Quasimodo in Animaniacs hooked on a ceiling picture image

Quasimodo in Animaniacs

It’s another Hunchback of Notre Dame reference from Animaniacs. This one occurs in Season 1 episode  4 called Hooked on a Ceiling. The episode is the Yakko, Wakko and Dot help Michelangelo help painting the ceiling of the  Sistine Chapel. During the episode the bells start ringing which annoys Michelangelo and he goes to yell at the hunchback bell ringer who is claiming Sanctuary. You can tell it going to be Quasimodo the second the bells ring.

I’ve been a fan of  Animaniacs since the begining, but like some many children a lot of the joke went right over my head. I was watching Volume 2 recently and I notice a wonderful little refernce to the 1923 version.

Ok, so the opening has a line that is varied, this line has to end with an “Y” sound and one of these lines is “Where Lon Chaney” and the visual is  Wakko is dressed as Quasimodo and not as Phantom of the Opera which is probably Chaney’s most well-known role. So point for the Hunchback.

Wakko as Quasimodo Animaniacs picture image

Wakko as Quasimodo Animaniacs

Isn’t he cute?