There still time for a Hunchback of Notre Dame costume! But you don’t need to limit yourself to the characters from the book or the films. You can create a costume that is inspired from the book. This is a list of 5 Hunchback-ish costumes you can create fairly quickly and be creative with.

1. Quasimofo – Obviously a joke-ish costume but you can make the hunchback in to one badass. I would recommend wearing a suit with shades and getting some kind of hunch like a pillow. And maybe a toy gun .

2. Pope or King of Fools – This doesn’t have to be Quasimodo all you would need is to make-up your face to be ugly. The from there get a jester crown and a robe some kind.

3. A Bell – there is no Hunchback version that doesn’t have bells in it. You can wear all yellow maybe get some yellow bell-bottoms or you can incorporate actual bells into your costume. This one would be a creative one to pull off.

4. A Gargoyle – Gargoyles are a major part of Notre Dame’s charm and Quasimodo in a lot of ways in liken to one. It’s a great costume idea as recognizable and not often done. You can have a lot fun with one. You can get a Gargoyle make-up Kit or buy stuff like a pig snout and spray-paint it grey and then wear grey face paint and grey clothing.

5. An Executioner – executioners play a huge part in the book, Quasimodo is whipped and Esmeralda meets her end by one. So why not put the fear in the massive with it as a costume. Wear all black with a hooded mask and carry either an axe or a to fit the book a noose or a whip.