Sarah Bolger picture image

Sarah Bolger

I love getting suggestions for these Hypothetical Casting posts especially for the minor characters. This one comes from Amanda as seen on my post for Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Phoebus.  This one is for Sarah Bolger as Fleur de Lys.

Sarah Bolger as Mary Tudor, The Tudors picture image

Sarah Bolger as Mary Tudor, The Tudors

Bolger is an Irish actress who most known for her roles as Mary Tudor on The Tudors and Aurora on Once Upon a Time. Of these two shows, I have seen one and clips of the other. The one I have seen was The Tudors and though I could be wrong, I think her role as Mary Tudor speaks more to her capacity to play Fleur de Lys. Mary much like Fleur de Lys is under appreciated and has a cruel side, though Fleur de Lys is on a smaller scale than Mary Tudor. When I was watching The Tudors I recalled that I wonderd how Mary could go from a seemingly nice person to someone who wanted to burn people.  In any case Bolger has the acting skill to pull of a sympathetic yet menacing Fleur de Lys.

Sarah Bolger as Aurora, Once Upon a Time picture image

Sarah Bolger as Aurora, Once Upon a Time

Now for looks, Bolger doesn’t have that standard trait that is associate with Fleur de Lys, she isn’t blonde, GASP. Hair color is not a deciding factors for an actor after all there are wigs and hair dye. Besides the point there is no working rule that Fleur de Lys needs to be a blonde, it’s just a nice visual foil to Esmeralda, but since there have been blonde or near Blonde Esmerlada who to say what hair-color Fleur should. Beside Bolger has played a formerly blonde character turn Auburn with Aurora.  Aside from the ever huge issue that is hair color, Bolger has a very good look for Fleur de Lys as Amanda said in the comments “she is very pretty and have this manipulative-cute look.”  I really don’t think I could have said that better.

Sarah Bolger picture image

Sarah Bolger

But what do you think? Would Sarah Bolger make a good Fleur de Lys? Also would people be interested in posts on Once Upon a Time episodes? I have thought about it in the past.




Esmeralda singing God Help the Outcast Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Esmeralda singing God Help the Outcast Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame

As mentioned before  Hunchback versions seldom ever passes The Bechdel Test, including the Disney version read here.  But it made me think about the other Disney movies. I was going to go through and look at each movie but I  don’t have to because this site  did all the work for me, But I’m going to offer some analysis.

Disney Princess Line UP with Esmeralda, Megara and Kida, picture image

Disney Princess Line UP with Esmeralda, Megara and Kida

As a refresher, to pass the test a work needs to meet 3 criteria; 1) It has to have at least two named female characters, 2) That talk to each other 3) About something other than a male.  Most movies fail the Bechdel test. Also passing or failing does not indicate the quality of a movie. Terrible movie pass and great movies fail.

Aurora and Prince Phillip Sleeping Beauty picture image

Aurora and Prince Phillip Sleeping Beauty

So what does this mean for Disney?  Well the purpose of the test is show the  female presence in a given movie.  Interestingly enough the older movies, Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty all pass. Which is valid as at least with Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty  there is a decent amount of named female characters. Though movies that don’t have lots of female characters still pass, like 101 Dalmatians, Peter Pan, Hercules, and even The Emperor’s New Groove, which is a male buddy comedy.

Jasmine Aladdin picture image


Movies like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty are often criticized for passive lead female characters but the most of the characters in the movies are females. So having one strong likable female character doesn’t help the over-all female presence. Like Aladdin fails, hard.

Ariel's Fin The Little Mermaid picture image


I would disagree with The Little Mermaid failing as the site says because Ariel and Ursula had a fairly long conversation about a few topics, I would give it a pass.  The Lion King could have passed if Nala and Sarabi had spoken more. I’m a little unsure if Snow White should have gotten the pass, as the Queen has a name but after the fact. Her name isn’t said in the movie. Though to be fair, I haven’t seen Snow White in a very long time.

Elsa and Anna frozen picture image

Elsa and Anna

I do find it interesting that with modern day Disney movies that are Princess that try to aim with boys in mind they do keep a strong female presence. Tiana with her mother, Rapunzel with her “mother” and the sisters of Frozen.

Yzma The Emperor's New Groove picture image


I would  thought more Disney movies would have failed but it pretty mixed. It’s just really interesting that the older princess movies have a stronger female presence than the Disney movies that have a single “strong” and “Independent”  female character.

Maleficent picture image


As some people might have guess from my clues, this week we’re looking at the 2014 movie, Maleficent. This movie is a re-imagining of the 1959 Disney version of Sleeping Beauty but from villain Maleficent’s perspective, hence the name. While on paper that does not seem like a bad idea, the execution of this movie is so fucking naive that it’s bad. It’s like they took the stupidest idea possible for what to do with Maleficent’s character and combined with more successful movies, like Frozen, Avatar and Lord of the Rings to name the obvious ones.

Also, all I will say on the narration is that it was over-done and bogged the movie down. It was the first red-flag of crappiness.

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent with Elle Fanning as Aurora picture image

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent with Elle Fanning as Aurora

Basically, Maleficent is a fairy with bird wings and horns and she lives in the Moors and fucking shot me already. The Moors are clearly just a name but they don’t look anything like Moorlands of England. They could have called the mythical utopian fairy land ANYTHING else and it wouldn’t been an issue but now I have to think about how stupid this name is every time it appears on screen. Since the Moors are a discount failed Pandora from Avatar why not just called them something Greek or something, ANYTHING would have been better. Was that your first idea screenwriter? Really, off an a tangent already, great start.

So the “Moors” which is a land of fairies and Tree-ants a la Lord of the Rings and/or Groot are at odd with the Humans. Maleficent is a some kind of super fairy and she befriends and falls in love with a human named Stefan. The king gets his beard in a twist because Maleficent kicked with army’s butt with her tree-ants, so he offers the hand of his daughter to the person that can slay Maleficent. Stefan drugs her and steals her wings and gets to be the king while Maleficent’s heart turns cold or something and gets a crow minion.

Stefan has a baby girl and Maleficent curses her and this scene is ALMOST verbatim to the original expect Maleficent puts the clauses in about True Love’s kiss awaking her as a slap-in-the-face to Stefan who claimed he had given Maleficent a true love’s kiss. Also the green fairy who was the blue fairy didn’t get to give Aurora a gift, though the gifts in this version are stupid. Also Maleficent says it’s a sleep like death when in the original Maleficent just said she will die, so…… anyway.

Stefan must be smoking copious crack because he entrusts the stupid fairies with raising the princess (I think there was line about the fairies being good with human but WTF why?). The fairies are so stupid that Aurora would have staved to death and fallen off a cliff if not for Maleficent who helps care for the child on the sly and pranks the fairies for jollies. Aurora gets in to her head that Maleficent is her fairy godmother, oh dear god movie, I can’t, I don’t even know but wrong movie there. Maleficent then tries to revoke the curse but can’t because of her wording about nothing be able to break the curse.

Aurora meets Prince Mcgaffin erm I mean Phillip and they have a little attraction which crow-boy hopes means is true love. Aurora for some reason (I wasn’t paying a lot of attention at this point), goes back to the castle a day before she was suppose to and falls in to the  death-like sleep coma-nap. Maleficent bring Prince-i-boy to help with that pesky curse but he fails, (fail sound effect from the Price is Right), so Maleficent kisses her on the forehead and in Frozen fashion Aurora wakes up and then there is a dumb fight, Maleficent turns her pretty-boy crow into a dragon, pffffffttttttttttttttttttt and stupid happy ending and it turns out all that annoying narration was done by Aurora. Hate this movie.

Isobelle Molloy as Young Maleficent with Michael Higgins as Young Stefan picture image

Isobelle Molloy as Young Maleficent with Michael Higgins as Young Stefan

On the one small hand, I sort of appreciate what Maleficent was trying to do in theory but on the other larger hand this movie missed the point of everything and meanders into the realm of idiocity.

The first major problem is Maleficent herself. Maleficent in no way shape or form should be the same entity as the Good fairies and for the record why did they change their names from Flora, Fauna and Merriweather to Flittle, Knotgrass and Thistlewit? Really, I could do another full post on these useless pixels but I will refrain*.

To have Maleficent as good fairy at the start with a name like Maleficent which means evil is dumber than naming a character Knotgrass or Flittle or Thistlewit. They could have made Maleficent change her name to suit her evil persona but nope a child fairy who ages for no reason that the film gives is given the name which means Evil. I mean for Fuck sake movie, you give the origins of her staff but no mechanic for how or why she grows-up when nothing else in her realm does? F-U!

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent after her wings have been cut off picture image

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent after her wings have been cut off

Another issue is that original movie called Maleficent the mistress of evil. Given this, she didn’t NEED reason to be evil, she just was and rather enjoyed it. Actually she did have a reason for why she cursed Aurora, she got snub an invitation to a baby shower, I would have done the same thing.

But you what REALLY pisses me the fuck off about all this movie? SO the film takes the stance that true love between two platonic ladies exists and is a strong bond a la Frozen which is great HOWEVER this lead you down the path that the film as feminist bent BUT Maleficent’s anger and hatred comes from a guy betraying her. She is literally a scorned woman, a man made her become evil. Why can’t she just be evil? Why can’t she just have been demonic entity whose got a sense of humanity from a pure girl, kind of a Sleeping beauty meets Hades/Persephone dynamic. This movie spouts the power of women but evil unintelligible king caused the Maleficent to be evil.

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent picture image

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent

And that is another problem, Maleficent’s evilness is VERY infantile. Literally all she does besides the plot-curse is prank the fairies with rain magic and turns the Moors gloomy. If that is extent of her evil that means the curse on Aurora or the plot is very out-of-character for Maleficent. It’s like the movie took this awesome kick-ass bad guy but was afraid to make her evil because if she is evil than the audience wouldn’t like her but that was the point. Sleeping Beauty from the perspective of the Mistress of Evil and they sap all of her likable-evil and just watered her down to the point of delusions.

 Elle Fanning as Aurora Maleficent picture image

Elle Fanning as Aurora

Then we have Sleeping Beauty herself. One BIG criticism of the original is that Aurora gets very little screen-time and this movie was chance to give her more of a character but nope fuck that. One of the fairies, and who fucking cares which one it was, gave her the gift of being happy. This makes Aurora a smiling simpleton with no other sense of character. Really all she is happy, I think the original Aurora had more of a range of emotions and that is so sad.

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent flying picture image

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent flying

But you know most modern movies have shit for characters because they more are all about being Bigger, Louder and having more teeth i.e technicals and CGs and you may ask how are they in Maleficent? OH dear god, do they suck, they suck much my friends. It’s like everything looked so fake and cheesy that it hurt, like I’m in pain just thinking about it.

But the REAL tragedy is that costumes which I need to distract me from a movie’s stupidity were not there, Maleficent’s costume were meh. Really, don’t recall anything, maybe Aurora wore blue and Maleficent had horn wraps.

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent with Baby Aurora picture image

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent with Baby Aurora

Maleficent could have been an interesting movie if the screenwriter had just kept certain things in play like Maleficent’s character and TURINING IN A FUCKING DRAGON! Really that they turned the Mistress of Evil into a Mischievous Nanny is insulting. I bet a re-imagining of Mary Poppins would have a more Maleficent like character than this movie. And WHO the FUCK gave the Money to get this shit storm a sequel? Know that I hate you whatever orderd a sequel.

* leave a comment if you want me to bash the fairy and maybe the other characters.

Disney Princesses/Characters are  common choices for costumes but usually one or costume is chosen more than what that character wears in the movie. But let us see which costumes of each character is the most cosplayed. Characters must have at least two costume changes in the movie. I will go through the first 100 cosplay pictures of the character  in google images.  I will search them by their name and word “cosplay” and in Jane and Anna case, Disney was added. Keep in my mind Google Images change a lot.


Snow white picture image

Snow white


Snow White

Yellow – 100
Rags – 0








Casual -1
Pink Gown – 0
Ball Gown -99









Briar Rose -29
Pink Gown -50
Blue Gown -21





Ariel Disney The Little Mermaid picture image

Ariel Disney The Little Mermaid


Mermaid – 50
Ship wreak – 3
Pink Gown -11
Blue Dress – 36
Wedding – 0









Casual -13
Green dress – 0*
Pink – 1
Yellow Gown -86









Casual -93
Disguise -0
Purple Dress -1
Slave – 6
Purple End – 0





Esmeralda as a Disney Princess picture image

Esmeralda as a Disney Princess



Casual – 84
Red dress -12
Prisoner – 0








Casual – 15
Gown  – 61
Warrior 24








Yellow -70
Jungle -2
(all I saw)










Waitress – 9
Almost there dress -0
Princess costume 1 – 0
Princess costume 2 kiss – 8
Ball Gown -83
Wwdding- 0





Elsa picture image frozen



Coronation Gown -16
Snow Queen -84







Anna, Frozen, picture image



Coronation Gown- 7
Snow Dress – 93
Ending Dress – 0







I’m not surprised by the common costume but some of the numbers are surprising. I thought Belle would have more for her Blue Dress.

*saw 1 under Jane

I harbor a bit of a love for pretty clothing so when I saw that renowned Fashion Designers made gowns using the Disney Princesses as inspiration, I was excited. But some of these reflect the designers more  than the clients, the Disney princesses. So here is my take on them.


Ariel by Marchesa picture image

Ariel by Marchesa

Ariel’s gown is by Marchesa. I can see Ariel a little bit in this. The top is a call back to her sea-shell bra and the skirt has a fish tail silhouette. I wish the color was a bit more vibrant. Marchesa has a vintage and Asian influence aesthetic to the brand. I can see the vintage but I think it’s too much of a throw back. Also I dislike the volume at the waist, it would be so much better and more like Ariel if the volume was just at the bust.   6/10


Aurora by Elie Saab picture image

Aurora by Elie Saab

Aurora’s gown is by  Elie Saab. I don’t see Aurora in this. I mean it’s pretty and very Elie Saab, whose aesthetic is feminine and romantic which suits Aurora but the style of this doesn’t. Maybe if the neckline had more details or if the belt at the was more interesting it could have been more in keeping with Aurora. Also the color is not right. I think a deeper pick would have been better and then chiffon could have contrast it instead of being the same color. 4/10


Belle by Valentino picture image

Belle by Valentino

Belle’s gown is by Valentino.  When I first saw these gown I thought it was Jane’s from Tarzan. I like the skirt, the vertical ruffles are very nice and the color is a nice take on Belle because let’s face it that gold color works on Belle but it can look very tacky in real-life. The bodice however No, No, No. I don’t understand the hood at all. The puff sleeves and the mid section don’t work with Belle’s gown either. 3/10


Cinderella by Versace picture image

Cinderella by Versace

Cinderella’s gown is by Versace. Like Belle’s gown my main reaction is no,no  a thousand times no. What the hell, Versace? This is tacky. The only thing I can see of Cinderella is the peplum. The color is wrong. I can  kind see what they were doing as Cinderella’s gown can look white but it has a cool tone and this is a a warm. It’s so wrong.  1/10


Jasmine by Escada picture image

Jasmine by Escada

Jasmine’s Gown is by Escada. I’m confused by this one. Jasmine wears red once and that was when she was Jafar’s slave. I guess the bracelets point that that is what this gown is based on, so we’ll just say that  even though Jasmine had two Princess gown’s in the film plus her normal blue outfit it’s based on Jafar’s look, which was pretty sexy admittedly. But ok. Despite not really reading Jasmine. I like cut and the color is nice. I dislike cape though. I don’t get as part of the look or as Jasmine really. Maybe it was a train off the wait it would have been better because I like the way it drapes. I think the cape cut off the neckline and Jasmine wore open necklines. I love the accessories.  7/10


Mulan by Missoni picture image

Mulan by Missoni

Mulan’s gown is by Missoni. Missoni is all about prints and it seems that like they just remade Mulan’s with their prints. I really like the blue print and the beige chiffon. The applique flowers are a bit much but I think the overall look is a bit much and looks costume-y.  4/10


Pocahontas by Roberto Cavalli picture image

Pocahontas by Roberto Cavalli

Pocahontas’s gown is by Roberto Cavalli. Pocahontas is a tough one to design a gown for as her being in a Tsencommacah it’s hard to get her to a shiny princess gowns. Cavalli aesthetic is rock, wild and sexy. I guess wild fits Pocahontas’s personality. The fabric fits Pocahontas natural aesthetic but the gown reads Cavalli more than Pocahontas.  The feather-like fringe details on the skirt is a bit silly. The cut of the gown is very similar to Pocahontas’s costume so it’s an appropriation. It’s not a bad idea for Pocahontas it just fails to connect with me. 4/10

Rapunzel  by Jenny Packham picture image

Rapunzel by Jenny Packham


Rapunzel’s gown is by Jenny Packham. I love with gown, I would wear this but it’s a Jenny Packham’s gown and not Jenny Packham’s design for Rapunzel.  In fact basically this dress is a copy of one of Packham’s wedding gown in purple with more fabric that pools on the floor.  (click here to see the gown). I’m not sure how to rate it. 8/10 for the gown as itself and 2/10 for it’s connection to Rapunzel because other than the color there isn’t one.  So sad.

Snow White by Oscar de la Renta picture image

Snow White by Oscar de la Renta


Snow White’s gown is by Oscar de la Renta. At first glance this is over-the-top but looking with a  a more critical eye and keeping Snow White and Oscar de la Renta in check, this one is really good. It captures both Snow White and Oscar de la Renta’s personalities very well. Oscar de la Renta aesthetic is ornate and luxurious which this is but the color are in keeping with Snow White. The details also fit with her design in a new way which I appreciate. There is the neckline and the puff sleeve it communicates her look but it different. Yes, it over the top but it works. 8/10


Tiana by Ralph & Russo picture image

Tiana by Ralph & Russo

Tiana’s gown is by Ralph & Russo. I can see Tiana in the puffy skirt and the diagonal draping in the bodice. The color is more blue than Tiana’s vibrant green but it’s quite pretty. I like the cowl neckline and I’m glad that it wasn’t strapless, I hate  strapless gowns. I hate the line at the waistline though, I wish it was either embellished somehow or not there. That line kills me.  If the color was amp up a little more or more green it would be more Tiana-ish. 6/10  I still like it though and if the color worked on me I would wear.


I should do research to see what Design would be the best to bring Esmeralda’s costume to life.  Also do you agree or disagree with me?