This is from folder #21 of the pictures of the Asian Tour Cast of Notre Dame de Paris.

Some background; When I was sorting out the pictures from the Asian Tour  I decided to make a sexy/romantic folder which I put into folder 20. It’s an accident that this folder coincides with Valentine’s day, but it seems appropriate doesn’t it?













Here are two videos of Candice Parise singing as Juliette and as Eponine. Parsie played Esmeralda in the 2011-2012 Asian Tour cast of  Notre Dame de Paris as Esmeralda. That cast sang in English but watching these video makes me want to hear her sing Esmeralda in French.



Do you think that the Asian Tour cast will turn in to World Tour Cast? I think they might.

More Pictures of the 2012 Asian Tour Cast of Notre Dame de Paris  


Asian Tour Pictures from my tenth folder ^^ Enjoy