Behind the Scenes, Fight Choreography Hunchback of Notre Dame Musical La Jolla  picture image

Behind the Scenes, Fight Choreography


This link is to a video of behind the scene of the Hunchback Musical of fight choreography.  I can’t say I know what scene this is or the characters but I think that Esmeralda appears in it. If you know, leave a comment.

Today’s Question is Who would win in a cat-fight, Esmeralda or Fleur de Lys? To answer this excellent question we must first identify who are the Fleur de Lys and Esmeralda in question. Since Fleur de Lys gets the most characterization in the musical Notre Dame de Paris version we’ll choose that one and for consistency well take out cue from that Esmeralda as well.

Okay we have are Fighters, Let’s look at the stats;

Esmeralda vs Fleur de Lys Notre Dame de Paris

Esmeralda vs Fleur de Lys

Neither of them have good strength. Esmeralda has excellent dexterity and agility that helps her evade attacks. She has excellent charisma but doesn’t help in this fight. Fleur de Lys has a Constitution so she can endure a fight longer. She also has high stats in wisdom, perception and luck.

Mmm… they seem to be  evenly matched. However we can’t forget personalities. Esmeralda is sweet and I don’t think she much of a fighter and Fleur de Lys is  a ruthless, calculating bitch. She strikes me as someone who fights dirty while that notion wouldn’t even cross Esmeralda’s mind.

I would say that the winner would be Fleur de Lys, Esmeralda won’t even know what hit her.