As  I have mentioned on a few occasions I’m a fan of Princess Tutu

So when I saw this

It made me smile. ^_^

An AMV made by Rider4z it uses Sanctuary to Summer Wars, which is an anime movie.

I mentioned last week that I went to Anime Boston(4/6-4/9) and I had a great time, I got sick but I had a great time. But one of the best parts was that me and my sister’s AMV (Anime Music Video) won Best Comedy. Now since I shamelessly self-promote I wanted to post it here but since it has nothing to with Hunchback I decided to show it to the  characters of the Hunchback and asked them what they thought.

The Video


Their Reactions

Quaismodo –  It lacked soul and depth but I liked, will you be my friend now?
Esmeralda –  They look like princes who ride white horses, I loved it
Frollo– Such an empty hollow video that turns my eyes from god (Maybe if I join a Boy band she’ll love me)
Phoebus – I found my purpose, I going to join a  Boy Band
Gringoire – I suppose it was amusing but I could write a much more amusing song and edit a better AMV.
Clopin –  That would provide the perfect distraction for pick-pocketing
Fleur de Lys –  I really didn’t care for it.
Jehan–  I love it, can you loan me 5 bucks?

Man, there is no pleasing some people.

Anime- Ouran High School Host Club
Song – Pop song by Jon Lajoie [Explicit]
Edited by the Warlike Swans (Me and my Sister)


I’ve been on a Princess Tutu kick of late (it’s a wonderful anime by the way) and thought why not post a Princess Tutu Notre Dame de Paris AMV (Anime Music Video). It’s to La Monture and it uses the original French Cast with Julie Zenatti.

So I going to start periodically posting hypothetical casting choices for either movies or musicals.

So First off, since there is a new english language cast of Notre Dame de Paris  let’s start there.

The thing about the English version of Notre Dame de Paris is that there are a lot of awkward weird lines and just because someone is a good singer it doesn’t mean that these lines can be delivered naturally. There are very few people in this world that can sing song with truly weird lyrics and sound serious and/or sincere. One singer who can do this well for example is the late Dio, who sang Holy Diver . Now I say in my preface that people could living or dead however this post is not about Dio, it actually about another person who is capable of singing very weird lyrics and makes them seem natural and yet would make well cast in Notre Dame de Paris and that person is David Byrne. David Byrne was the lead singer of the Talking Heads but left to have a solo career.

David Byrne picture image

David Byrne

I only recently became of fan David Byrne when I was introduced to him for potential AMV (anime music video) ideas (Shameless plug- I worked on an amv using  a David Byrne song to Mononoke TV click here to watch, and leave a comment if you like ^_~, the amv is called Dark Interlude).

Lot of his songs are strange out of the ones I have heard I think U.B. Jesus and Speechless are the weirdest (lyrically). So given that he is a great singer who can sing some crazy lines and make them seem normal, I’d cast him as Frollo in Notre Dame de Paris, (He even looks a bit like Daniel Lavoie (the original Frollo))

As I mentioned before I edit videos ( it’s a Hobby). Typically I make Anime Music Videos (AMV). In early 2010, My Sister and I made an AMV using Ranma 1/2 to Dechire from Notre Dame de Paris.  What do you need to know to fully enjoy this? Well the guy featured in this video  believes that the two girls are in love with him but they’re not, they hate him.

Please enjoy ^_^