Bada as Esmeralda Korean version Notre Dame de Paris picture image

Bada as Esmeralda Korean version Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame de Paris will play at the Blue Square Samsung Hall from Sept. 27 to Nov. 17, in Seoul. The cast includes Bada who is reprising her role as Esmeralda. She play Esmeralda in 2007 and 2009.

The rest of the cast is;
Esmeralda- Yoon Gongju (alternate)
Quasimodo – Yoon Hyungryul as (also returning in his role), Hong Kwangho
Frollo – Min Youngki, Choi Minchul
Gringoire – Jeon Dongsuk, Jung Dongha

(The site for Blue Square doesn’t have this show listed yet and I can’t find any hard sources on it but I’m pretty sure that this true)

With this performance of Notre Dame de Paris this means there is an overlap between this and Crocus City performances. two NDDP Casts at the same time on the continent! Lucky Asia! This is fourth cast it’s gotten in three years.   If you detective a hint of jealousy,  I’m not hiding it.  It’s been seven years since there has been a Canadian Cast or a French Cast and yet most of the recent casts have been Canadian.  Although I’m alway happy to hear about a new cast of Notre Dame de Paris Cast so I’m not going to gripe too much.

By the way does anyone else think Matt Laurent will reprise his role as Quasimodo for the Crocus City Show? Because I do.