For those of you who read the blog, you know I like Final Fantasy. I have been playing the franchise’s second MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV; A Realm Reborn. FF14 has a lot of references to a lot of things for titles of quests. I was doing a quest to level up one of my classes  and the quest was called Topsy-Turvy Time. For the quest you just have to gather scaffolding logs, hence the name.

 Topsy-Turvy Final Fantasy XIV; A Realm Reborn picture image

Topsy-Turvy Time Levequest

I don’t know about you but when I hear the words “Topsy-Turvy” I go to the Disney song right away. Is it a direct reference to Hunchback? Only the localization team knows for certain but I think it is and that all that matters.

There could be more references to Hunchback in game but I’m sure there are more Disney ones.