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Hotel Transylvania

I haven’t seen Hotel Transylvania yet so feel free to call me out on anything I get wrong. I had mentioned in another post that Quasimodo was a chef which parodies his being French rather than his role as a monster because let’s face it, Quasimodo is not a monster, he’s deformed, not a monster. Calling him a monster was just a marketing gimmick by Universal Studios. Remember Lon Chaney’s first big role was Quasimodo and was Universal’s first major film. The 1923 version started the monster trend. Putting Quasimodo in the league with Dracula, Frankenstein, and werewolves is moronic. I’m really surprised that the Phantom wasn’t shoehorned in the movie. Oh wait, a cave is shaped like the Phantom’s face so he was. Kudos movie.

Quasimodo in Hotel Transylvania picture image

Quasimodo in Hotel Transylvania

However my annoyance with the movie’s representation of Quasimodo goes a step further, Quasimodo is an antagonist. What? Huh? Quasimodo is a bad guy? Well that’s certainly a new spin on the character. I mean he did throw someone off a building in a fit of rage but is that enough to turn him into more are less a villain? Consider that Quasimodo is hardly ever depicted as anything but a kind soul. But wait there is more.

Quasimodo & Esmeralda from Hotel Transylvania Game picture image

Quasimodo & Esmeralda from Hotel Transylvania Game

Quasimodo has a side-kick rat named…. wait for it……..Esmeralda. What? Esmeralda is a rat? What? The Beautiful and Graceful Esmeralda is a rat? I can’t process this. So let me get this right Hotel Transylvania, Quasimodo is a chef and has a rat?  Maybe she is a pretty rat? Oh, I get it, they’ re knocking-off of Ratatouille. So Quasimodo wasn’t funny enough on his own merits so Sony Pictures had to reference a Pixar movie all while knocking-off classic monster movies? Or maybe because the writers had no idea how to included Quasimodo in the movie but they had to as The Hunchback started the Monster movie trend so they just made him the chef. And since there is nothing in Quasimodo’s characterization in this representation of him in this film they named the rat Esneralda to link him to movie even though it makes no sense to call the rat Esmeralda. He also has Gargoyle minions which is a reference to the Disney movie.

Not-Quasimodo Wilson, Jonathan the Human and Adam Sandler Hotel Transylvania picture image

Not-Quasimodo Wilson, Jonathan the Human and Adam Sandler Hotel Transylvania

One more thing, why is Quasimodo’s last name in this move “Wilson”? Why not give him some goofy French name, would have made more sense that “Wilson”. Or maybe there referencing something, that seems to film’s raison d’etre. I mean even the title is reference to the song Hotel California, because they both have the word “Hotel” and end in “nia.” It’s supposed to clever or something.

Art of Quasimodo, Esmeralda the Rat and  Jonathan by Pete Oswald Hotel Transylvania picture image

Art of Quasimodo, Esmeralda the Rat and Jonathan by Pete Oswald Hotel Transylvania

This isn’t Quasimodo and there isn’t enough of him to be a proper reference to any version of Quasimodo. It’s pretty clear that the writers knew of Quasimodo from the Chaney version and the Disney version but not enough to make a decent connection to the character’s legacy.

I have since writing the post seen the movie, you can read that post HERE