Josh Brolin Interview for Men in Black picture image

Josh Brolin Interview for Men in Black

A little over a year ago, like in early August of 2013, we were given the last bit of information regarding the Josh Brolin version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Quasimodo. Which was that Hero director, Yimou Zhang was going to direct.

In 2012, we were told by Brolin, that the movie was going to be “jazzy,” as in fun.

And in 2011,  the movie was announced with Brolin starring as Quasimodo.

In three years, we know a mere three things about this movie and there doesn’t seem to be any new public developments on the horizon, at least at the time I’m posting this.

It drives me crazy, to tease the public especially when the information presented seems to a be clutter fuck of genres to a story that is considered a literally classic. I mean we have Brolin who is like a dramatic actor mixed with what seems to be a Jazzy action-adventure, with a director known for dramatic actions movies.

I mean is this even going to happen? Was Brolin announcing the project an attempt to drum up public interest? Or is this in development hell? Since Brolin announced this in 2011 he has worked on ten other movies, two are in post-production, one is filming and one is in pre-production.  Zhang has worked on one since his involvement was annouced in 2013.

I just find it so irritating, three years and he have one actor, a director and a jazzy script (never letting that go, ever). That 2007 Hunchback movie, that I wrote about a few weeks ago (read here), that one didn’t even happen and they at least had a full cast.

You know what Fuck it! I don’t think this movie going to happen. Brolin can prove me wrong but I’m tired of hoping for new information. Watch the next bit of information be from Brolin while promoting another movie saying it’s “edgy.”    I guess another actor can come along and  play Quasimodo, because Quasimodo is sweet, sweet Oscar bait.

I come across this poll on Imdb called Monsters in Love. Among the monsters is our pal Quasimodo.  The picture they used for him is from Hotel Transylvania. Before I continue I just want to say, I don’t hate Hotel Transylvania I just hated Quasimodo’s depiction in it.

Hotel Transylvania picture image

Hotel Transylvania

That being said I’m not bothered enough that they used Hotel Transylvania’s Quasimodo to make a post on it, I’m bother that the picture they use has Jonathan right in the middle and Quasimodo off to the side of the image.

Not-Quasimodo Wilson, Jonathan the Human and Adam Sandler Hotel Transylvania picture image

Not-Quasimodo Wilson, Jonathan the Human and Adam Sandler Hotel Transylvania

Above is the picture that was used  for Quasimodo.  Except they used a tiny thumbnail  which cuts off Quasimodo a little past the ear. All the other monster got a clear shot. Why not Quasimodo?

Lon Chaney as the Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image Quasimodo

Lon Chaney as the Hunchback of Notre Dame


Not sure why they didn’t go for the Lon Chaney version or Laughton?  Chaney would have been perfect as the 1923 version started the monster movie trend.

Plus Quasimodo in Hotel Transylvania wasn’t even in love unless you count the love of food? Somehow, I doubt it


Warning – This is an off-the-Cuff Rant

Elicia MacKenzie as Fleur de Lys, Matt Laurent as Quasimodo & Alessandra Ferrari as Esmeralda, Notre Dame de Paris World Tour Cast picture image

Elicia MacKenzie as Fleur de Lys, Matt Laurent as Quasimodo & Alessandra Ferrari as Esmeralda, Notre Dame de Paris World Tour Cast

Have you been looking forward to World Tour cast of Notre Dame de Paris coming to location relatively close to you? Too bad, it’s over. Their last performance was April 7th in Japan.  Apparently the “World” is Asia. And not even all of Asia only Moscow, China, Taipei and Japan. Now had I read this,

29 septembre 2012
Matt will be on the new Notre-Dame de Paris Tour!

Matt will join the new 2012-2013 tour of Notre-Dame de Paris and will go to Moscow, China, Taiwan and Japan. It’s gonna he english version just like last year.
After more than 550 shows playing Quasimodo, the Huntchback and since 1999, Matt is always very excited to be part of this great musical and is ready to rock it again!
The tour will be held from end of october 2012 until early april 2013.

back in September I would have been angry sooner and would have ranted about it then. I just thought this Tour was just a little disorganized since there was no website or even announcement of dates except for Elicia MacKenzie’s site. I thought tour dates were being delayed as her site because it only went up  to the Japan perfomance dates (of which was wrong on the length the production was in Tokyo). I was wrong in my assumption but then again I thought this tour WAS TOURING THE WORLD, not a portion of a Continent.

The fact is after the Asian Tour they turned around and went to more or less the same places. How can they call it a World Tour when they pretty much only went 4645.96 miles/7476.74 KM?  Why did they bother  at all when they only really  added was Moscow and Japan to the mix? And Russia has been getting the Original troupe concerts since 2010, so they are not hurting to Notre Dame de Paris attention.

I find it odd that for both the Asian Tour and the World Tour rehearsed  in Paris but no performances occurred or even was planned there. But I also find it insulting that most of the principle cast is Canadian and yet there hasn’t been a performance in Canada (or North American) since 2005.

Quite honestly why would you have two Tour Casts less than a year apart tour in same relative locations and one under a name that denotes more places? I mean, did they try for performances in more locations and fail?  I admit, I have no idea how musical tours operate.

Wait I’m going to find out……………one sec……….  Ok, so whoever the tour manger and the booking agents were are to blame. I have to guess that in utter laziness they just went to same places in China and Taipei. Moscow is easy since they already love the show the only risk was Japan.

The time between the Asian Tour and “World Tour” was so on top of each other that I didn’t even know they were separate tours.  Originally, I thought the Asian Tour was the World Tour, and it confused me. And now I know I  was not really  wrong the World Tour was just the Asian Tour 2.0.

I just wish they had called a spade a spade and didn’t call it a “World Tour” when they never left a continent. Perhaps there will be another tour cast that will leave the Asian Continent. Or maybe I should start my own tour cast of the show with sock puppets.

Sock Puppet Frollo from Notre Dame de Paris picture image

Sock Puppet Frollo from Notre Dame de Paris