Today’s Fan-art is by Pelycosaur24.   It’s very silly and very true, the sequel is pure late medieval torture.

How to Torture Frollo by Pelycosaur24 picture image

How to Torture Frollo by Pelycosaur24

Today’s Fan-art is  by Ida Christensen. It is Gringoire & Esmeralda. I love the details. This one of three sketchs by her.

Gringoire & Esmeralda by Ida Christensen picture image

Gringoire & Esmeralda by Ida Christensen

Today’s fan-art was created by Alan Smithee and certainly not me……

Isn’t it….. just….umm….. a drawing? ^^’

Frollo's Perfect Date

Frollo’s Perfect Date

I confess, I can’t draw at all. 

This weekend is Otakon, which is the largest Anime Convention on the East Coast of the USA (and I’m attending), I though this Fan-art Friday I would use Pokemon in the Belle staging (with some liberties) from Notre Dame de Paris.

Pokemon performing Belle Notre dame de Paris picture image

Pokemon performing Belle Notre dame de Paris made by me

Esmeralda – Bellossom
Quasimodo – Snubbull
Frollo – Gengar
Phoebus – Rapidash

It’s Time for My Little Pony. This time it’s everybodies’ conflicted priest; Frollo. I created this by using the Ponymaker game on the hub website but I did change his eyes with photoshop to make him look scary.

Frollo inspired Pony My Little Pony Friendship is magic

Frollo inspired Pony

Since it’s Friday the 13th and we’re focusing on Notre Dame de Paris this month I created a special fan-art for the occasion

Friday the 13th Notre Dame de Paris

Friday the 13th Notre Dame de Paris Special

I was aiming for a creepy/spooky vibe. I tried to make it look like Esmeralda was a demonic ghoul haunting Frollo.

In honor of the Beirut contests and seeing how last month  three more contests and the World Tour were announced  I have decided that for the month of July Fan-art Fridays and Silly Sunday will be Notre Dame de Paris related with a focus on the original cast.

So today’s work is by me.  Enjoy

Helene Segara as Esmeralda Notre dame de Paris image picture

Helene Segara as Esmeralda with the Cosmos

Today Fan-art is by clayangel. It’s an adorable drawing of Gringoire and Djali.   I love that Djali and Gringoire got away to together end and had a happy ending unlike anyone else.

True Love by Clayangel

True Love by Clayangel

Today’s Fan-art is by DaughterGothel. It based on a Esmeralda and Quasimodo’s backstory where Esmeralda is switch for Quasimodo by Gyspies. I have a soft for artwork based off the book.  The drawing is beautifully done and I love the sepia tones. Also

The Exchange by DaughterGothel

The Exchange by DaughterGothel 

Today Fan-art is by Agriografo. I think this drawing is stunning. I love the pose,  grace of her movement of her hair and clothing, and I love the softness of the skirt. It’s just so pretty. I also love images of Esmeralda and Djali.

I saw a goat beside you by Agriografo image picture

I saw a goat beside you by Agriografo