Book 2: The Hooker At Sea

I gotta learn Roman Numerals……….if there isn’t a Final Fantasy number to it, I don’t know it and even then.

Book 2, Chapter 14; Ortach

Ok, I was kind of wrong with my guess of this chapter. Yes, Hugo explains the floating rock but no he doesn’t bog this chapter down with useless descriptions, he fills with useful ones. The crew of Maututina, our hooker, are being threatened by the rock but they managed to get away again, yay.

I will say this chapter uses some familiar Hugo-ism, like the word wretches and liking someone that is being led to the scaffolds.

Book 2, Chapter 15; Portentosum Mare

More storm, more scary rocks, more rough seas and then storm done and the people are safe. I skimmed this chapter, I confess.

Book 2, Chapter 16; The Problem Suddenly Works in Silence

The Storm ends, finally. I would make a House Baratheon reference here because their castle is called Storm’s end but the mention that I would mention it is enough.

Basically the chapter just explains that the storm is over until the end where they discover dun-dun-dun, a leak.

Book 2, Chapter 17; The Last Resource

In this chapter it is revealed that our new friends are fucked. I would feel more for them if you know we had ever learned their names. Well we learned one person name, the dude from southern Basque which is Ave Maria. And in the last chapter we learned the northern Basque guy is named Galdeazun. Though I remember them at all.

Book 2, Chapter 18; The Highest Resource

In this chapter we learn rest of the people names, like the doctor-Frollo-guy is named Gerbardus Geestemunde. Basically in this chapter he says that they being judged by the child they left behind, remember Ten-Year-old-Nameless-Boy, and they paying for the crime of perhaps leaving him to die in the night. I’m glad he is self-aware.

But isn’t that the problem? They left the kid which makes us not like them so I don’t care that they are dying now. We really only get to know the Doctor but with all the sea descriptions in this part of the book I don’t care anything for these people so it’s whatever if they live or die.

That ends Book 2, we did it my friends! And Book 3 only has six chapters, Hooray!