Broken Lizard's Quasi

About a year ago, in November 2021 it was announced that Broken Lizard was making a satirical take on Hunchback. The Film was dubbed Quasi.

Now if you are like me and I know you are, you keep up with all things Hunchback. From news of the adaptions and so on. For about the last decade there has been eight or so announcements on new Hunchback Tv/Film projects. The Broken Lizard one was the last one and so far the only one to get a release date.

Quasi hits Hulu (US) on April 20th 2023. It will be on other streaming platforms for other countries so no worries. There are also actors listed but no roles given. Like I can guess who is playing Esmeralda (or a character like Esmeralda) but I don’t know for sure.

So in 5 months I better know what that axe means in the logo because I’m puzzled. Mayhaps I need to read the novel again because axe iconography is not something I recall. Bells, sure, gargoyles, hell yeah, cathedral stuff, yup, gallows, a bit bleak but yes, even fire I get but an axe? No.

Also what is a little maddening, at least for me, is that the last film adaptation of Hunchback to come out a little over 20 years was a parody. In the interim between versions nothing and now two comedic takes back to back even with a 20+ year gap. Kinda odd.

So Quasi will be the next Hunchback film version to get released since the 90s.

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Site Update- I’m sorry I haven’t done a Magical Adventure post in a while time just gets away from me but I do mean to finish it I just don’t know when. I’m remorseful that it taking me so long. I have no excuses though.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame High

A Hunchback Reference from Hulu’s new show Reboot.

Apparently this is straight-to-video movie that I wish was real. I love that they use the Gargoyle shot.

So QUESTIONS. Does this take place at the Paris Landmark which would explain the setting? But he has a football? Or is he a transfer student???? I mean that could work….. but I’m very confused. And since this a two second gag I bet no one put too much thought into the fake plot of a fake movie. They just wanted it to be ridiculous and silly and that it is.

Just know that I appreciate this.

SO I’m rather sick…. so Throwback image.

Have a Spooky Autumnal Holiday or Halloween to you all.

Gargoyle celebrating Halloween picture image Hunchback of Notre dame
Gargoyle celebrating Halloween

I photoshopped this back in 2012…..

One of the differences between DisneyWorld and DisneyLand is that DisneyLand carters more to Locals and DisneyWorld carters more for Tourists.

Most of the year this doesn’t mean too many difference in to my knowledge. The exception is Halloween and Christmas. The idea that DisneyWorld has to remain somewhat consistent for all the patrons that visit throughout the year even with the seasonal decor. This isn’t the case for DisneyLand that can really jazz up the decor from year to year and have overlay on certain rides.

This year at DisneyLand’s Halloween Oogie Boogie Bash has the Villains Grove. Which is A REALLY COOL Spooky Walkthrough. It’s a more atmospheric than outright scary with cool lightening, sounds, smells and props. It’s based on Villain inspired vignettes from the movies.

AND THE FIRST ONE IS Frollo’s Sanctuary. Which is actually very pretty. Also it smells like incense.

You can read more about it right here

I just love it when Disney remembers Hunchback and adds it to the park or merch. Though there has been more merch lately and I will write more about that later.

Anyway enjoy this spooky video of the Villains Grove

So you like The Hunchback of Notre Dame enough to dress-up from it for Halloween? But you don’t want to be too on the nose, you want to be weird or clever or just not a “character” from the novel.

Well here is a list for you. A List of Vaguely Hunchback costume ideas that can be as big and crazy as you want or something more last minute.

Also these don’t have to be strictly for Halloween, any costume party would do.

There are ten costume ideas. The are in no order.


A Gargoyle

Notre Dame's Gargoyle picture images
Notre Dame’s Gargoyle

For whatever reason Gargoyles are NOT a popular choice for Halloween and I think that is a darn shame. Not ONLY are the monstrous but they ward off evil spirits. They are also iconic for Hunchback as they a prominent feature of Notre Dame and they are liken to Quasimodo.

A Medieval High Justice

Jehan Frollo (Sir Cedric Hardwicke) 1939 Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image
Jehan Frollo, Sir Cedric Hardwicke 1939 Hunchback of Notre Dame

Basically a costume inspired by Frollo from either the 1939 or Disney version. You could also do the scepter Priest.


Djali Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image
Djali Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame

An Animal costume is classic costume choice. Plus Goats have scary connotations so it works on that level too. If You WANT to make it Book Djali make the horns gold and add some card that spell Phoebus in a pretty script. Disney version add a hoop earring.

Poet Juggler

Gringoire balancing a chair Jetlag version Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image
Gringoire balancing a chair Jetlag version Hunchback of Notre Dame

This one is open to interpretation. Basically inspired by Gringoire. You could opt to make a prop chair to balance in your teeth too.

Printing Press

Richard Harris as Frollo and the Printing Press, 1997 The Hunchback picture image
Richard Harris as Frollo and the Printing Press

A weird out there pick but very creative.

Hennin Princess

Danielle Dumont as Fleur de Lys, 1956 Hunchback of Notre dame picture image
Danielle Dumont as Fleur de Lys, 1956 Hunchback of Notre dame

Inspired by Fleur de Lys but you would be free to choose any color and decoration you want so long as you have the headgear. Though you are free to add Fleur de Lys in you want.

A Knight

Phoebus (Norman Kerry) 1923 Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image
Phoebus (Norman Kerry) 1923 Hunchback of Notre Dame

Inspired by Phoebus. More or less a basic staple idea UNLESS you go Burgundian in style. That would require research. Or you a do a Medieval take on a Roman look which is sort of what Disney did. Or you could just be a very shiny Knight as handsome as the sun.

An Alchemist

Frollo (Alain Cuny) practices alchemy, 1956 The Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image
Frollo (Alain Cuny) practices alchemy, 1956 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Frollo did practice Alchemy in the book. What would an Alchemist wear????? Up to you. Though some wear red jackets with the Flamel cross on the back.

A Stained Glass Window

Notre Dame's South Rose Window picture image
Notre Dame’s South Rose Window

Another Creative pick. This one could be very striking and crazy. You could take inspiration from the Notre Dame Rose Windows or some other motif. This is the one I’d most liked to see done.

A Bell

Quasimodo with a Bell Les Cloches Notre Dame de Paris picture image
Garou as Quasimodo with a bell

And last but not least A Bell. You can’t have Hunchback without a Bell. You could go ONE STEP further and be Belle Bell. Do with that as you will.

Which of these ideas would you pick???? I’m Curious.

Esmeralda Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

It’s Halloween time and that means costumes. Now we all know that Disney’s Esmeralda makes for a great Halloween costume as the components are easy to attain and on their own are very wearable for everyday use. It’s also very recognizable and warm enough for late autumn.

BUT is it the best version of Esmeralda to wear for the spooky season?

Is there a better Esmeralda Costume to wear while you acquire candy?

This is a ranked list of movie versions of Esmeralda’s primary costume that would work as a Halloween costume. It’s not a ranked list of the best costume of Esmeralda from the Hunchback movie adaptations but rather how it works for an average person to go out into the world and get noticed as person dressed like the character Esmeralda.

I will also included tier levels from F-S just for fun. Sorry about not have the graphic but that is more fun in a video format anyway.

There are 8 major movie versions so it’s a list of 8. And this all for fun!

Number #8

The 1999 version Quasimodo d’El Paris

Melanie Thierry as Esmeralda
Melanie Thierry as Esmeralda

It’s a red dress. It’s a pretty red dress but unless you are wearing a wig no one is going to notice this one as a costume. It will just be assumed you are not wearing a costume.

F Tier

Number #7

The 1982 Version

Lesley-Anne Down as Esmeralda, 1982 Hunchback of Notre Dame, picture image
Lesley-Anne Down as Esmeralda, 1982 Hunchback of Notre Dame

It’s not nothing. It does read costume but it’s more akin to a random person who doesn’t go to Ren-Faires’ last minute costume to a Ren-Faire. They tried and want have fun but they are not super into it and then they wore the same thing to a Halloween party.

D Tier

Number #6

The 1977 Version

Michelle Newell as Esmeralda 1977 Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image
Michelle Newell as Esmeralda

You’re going to be confused as Juliet all evening.

D Tier

Number #5

The 1939 Version

Maureen O'Hara as Esmeralda
Maureen O’Hara as Esmeralda

You could see that this is more of an “Esmeralda” but only if you were told. Otherwise Ren-faire plus some pointed jewelry that indicates the character. Side note one COULD make it more of “costume” by going grayscale with the colors or you could pick your own colors but I just will say that the original design was red corset and blue skirt.

C Tier

Number #4

The 1923 Version

Patsy Ruth Miller as Esmeralda 1923 Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image
Patsy Ruth Miller as Esmeralda 1923 Hunchback of Notre Dame

Because of the whole 1920s interpretation in the look it skews less Ren-Faire and more “fancy dress party” which is basically Halloween. Would people look at this costume and say “Esmeralda?” Probably not but it works for a Halloween event. Plus you can do whatever you want for the colors or lean into the grayscale angle, like with the 1939 version.

B Tier

Number #3

The 1997 Version

Salma Hayek as Esmeralda, 1997 Hunchback of Notre Dame
Salma Hayek as Esmeralda, 1997 Hunchback of Notre Dame

I know I have been dismissive of “Ren-Faire” costumes but this one is just enough where it looks like you didn’t just throw on a costume you had that you got randomly. It looks like some thought went into it. It could the colors or the dye job on the fabric but something more went into it.

B Tier

Heading #2

The 1956 Version

Gina Lollobrigida as Esmeralda, 1956 Hunchback of Notre Dame , picture image
Gina Lollobrigida as Esmeralda, 1956 Hunchback of Notre Dame

Like the 1923 version, the period specific interpretation, 1950s in this case, helps adds to the costume concept. Does it fully say Esmeralda? Maybe not but it’s fun and would serve you well at Halloween party plus the Sexy vibe does help.

A Tier

Number #1


Esmeralda Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image
Disney Esmeralda Hunchback of Notre Dame

Yeah don’t pretend you didn’t see this coming either. It just works the best. It’s the Esmeralda we all know and the one that comes into our minds first. Helps that it’s Disney. Everyone will know right away who you are. No need to ask. They know.

S Tier

Now for some shameless self promotion. If you are planning on doing A Disney Esmeralda Costume for Halloween you can click here for some help on what you can get off of Amazon or maybe you’re going for the 1956 version you can click here to see what you can get off amazon

This review was written by Leslie Sattler. All Credit goes to her.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame - A Dramatic Musical picture omage
The Hunchback of Notre Dame – A Dramatic Musical photo taken by Leslie Sattler

Whenever I purchase tickets to a new musical, I do so with one hope: that the production is either very, very good (translation: entertaining) or very, very bad (translation: even more entertaining). “The Hunchback of Notre Dame: A Dramatic Musical” didn’t quite fulfill that hope, but my experience at Manhattan’s 30th Street Theater on September 17 thoroughly engaged me all the same.

I consider Victor Hugo’s 1831 novel “Notre Dame de Paris” to be a favorite of mine, and so does composer/lyricist/book writer John Taylor Thomas — not to be confused with actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas of “The Lion King” fame. A regular adapter of classic literature (“Jane Eyre,” “Pride and Prejudice”), Thomas heralds the “moving story of the novel” in a BroadwayWorld plot summary, and boasts that his musical adaptation “restores the tragic yet poignant ending of the original narrative” in a way “the present Menken Disney version” does not. Truly, save for the addition of one original character, the slavish faithfulness of Taylor’s “Hunchback” will make Hugo aficionados grin, as it heavily features minor characters (Fleur’s mother, Charmouloue, and Coppenolle, to name a few) included in very few adaptations.

However, I question Taylor’s disregard for the “show, don’t tell” adage. Many of the musical’s most important scenes, such as Quasimodo’s whipping, Frollo’s death, and Quasimodo’s rescue of Esmeralda, are narrated against a totally bare stage by Pierre Gringoire (James Parks), who is the protagonist in the first half of the musical and, bizarrely, the narrator in the second. Additionally, the titular character of Quasimodo (Frank Basile) appears in only four scenes of this 150-minute musical. (For those unfamiliar with the musical theatre world, 150 minutes is pushing “Hamilton” length.) He and Frollo (Fredrick Redd), whose master-servant relationship is fundamental to the story, interact for the first time in the middle of the second act, and then never again.

As a book writer, Taylor’s omissions make this “Hunchback” inaccessible to those unfamiliar with the source material. Newcomers will have no idea what parts of the story are important, and neither, in my opinion, does Taylor.

As a composer, meanwhile, Taylor knows how to make an audience smile, filling “Hunchback” with addictingly hummable diddies from beginning to end. His lyrics are simple and digestible, though his rhymes are predictably uninspired, except when he takes influence from “Sweeney Todd.” (You just can’t begin a baritone aria with the line “These are my friends” after 1979.)

In terms of production value, those expecting anything beyond a pleasant, well-sung work of community theatre will walk away disappointed, unless they focus on a few standout performances. Mikaelah O’Connor (Fleur-de-Lys) is a phenomenally convincing actress with an impressive understanding of Fleur’s motivations; Frank Basile is a heartbreaking and sympathetic Quasimodo who masterfully balances demeanors of violence and tenderness. While Fredrick Redd is very plainly a singer first and an actor second, he is a fine Frollo. His first act’s solo was the highlight of my viewing experience.

Overall, Hugo veterans will get a kick out of Taylor’s “Hunchback” if they enter the theater with a sizable grain of salt. Newbies would do best to save the eighty bucks and start with Disney’s adaptation instead. I commend Taylor for sinking his claws into this beast of a novel — I’ll be first in line to view his second draft.
Leslie Sattler is an editor and culture columnist. She has a degree from NYU. @LeslieASattler

Here is my super off the cuff Tepid Reactions or Tepid Takes to the some new stuff from Disney

Let’s start with the newest remake on the block, Pinocchio. Groans Apparently there is also new Pinocchio this year including a Paul Shore movie, a dark looking video and the upcoming stop motion Del Toro version. I half think Disney rushed this to get ahead of Del Toro’s

Now personally I only ever saw the 1940 Pinocchio once in school when I was a kid. I never liked it. I like Figaro and Monstro end of list. So this was always going to be super pass for me. I’ve seen reviews on this and they do not recommend it. So yeah skip it do anything else with your time, you can never get your time back. (The video is from a reviewer who saw the movie I just didn’t want to post the trailer or get picture)

Did Once upon a time do the live action thing better? Remember Pinocchio was a big part of the first season. In fact he is the reason why the story happens the way it does…..

The Little mermaid teaser trailer. The ONLY issue I have is the lighting. It’s dark. Why? Because it’s a teaser trailer and the effects are not done. It could why her tail is super da glow but everything is not because Ariel tail color is like a point pride. I think I read that somewhere.

Ultimately I do not care who Disney casts, I really do not. No one cared with Once upon time when they did the same thing. The trouble is did Once do these live action remakes better??? I think they did……

I will save judgment for a full trailer.

The Enchanted sequel trailer….. sort of liked it no lies. Probably will watch when it comes out. Do I think it will be the best movie of 2022? No probably not but I doubt it will be the worst and that is at least something.

I’m most liking missing stuff. I know there was Star wars news. I know there was a news piece that the Hunchback version is still in the works. Which good or terrible is fine for me. THOUGH it would be interesting how the studio could make it worse. Can one make the gargoyles worse? Yes. Or could they create something far worse than the gargoyles? Yes.

I do think that since Hunchback is a lesser movie in the studio’s option because of money that they will just leave the production to it own thing which could result in a better end production. OR the executives could meddle as means of over correcting giving us something very bad. We shall see when ever this movie comes out with some pictures or a rushed teaser trailer to show investors or the D23 crowd.

Episode 9: Trapped

Quasimodo and Esmeralda with an orphan, The Magical Adventures of Quasimodo Episode 9
Quasimodo and Esmeralda with an orphan, The Magical Adventures of Quasimodo Episode 9

This episode is about orphans and a one-starred reviewed inn.  

While hanging out with some orphans, the landlord comes to collect the rent which the lady in charge doesn’t have, because of course she doesn’t. Quasimodo informs the landlord that the chest is on its way by the way of Dennis and François. However the gold is stolen when the duo stopped to rest at a shady inn.

So it’s up to our Gang of Pals to get the gold and save the orphans from certain eviction. And they have to get it back before a notorious highwayman can find it at the same inn. 

Turns out the cruel inn keeper, Rasperin (I think that is his name) took it and is mean to orphans  AND his inn is booty-trapped and that is not even the biggest problem with this place either. I mean at least the trap doors function which is more than you can say for the bridge to get to the inn. Anyway, it turns out the highwayman has some morals and would never steal from orphans. However the orphans crew trapped Esmeralda and François along with the highwayman in some hold that is flooding and the innkeeper tells the orphans to let them die.  Remember he is a real meany. 

The orphans team up with Quasimodo to save them and then they get the gold and leave their bad overlord who is mean and we hate him and now they can be orphans somewhere nicer, hooray. 

The gold is then used to build a nicer orphanage because the landlord was mean and greedy and we hate him too.

All in all not the best episode but then again my boy Cartoonishly Evil Magician Frollo-type wasn’t in it. There seems to be three main types of episodes in this show one is Frollo magical shenanigans, the second is Quasimodo’s family quest and finally the greedy types steal which hurts the innocent. There are some overlaps like in episode 7 when the thieves threatens France by threatening France/the King seems another thing this show likes to do to up the stakes. But the common thread in every single episode is that Quasimodo is awesome. This time he is awesome to orphans.   

I do appreciate the Lon Chaney reference, Dennis says the highwayman is a man of a thousand faces.  It something so I will take it.

Also I think Esmeralda like-likes Quasimodo. Is very cute.   

Quasimodo, Esmeralda, François, The Magical Adventures of Quasimodo Episode 10
Quasimodo, Esmeralda, François, The Magical Adventures of Quasimodo Episode 10

Episode 10: Dragon Rock

Well, Cartoonishly Evil Magician Frollo-type is back. 

In this episode the Gang of Pals is doing some charity work for an impoverished village where Esmeralda used to live. Consequently, a guy from there named Carlos has a crush on her. When the gang gets there it seems that the village doesn’t need charity because of “The Generous one’ who lavishes gifts on the villagers and asks for nothing in return, yet.

Of course it’s Frollo who has a masterplan and part of it is to ensnare the village with stuff. Greed and being selfish is bad, that is the lesson of the day. 

So what is Frollo’s plan? His plan is to build a fortress that is hidden in the stony hills and arm it well enough to destroy all his enemies and to roll in gold from the royal treasury. However he is still at the groundbreaking stage so he needs his Mountain Smasher which is exactly what it sounds like. So he smashes the mountain causing water from an underground lake  to pour towards the village. 

Carlos learns that being a selfish underling is bad and helps the gang. They trick Frollo and get him to smash the mountain that causes the water to get redirected toward his lair. Frollo orders the water to stop but it doesn’t work. 

In the end the village uses the water for their farms thus solving their issues with being impoverished. 

Frollo is very confusing. He wants power and money and he wants  to get it through  strength of arms and yet he invented a machine better than dynamite.  A few episodes ago he had no issues with Da Vinci’s toy machine for this purpose but now he wants to get through a weird long game plan. Oh well, he does get some funny villain lines. 

It seems mean-spirited to make digs at all the weird little things so yeah they are there and shugs. I suppose cactuses in France and the superpowers of the Traveler’s horses and wagons are all part of the charm of the show.  

Also I kind of  wish Azarof’s name was Azaruff, bad joke sorry.

Frollo and Azarof, The Magical Adventures of Quasimodo Episode 10
Frollo and Azarof, The Magical Adventures of Quasimodo Episode 10
Notre Dame de Paris July 2022 New York City Lincoln Center picture image
Notre Dame de Paris July 2022 New York City Lincoln Center

As a Christmas present in 2020 I was given tickets to see Notre Dame de Paris in New York City July 2022. So I had a long time to get hyped. The tickets were for the Saturday afternoon show on the 16th. In theory I could have gone to Canada to see the show but New York City is closer to me despite the fact that I had only been once prior as child. So in the future if the show never returns to NYC I could go to a performance across the border but who knows maybe it will return someday. It’s so weird to me that this the only second time it’s been performed in the states. The Second and the first time in the Big Apple. Then again a lot of shows have never been performed in the States.

David Koch Theater Lobby before Notre Dame de Paris picture image
David Koch Theater Lobby before the show

So this was first my time seeing the show live. I had always thought that if I was going to see the show in the States that it would be in English and I was ok with that. So I was happy to learn back when it was first announced that it was going to be in French.

David Koch Theater Lobby before Notre Dame de Paris picture image
Photo-op in the David Koch Theater Lobby before Notre Dame de Paris

One thing that was a little weird/interesting was that in the lobby there was large photos from the show and mostly it was from the current revival cast, pretty sure, except there was one of Lola Ponce who played Esmeralda in the first Italian cast and is currently reprising her role. Not sure why they had that photo at Koch theatre unless they thought it was just a good photo op. It just stood out to me.

The stage at David Koch Theater before Notre Dame de Paris picture image
The stage at David Koch Theater before Notre Dame de Paris

So how was it? It was great. 10 out 10 I would see it live again. Was it so different seeing it live than seeing it in the pro-shot or recordings as I have for years? I’m not really sure. I did like that could look around the stage and see interactions that I would typically miss especially with the pro-shot. Like entrances and exits or what other performers are doing when the focus isn’t on them. I also just liked being in the space with a crowd watching the show.

Also I didn’t know the show used a haze effect so I learned something new. There were also changes to the show that didn’t know like that “Val de Amour” got toned down. I don’t typically rewatch that number so I didn’t know about the changes, it’s not as racy as the pro-shot or the Italian version pro-shot. There are also little things with blocking noticed but I won’t go into specifics.

This is not my recording. I’m miserable at getting pictures as I just never think to get them in the moment. But this recoding of the curtain call is from the performance I attended. Also my seat was up in the 4th ring so I was very high up so it might have been it might good have been a good shot any way but I did unobstructed view because I was in row 1 so I could see whole stage.

If I ever see show again I will try to get a picture from the curtain call. Also also at points in the show spotlights sweep over the audience and one at the end of “Vivre” went pretty much into my eyes and probably everyone else in my area too.

My Notre Dame de Paris haul picture image
My Notre Dame de Paris haul

Also of course there was merch. The merch included shirts, a mug, a tote, a poster, a keychain and a book. There could have been more but those items are what I remember.

At first I was like “Nah I don’t need stuff.” Then by intermission I decided to get the book and then like two minutes after that I impulsively got the Belle shirt. I sort of regret not getting the tote bag but I thought it was a little small for my purposes. Whatever. It’s fine.

Has seeing the show rekindled my interested in the show? A little bit yeah.