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After 21 years Hellfire is still awesome.

Tomorrow is May 4th (May Fourth be with you) but since Thursdays are an OUAT day, I’m doing a Star Wars post today! So here is a video pairing Hellfire with Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

So yeah, this combo wasn’t hard to find. There is a plethora of options from all across the Saga. I admit it I do like this pairing (Reylo) if it turns out not to happen I will rethink some aspects of The Force Awakens but as long as the story is good, it will be ok. I admit it, I kinda love the idea of this combination. Adam Driver good make a great Frollo.

BB-8 is awesome 

No Burbank post this week but I have a treat,


I have been waiting for this for like two years.   And as a bonus



Patrick Page as Frollo singing Hellfire, Papermills Hunchback of Notre Dame, Picture image

Patrick Page as Frollo singing Hellfire, Papermills

Heaven’s Light – There isn’t much to say on this version of the song. Arden performs it very well and is a better singer that Hulce in the movie. Though I would say, at least in the cast album, it seems like Arden is fighting the impulse to sing in that broadway nasal style, which doesn’t work with the soft, light quality of stye song. Not saying he doesn’t capture the song because he does. ¬†Anyway solid version of the song and the last note Arden holds is lovely. ¬†I can understand if people prefer Arden’s version to the movie version, he puts passion into it and not that school boy crush of the movie.

Hellfire – ¬†The Disney movie’s Hellfire is a hard act to replicate as it one of the highlights of the movie and is one of best songs in the Disney Pantheon. I would say the musical should have made this song more of its own instead of trying to emulate the movie. In stage show they did, to a point, I mean they striped it down to just Frollo and a red lighting effect but the song is just Hellfire with Patrick Page singing instead of Tony Jay. Jay’s version is just so perfect that this version feels lukewarm at its hottest. No disrespect to Page, he is a great singer but much like¬†Norbert Lamla in the German version of the musical, he is channeling too much of Tony Jay. ¬†Though to be fair, people want ¬†Hellfire and that is what the musical gave them. It’s a damn if they don’t and damn if they do since the animation and Tony Jay made Hellfire.

However there is another issue with Hellfire in this version that bridges the movie and the book. In the Disney movie, Frollo is a more in touch with his anger and how it relates to his control over the city, so it makes sense that his lust is channeled through his anger IE Hellfire. In the book, Frollo valves his purity as means to keeping his control over himself and his lust is channeled out through self-loathing till it explodes with stabbing Phoebus.

As it is in the ¬†musical there is a disconnect between Frollo’s personality and Hellfire. Yes, he does get mad when Esmeralda calls him out on the way he looks at her but then he goes out searching for her and his part in Tavern Song sounds more desperate than mad which makes Hellfire seem more out of place in the scheme of things. ¬†I think the idea is that Hellfire at first showcases his desperation for control and he gets more consumed as the song goes on. Though in the book Frollo wasn’t that mad that Esmeralda was dragging him off to Hell, he rather welcome it, sure it made him go crazy to the point where he wanted to kill her but he was more mad that she going to give her virginity to someone who didn’t deserve her and that she didn’t want him. I don’t think book Frollo would sing this song. I will say that it’s a tough task merging Book Frollo with Disney Frollo since they are very different from each other but the causality of it seems to be Hellfire.

Or this could all be my head and I’m seeing an issue that isn’t there, or I didn’t explain my point very well. Both are possible. As it stand this a very tepid version of the song though the chorus is great.



Frollo singing Hellfire Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Frollo singing Hellfire Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame

What is full of flames and is one the best parts of any Disney movie? HELLFIRE!

I would say this scene isn’t like super SCARY but it is unsettling. First you have a rather creepy dude singing about wanting a woman whom he has a lot of hostile towards. Then you have the fire imagery and the specters that are featured at various points especially at the end, love the end.

One of the creepiest parts of Hellfire is where Frollo is running through the hooded faceless ghost that watch him in judgement. It’s very much like the Trial by Franz Kafka.

I could see this song scaring a few younger child and making adult uncomfortable.

La Jolla Hunchback Poster picture image

La Jolla Hunchback Poster

I have been looking for pictures or videos of the new Hunchback musicals since it began and I have found next to zip till now. While searching for the sets of show I found and when I looked back there a few days later I found this which has some of the recordings of the song from the show. So very briefly I will just go through the recording and give my thoughts.

Rhythm of the Tambourine –¬† I have to assume this is Esmeralda’s introductory song and it’s a new song. I gotta say though, it’s not doing much for me and I’m a little bummed that it not an Esmeralda only song that was a big issue for me with Glockner.

Made of Stone – I have to admit Michael Arden sounds a bit like Colm Wickinson here. I also wish he was angrier sounder, he sounds more sad but it’s a fine version of the song. I’m curious about the Ensemble/Gargoyles roles.

Finale Ultimo, Part 1 – They kept the stabbing angle? Neat! I don’t really like the pep talk with Quasimodo and the ensemble, seems un-necessary with the Made of Stone song. Overall it’s good.

The Tavern Song (Thai Mol Piyas) – Another new song! It’s fun. I’m not sure where this song goes in the play but I like it.
Apparently Thai Mol Piyas might mean “And wine we drink” in Romani.

Sanctuary (Reprise) – OMG, the red door scene! At first I thought it was the jail scene but it’s clearly not. This could have been in the original Glockner because it was in the King’s Academy version although less adult. ¬† I’m glad to hear some lines from the book though.

God Help the Outcasts – They play this very straight to the original Disney movie which is fine by me because I hated Quasimodo part of the song as it took Esmeralda’s only solo away. At first I though Ciara Renee was going to be belt-y with this song but she isn’t, it’s nicely done.

The Bells of Notre Dame – This is very different. The example Frollo backstory prior to Quasimodo.¬† Frollo has Jehan back in the version. Frollo and Jehan lived at Notre Dame. Jehan gets Frollo a Gyspy prostitutes for his birthday but they get caught Jehan get kicked out. Frollo then rises to the ranked of Archdeacon. Frollo finds Jehan who dying and his Gyspy wife has died. Jehan asks Frollo to take his baby, i.e Quasi. He doesn’t want to but then does.

I’m not sure how to feel about this version of the song. It’s a good mitigation between the novel and Disney version but it lacks the drama and intensity that the Disney version had. However it could be way better on stage. They also mispronounce Jehan.

Hellfire – Much like God Help the Outcast, they play this one straight to the Disney version.

The got rid of A Guy like you, City under Siege, Out of Love, Dance of the Gypsies, Balancing Act.

What do you think of these songs?

Being forced to watch very, very bad versions of Hunchback makes me more grateful to the Disney version. The Disney version is not perfect but they did at least put out a solid effort into their version and made a good movie. You can’t really say that for the Enchanted tales version. So I thought I would list of what I consider to be the Top Ten¬† Best Things about The Disney version of the Hunchback of Notre Dame



Clopin with Puppet Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Clopin with Puppet Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame

10. Clopin
Clopin is just such a fun and interesting character. He kinds neither good or bad. I guess he more of a light gray. I wish he was in more of the movie.


Esmeralda Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame singing "God Help the Outcast" picture image

Esmeralda singing “God Help the Outcast” Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame

9. Animation
Gorgeous Animation is a Disney hallmark and the Hunchback is no exception. There are some gorgeous shots. Though the CG crowds didn’t age well but you seldom really notice them unless you’re looking.


Esmeralda and Quasimodo Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Esmeralda and Quaismodo Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame

8.The Pacing
The pacing is great in this movie. There are no low points and the story moves from point to point really well.


Esmeralda singing God Help the Outcast Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Esmeralda singing God Help the Outcast Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame

7.  Accuracy to Notre Dame
The way they rendered the  Cathedral is lovely and you can see all the effort that went in to it. I mean they did make it larger but they did capture its Beauty and it intricate little details. They might have been to accurate since they included elements that were not present at the time of the story but that is a nitpick that you would have to be aware of.


Clopin Topsy Turvy Disney Hunchback Notre Dame picture image

Clopin Topsy Turvy Disney Hunchback Notre Dame

6. The Songs
With one exception, you know the one, the songs are really great. Some are better than others but on the whole they are great.


Frollo and Notre Dame Bells Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Frollo stares at Notre Dame during the Bells of Notre Dame FDisney Hunchback of Notre Dame

5. The Music Score
The Score was inspired by Mozart’s Requiem Mass and it really is gorgeous especially Sanctuary. It really one the best Disney scores ever.

Frollo and Baby Quasimodo bells Disney Hunch back of Notre Dame picture image

Frollo and Baby Quasimodo during the Bells of Notre Dame Disney Hunch back of Notre Dame


4. Frollo
Frollo is one of the most complex Disney Villains. On one hand he is cool and cruel and the other he’s bat-shit crazy but he thinks he’s good and just even when trying to kill a baby he thinks he is in the right.


Frollo singing Hellfire Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Frollo singing Hellfire Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame

3. Hellfire/Heaven’s Light


This is kind of like A Night on Bald Mountain/Ave Maria in reverse. A Lot of the drama comes from the duality of the Heaven and Hell. Though you would get little argument that Hellfire is the better song in both the visuals and the lyrics. It so dark and twisted but Heaven’s Light just elevates Hellfire crazed hellish tone. It’s kind ironic that Frollo is praying to Mary in this song.


A Puppet of Quasimodo bells Disney Hunchback of notre dame picture image

A Puppet of Quasimodo during the Bells of Notre Dame Disney Hunchback of notre dame

2. The Opening
The Opening is amazing. In 5 minutes we get some drama, some humor and all the backstory. The song and the visuals are wonderful.  I like how dark this gets and there is no denying that crescendo at the end. Flawless

Quaismodo Bells of Notre dame reprise Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Quaismodo Bells of Notre dame reprise Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame


1. It introduced people to The Hunchback of Notre
While of course this is not true for everyone, The Disney version did introduced people to the characters and the ideas of the novel. Without it people may not be fans of original story today.


Honorable mention Djali

I love Djali to pieces

Djali Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image

Djali Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame