So just a quick question, if El Paris is run by a governor does that make El Paris a state or is just the capital? Or is it governor in the British sense where is he head of a public institution?

Quasimodo d'el Paris picture image

Didier Flamand as The Governor and Axelle Abbadie as The Governor’s wife

Anyway the unnamed The Governor and his Wife are both the parents of Quasimodo and Agnes/Esmeralda. Biologically they are the parents of Quasimodo but traded him for pretty blonde Esmeralda and renamed her Agnes.

To put it mildly, they are terrible parents and terrible people. The movie makes it seem that The Governor is just dumb, like on the level with Phoebus and his Wife is the horrible one. The wife, and I hate that is what I have to call her, she is the one that wants to get rid of her own child because of the deformities caused by her husband. Yeah, the parents created Quasimodo’s maladies. The Governor dropped Quasimodo on his face as an infant and threw against a wall as child. These were not done of purpose, they result of Clopin’s curse, the drop was an accident and the throwing was for protection The Governor just aimed badly.   The Governor however did make the deformity occur and his wife being the awful shallow person got rid of him.

Despite his lack of smarts, The Governor does seem to care for Quasimodo, informing Clopin of Quasimodo’s strict diet where he only eats meat but prefer fat. The Wife is vain and she doesn’t get on well with either Agnes or Quaismodo and in the end she is punished for her lack of feelings and die shy Frollo’s hand because he is insane.

In the scheme of being a Hunchback of Notre Dame adaptation these characters are new aspect. Aside from Gudule, who is present in the movie and Frollo’s role as Quasimodo’s guardian there are no parents in the story, aside from Fleur de Lys’ mother. Quasimodo’s parents are not mention in the book and present in the Disney version but all we really know is that he was abandoned and swapped with Esmeralda. To date this is the only movie version to handle this detail. It is unknown if Quasimodo was abandon by French parents and found by the Gypsies or if he was actually a Gypsy. This version imagines Quasimodo’s birth parents albeit in a simple cruel manner. There is nothing deep to them and their motivation for getting rid of him was that he was unlucky and ugly two aspects that they inflicted on the child.

It is refreshing to see a version of Quasimodo’s parents  but they are so very, very unlikable and not even in a very fun way. I did like the way the Wife said that Esmeralda’s name was Agnes.