Dania Ramirez as Jacinda and Mekia Cox as Sabine Once Upon a Time Season 7 episode 5 Greenbacks picture image

Dania Ramirez as Jacinda and Mekia Cox as Sabine


Aside from Ivy, this episode was a groan, a massive groan! It focused on Tiana/Sabine which would be okay if I wasn’t so confused. Tiana is a princess who is getting taxed by a King? Seems like the Tiana and her mother retained their rule but are getting taxed by another King? Did anyone proofread this?

Then Victoria is on the path to gentrified via to break Lucy’s faith to bring back her daughter with some witch who is really in league with Ivy who is really the Palpatine to Victoria’s Vader but for whatever reason she needs Roni and Henry to trust her. Point is Ivy knows what is up.

And Rogers is hunting some case which a missing teenage girl name Eloise Gardner, though if I RECALL from episode two Eloise seemed to do what Emma did when s Wish-Hook (a.k.a Rogers a.k.a this version of Hook) was dying but there is a  WHOLE to do with the backstory involving the missing girl and Rogers maybe I’m not remembering correctly. Anyway there is a plot with the missing girl made more clear by episode 7 titles “Eloise Gardner.”

Speaking of remembering, Roni finds a picture of Henry and Regina from Storybrooke that the witch had, so more memories.

The big take away from this episode is Jacinda and Sabine are starting a food truck and that fried chicken place DIDN’T have a fire extinguisher.    

This episode was much weaker  aside from Ivy. Evil or not she is the most interesting character.  

Also Pictyourthis!

Going for two episode per post this month!

Episode 5;  That Still Small Voice

Raphael Sbarge as Dr. Archie Hopper, Jared S. Gilmore as Henry Mills, & Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan Once Upon a Time Season 1 Episode 5; That Still Small Voice picture image

Raphael Sbarge as Dr. Archie Hopper, Jared S. Gilmore as Henry Mills, & Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan, Once Upon a Time

This episode focuses on Jiminy Cricket and how he came to be a cricket as well as stuff with Jiminy’s Maine persona. Now I have never been one for Pinocchio, I watched that movie once when I was seven and didn’t like it then can’t say I care to rewatch it now, I DID like the cat Figaro but Pinocchio and Jiminy just don’t resonate with me so this episode felt very meh.

Basically the theme of this episode is doing the right thing and  having a conscious; Jiminy Cricket stuff. Jiminy in the fairy world was the son of scam artists and thieves.  Jiminy wants to go straight but his parents won’t left him. He is giving a potion to get rid of his parent but they swap the potion and a wife and husband are transformed into dolls. Those dolls or marionettes are the scariest thing I have ever seen. So the blue fairy turn Jiminy into a cricket and he vows to looks after the husband and wife’s child a boy named Gepetto.

In the Storybrooke plot Henry’s shrink a.k.a Archie Hopper, Hopper because cricket, puns,. is having issue with Regina being a no good meanie-face. The a cave collapses and Henry wants to look because Regina wants to not have people in the cave so CLEARLY Regina is hiding something even though there is something in there, Snow White’s glass coffin.

Anyway I found it  one of the weaker episodes but you can’t like them all. I did like the dog a Dalmatian named Pongo because Disney references, it’s what they do!


Episode 6; The Shepherd

Josh Dallas as The Shepherd Once Upon a Time picture image

Josh Dallas as The Shepherd, Once Upon a Time

Oh, ugly dress why do you haunt me? Seriously, what is up with Princess  Abigail’s blue dress? It’s so unflattering but fine, whatever, not really all that important. I do like that this show subverts Fairy-Tales but using the tropes different ways. This episode reveals that Prince Charming isn’t a prince but a poor shepard whose twin bother was adoptive by the King. So the actual Prince James died and the one we know isn’t really a Prince but sort of fell into the job through a family connection, classic nepotism. Joking aside it is a good twist of things, though I suppose it’s really only a twist because of the story structure being told out of order but it does keep the trite fairy tale fresh.

Two things that bother me slightly, One Shepard mother being poor but wearing white on a farm,? That doesn’t seem right. And  two, King Midas not being Greek or rather Phrygian. I’m not trying to be a super purest but it would have allowed for a more interesting look than typical medieval grab. I just want pretty costumes, Why is that so hard? All in all good episode I wish I could make a Mother of Dragon joke but nah.

Oh, and I also get it now, Mary Margaret Blanchard as in her last name meaning white. And Robert Carlyle is the best actor on this show.