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The Bells of Notre Dame

Weighting in at an impressive 13271kg and singing a lovely F#2; Meet Emmanuel, the leader of the group.

Marie, the Glamorous one,  weighs 6023kg and belts a delightful G#2.

Gabriel, the Shy one, weighs 4162 kg and makes a sweet A#2.

The Heart-breaker of the ensemble, Anne Geneviève weighs  3477 kg and omits an enticing B2.

Denis, the Smooth one weighs 2502 kg and serenades the people with a  cool C#3.

Marcel, the Cute one weighs 1925 kg and  makes an angelic D#3.

Étienne, the Graceful one, weighs  1494 kg chants a magical E#3.

Bad-Boy, Benoît-Joseph, weighs 1309 kg blasts a strong F#3.

Maurice, the Heartthrob of the group, weight 1011 kg and charms the ladies with his seductive G#3.

Jean-Marie, the Wild  one, weights 782 kg and makes a daring A#3.

Check their live performance for Notre Dame 850 birthday

(Personality traits of the bells are meant for humor purposes only)