Melanie Thierry as Esmeralda

It’s a red dress. It’s a pretty red dress but unless you are wearing a wig no one is going to notice this one as a costume. It will just be assumed you are not wearing a costume.

F Tier

Number #7

The 1982 Version

Lesley-Anne Down as Esmeralda, 1982 Hunchback of Notre Dame, picture image
Lesley-Anne Down as Esmeralda, 1982 Hunchback of Notre Dame

It’s not nothing. It does read costume but it’s more akin to a random person who doesn’t go to Ren-Faires’ last minute costume to a Ren-Faire. They tried and want have fun but they are not super into it and then they wore the same thing to a Halloween party.

D Tier

Number #6

The 1977 Version

Michelle Newell as Esmeralda 1977 Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image
Michelle Newell as Esmeralda

You’re going to be confused as Juliet all evening.

D Tier

Number #5

The 1939 Version

Maureen O'Hara as Esmeralda
Maureen O’Hara as Esmeralda

You could see that this is more of an “Esmeralda” but only if you were told. Otherwise Ren-faire plus some pointed jewelry that indicates the character. Side note one COULD make it more of “costume” by going grayscale with the colors or you could pick your own colors but I just will say that the original design was red corset and blue skirt.

C Tier

Number #4

The 1923 Version

Patsy Ruth Miller as Esmeralda 1923 Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image
Patsy Ruth Miller as Esmeralda 1923 Hunchback of Notre Dame

Because of the whole 1920s interpretation in the look it skews less Ren-Faire and more “fancy dress party” which is basically Halloween. Would people look at this costume and say “Esmeralda?” Probably not but it works for a Halloween event. Plus you can do whatever you want for the colors or lean into the grayscale angle, like with the 1939 version.

B Tier

Number #3

The 1997 Version

Salma Hayek as Esmeralda, 1997 Hunchback of Notre Dame
Salma Hayek as Esmeralda, 1997 Hunchback of Notre Dame

I know I have been dismissive of “Ren-Faire” costumes but this one is just enough where it looks like you didn’t just throw on a costume you had that you got randomly. It looks like some thought went into it. It could the colors or the dye job on the fabric but something more went into it.

B Tier

Heading #2

The 1956 Version

Gina Lollobrigida as Esmeralda, 1956 Hunchback of Notre Dame , picture image
Gina Lollobrigida as Esmeralda, 1956 Hunchback of Notre Dame

Like the 1923 version, the period specific interpretation, 1950s in this case, helps adds to the costume concept. Does it fully say Esmeralda? Maybe not but it’s fun and would serve you well at Halloween party plus the Sexy vibe does help.

A Tier

Number #1


Esmeralda Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image
Disney Esmeralda Hunchback of Notre Dame

Yeah don’t pretend you didn’t see this coming either. It just works the best. It’s the Esmeralda we all know and the one that comes into our minds first. Helps that it’s Disney. Everyone will know right away who you are. No need to ask. They know.

S Tier

Now for some shameless self promotion. If you are planning on doing A Disney Esmeralda Costume for Halloween you can click here for some help on what you can get off of Amazon or maybe you’re going for the 1956 version you can click here to see what you can get off amazon

Well it’s Valentine’s Day. For many it’s a day about love. So to celebrate love this year we have a list of Disney romantic couples.

But not just any romantic couples, that would be boring, these couples are ones that ranking lists forget about. The underrated ones. The ones you would typically not see on a top ten list. Sorry Belle & Beast, sorry Aladdin & Jasmine, sorry Rapunzel and Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert, you guys are just too popular and beloved for this list.

For this list the couples had to be in some kind of romantic relationship whether it’s flirty, established or youthful. Some form of perceived romance or maybe just commitment is needed. Also this just theatrical animated Disney movies, no live-action, shows or Pixar.

These are in no order but there are 10 of them so that’s something. The numbers don’t matter there is no order.

Enjoy or don’t. You do you.

10. Pacha and Chicha from The Emperor’s New Groove

Pacha and Chicha from Emperor New Groove picture image
Pacha & Chicha from The Emperor New Groove

While the real highlight of The Emperor’s New Groove is Yzma and Kronk, Pacha and Chicha have such a great dynamic. Their love is wonderfully communicated in any second of screen time they have together, which is not a lot. I believe them as a married couple who loves and respect each other.

9. Roger and Anita from 101 Dalmatians

Roger and Anita from 101 Dalmatians picture image
Roger & Anita from 101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians is about the dogs but Roger and Anita are very cute. They do fight a little but they never linger on it for long. Plus their meeting in the park orchestrated by Pongo is iconic.

8. Mufasa and Sarabi from The Lion King

Mufasa and Sarabi from The Lion King picture image
Mufasa & Sarabi from The Lion King

Another couple with a woefully low amount of screen time but you can feel the love. Also they had cute banter when their son was trying to wake them up. Classic

7. The Pegasus from Fantasia

The Pegasi or Pegasus from Fantasia picture image
The Pegasi or Pegasus from Fantasia

Ok, this is a cheat, I know. These are not character but child-me loved them and loved this part Fantasia. So what is so great about this duo with their babies? Right off they are cute family unit. Second they are beautifully in sync with each other as they soar through the clouds. Lastly given how they fold their wings when they are in water, they resemble swans so they most likely mate for life which is very romantic.

Fun fact – Their son with the black and white coloration is named Peter.

6. Esmeralda and Phoebus from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Esmeralda and Phoebus from The Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image
Esmeralda & Phoebus from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Let’s face in the Disney version of Hunchback Phoebus and Esmeralda were made for each. From their joint introductory scene there was an obvious flirtation that turned into mutual respect and love. Maybe if the film had given them their love song they would be more popular.

5. Jim Dear and Darling from Lady and the Tramp

Jim Dear and Darling from Lady and the Tramp picture image
Jim Dear & Darling from Lady and the Tramp

You’re not watching Lady and the Tramp for the humans, you’re watching for the dogs and that is fine. Dogs are better than people, it’s just a fact. However as far as humans go, Jim Dear and Darling are sweet together. I mean he gives her a cute little puppy, that is a good human right there.

4. Pepa and Felix from Encanto

Pepa and Felix from Encanto picture image
Pepa & Felix from Encanto

Ok, ok, ok this is probably a cheat since I doubt these two are actually underrated even at this point. But they are not on any Buzzfeed top Disney couple lists so it counts. Right?

Anyway Pepa and Felix are so great together. She is an emotional basket-case (relatable) and Felix is a calming influence without ever trying to tell her to calm down or dismiss her negative emotions. Which is very healthy for mental health. I love these two.

3. Robin and Maid Marian from Robin Hood

Robin Hood and Maid Marian picture image
Robin Hood & Maid Marian

Are these two not just the cutest? They were childhood sweethearts who are still into each other. They have great flirty banter during a fight with some pesky guards. They are just all around lovely together.

2. The Queen of Hearts and the King from Alice in Wonderland

The Queen of Heart & the King from Alice and Wonderland picture image
The Queen of Heart & the King from Alice and Wonderland

The Queen of Hearts is mad like everyone else in Wonderland, it’s their thing. Yelling and demanding that heads will roll but The Queen is surprising chill with the King. And the King knows how to deal with her. All in all it’s a good working relationship though he does seems more like her puppy than her husband but he doesn’t seem to have much of an ego so it’s all good.

1.Hyacinth Hippo and Ben Ali Gator from Fantasia

Hyacinth Hippo and Ben Ali Gator from Fantasia picture image
Hyacinth Hippo & Ben Ali Gator from Fantasia

Did you know these two had names? Because they do.

Their love story is more one of infatuation, of flirtation. Hyacinth Hippo is more coquettish while Ben Ali Gator is more lovestruck. Together they are adorable and iconic as they bring down the house, to end that segment. of the movie

Which one of these lovely couples is your personal favorite? Second favorite? Or even your third favorite?