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Josh Brolin

So a new article regarding the upcoming Josh Brolin’s version of the Hunchback  has come out on Belfast Telegraph website on January 14th 2013.  So what new details have come to light? Apparently they’re going to use CGIs. Wow! You never seen that in films these day, clearly this is revolutionary.

Finale CG Crowds Hunchback of Notre Dame Disney

Finale CG Crowds Hunchback of Notre Dame Disney

All sarcasm aside this all the only new detail this article offers but there is some much else that is wrong here. First a quote, “Not only will this be the first version to use CGI ” Ummm, not to say you’re wrong but you’re wrong. The Disney version used tons of them. Remember the dated looking CG extras? Clearly either Brolin didn’t know or the writer didn’t, but I’m just going to blame Brolin.

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Brolin only counted two of these versions and I bet he doesn’t know the other 4 exist

Second, Brolin has no idea how many versions of Hunchback there but knows the exact number of featured  movies.  Clearly, he has movie bias and isn’t concerned with the operas, ballets,  plays, musicals, graphic novels ect. Now I don’t fault him for not knowing the number of versions, I fault him for guessing two numbers that are wrong when he should has just used a vague term like “lots” or “tons” or the ever popular “many”. Just makes him look like an idiot. Maybe he is just bad at interviews or he was trying to be witty. Or he thinks he get any with because most people don’t know about half the versions.

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Tim Burton

But those things are not my main issue. My main issue is  that since this version has been made public about its development we have heard nothing beyond vague plot details, Brolin is  playing Quasimodo, Brolin is excited about the project and now they are using CGI. Who really care if the use CGI? We still have no idea of who  is going to in it beside smug-pants Brolin, if Tim Burton is indeed involved with the project or much else.

Josh Brolin Interview for Men in Black picture image

Josh Brolin Interview for Men in Black

I mean I get what Brolin is doing, he keeping up the buzz on the project. But just saying your exited about it every few months is not really interesting. Then again this movie could be development hell. I mean this project was made public on February 28th 2011. You would think after two years in pre-production of film that has already been made public they could at least tell people who was directing the movie. Though maybe this info in on IMDb PRO and regular users aren’t privy to the information.  So who knows many more articles like this we get till the Brolin offers up more info.

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