Vamp Vampire Esmeralda Halloween 2018 picture image

Vamp Esmeralda

Happy Halloween.

This was made using Azalea Dolls. Haven’t done one these posts in while and tried to go for a “spooky” Vampire Esmeralda.

Quasimodo  Ornament picture image

Quasimodo Ornament

The Hunchblog own’s Quasimodo design on an xmas ornament. On the back it says “Have your a Quasi Little Christmas.”

You can get it here

4th of July Esmeralda Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame

Happy 4th of July

This is a re-post but the message is still the same, Happy 4th of July even if you’re not an American you can still have a Happy 4th of July since it’s just a date ^_~.

I need to work on my photoshop skills.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

I hope 2017 won’t be total shit.

It’s Christmas time! A great thing to get for yourself or as gift are ornaments. Disney puts out a lot of ornaments and Hunchback has gotten a few, won’t say a lot. I do like this one because it depicts a nice scene from the movie  and has a nice sense of togetherness which just sums up the Holiday times.

Disney Quasimodo and Esmeralda Christmas ornament Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Quasimodo and Esmeralda Christmas ornament


However maybe you’re not in the market for a Hunchback ornament. Don’t worry there are plenty and I do mean plenty of other Disney Holiday ornament for you.  These are really just a few, there are so very, very many. This isn’t like a list or anything just a super minimal sampling.

2016 Disney Ornament  picture image

2016 Disney Ornament


I like how simple and to the point this one it. It’s classic Disney yet fun and simple.


Eeyore Ornament picture image

Eeyore Ornament


I admit it, I have a soft spot for Eeyore. I like how he is tangled in lights.


Elsa, Anna, Olaf Ornament Frozen picture image

Elsa, Anna, Olaf Ornament

I love how wintery this one is plus it has that feeling of togetherness that Hunchback one also has.

Moana Ornament picture image

Moana Ornament

The Newest Princess.


Also if your if more Holiday crazy and ornament are too basic for you there is this Disney Christmas insanity,

Disney Tabletop Christmas Tree picture image

Disney Tabletop Christmas Tree

This is for serious Disney/ Christmas fans!





Instead of trying to find items that reflect Hunchback characters’ style like I have done in the past, like watches one from three years ago, this year I’m going to feature one cool Hunchback  item from Amazon.

This year is a Quasimodo phone case.

Quasimodo Phone Case picture image

Quasimodo Phone Case


I really like the design. I love Quasimodo as a negative silhouette against Notre Dame. Really it’s a pretty perfect design. Also just on a personal level, I like green and gold as a color combo.

DTV Monster Hits was a big thing in my childhood, my family recorded it on VHS (oh yeah) and I used to watch it a lot. Sadly this is pre-Disney Renassiance so no Hunchback but it defiantly a call back to 1980’s sentiments where you could scare child so long as it ended happily. I do prefer Disney being scary than sweet Princess stories but what can you do, I’m not an executive at Disney (Hire me Disney, we can make a scary Princess!)

Just click the picture below to watch the special (only only I could share it.)

DTV Monster Hits picture image

DTV Monster Hits

So this is basically Disney music videos with spooky songs. There  a few other things that are creepy and Halloween-ish, like the Evil Queen’s magic mirror and Witch Hazel. Also just to date this special, it has a preview of the newest movie at the time which was the The Great Mouse Detective, which was a fun movie!  The special  a great blend of old-school Dinsey charm and spooky creepy stuff.  I think my favorites of the music videos are Bad Moon Rising (not my typical style of music), Sweet Dreams, Monster Mash, Somebody’s watching, Better Run and Heffalumps & Woozles just to name a few. I really do love this special.

Happy Halloween!


Well this has been a thing for the last few years so why stop now?

Quasimodo – Start Online Dating.
Esmeralda – Start a Youtube Channel dedicated to dancing, being wonderful, and all things pretty.
Frollo – Stalk her more through Social Media!
Phoebus – Join Tinder,
Gringoire – Start a VlOG channel dedicate to my genius and poetic proses!
Clopin –  Start an Internet Scams.
Fleur de Lys – Start a Youtube Channel  about how to be fashionable, graceful and the classiest way to break up with men who are scum.
Jehan – Learn how to get money with no work or effort.
Djali –  Learn Python.
Sister Gudule –  Post more pictures of my baby on Facebook.
Notre Dame –  Join Myspace



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