The Man who Laughs Part II:  Book 6: Ursus Under Different Aspects

Barky is a jerk, this is known earlier but MY GOD.

So Ursus sees Gwynplaine go into the jail and not come out. Naturally he assumes that Gwynplaine is really a powerful lord lost in childhood and now restored to his glory. Yeah, no he assumes the worse for his child. He returns to Dea. His plan is to tell her the true which he assumes will kill her, though he lies instead and pretends Gwynplaine for the act.

Then Ursus get tattled on by the inn keeper for his wolf. I think the police come with Barky. They tells Ursus he has to leave England by tomorrow with Homo or the will kill Homo. It is also here that Barky tells Ursus that Gwynplaine is dead, and figurity yes he is. And then Barky gives Usrus ten guineas instead of the two thousand that Gwynplaine told him to give to Ursus and then he pockets the rest because and I quote

Barkilphedro loved money, especially money which was stolen.”

This guy isn’t even remotely likeable. Let me both this into perceptive here and you’ll pardon me from using Game of Thrones…….. but if Ramsey Bolton and Barky were in a fight I would still rather Ramsey Bolton, a fucking creepy-ass sadist, to win over this jerk and I HATE HOUSE BOLTON! I kind of want to call him Barky Bolton but I won’t. If Barky isn’t thrown off a famous English building I’m going to rage. (Not really but this guy needs to offed and if he is not I will rage.)

Then the inn keeper who snitched on Ursus gets arrest for harboring the wolf. I mean turn about being fair play and all but these guys are just asses. I mean Ursus had a loop-pole in the system and they didn’t honor it. Such Jerks!

Part 1
The book starts off with preliminary chapters, no idea what will come of these chapters but the first one, which is in four parts, is about a dude name Ursus and this wolf named Homo.

This part mainly focuses on Ursus. The only way I can think of to describe Ursus is think Frollo, Gringoire and Esmeralda all had a love child who grew up akin to Quasimodo. Ursus is a poet, doctor, vagabond who doesn’t like people. In fact he is called juggler-misanthrope. He also called a savant who is good at everything he does.

Part 2
This part is about Homo, the wolf. As far as wolves goes Homo is a gentle wolf who has intelligence enough to know that as long as he attends his master he do as he pleases as servant and not a beast. Homo also pulls Ursus’ van because it’s way cooler to have a wolf pull it than a donkey.

Part 3
This Part is about the what in Ursus’ mind are the only things necessary to know, which is English peers, with all their titles and estates. This part is so boring, like nothing happens. I did learn that the Earl of Grantham was a real title and not an invention of Downton Abbey , so that is something. Apparently the Grantham title went extinct in 1754. At the end Urusus writes that Lord Clancharlie was a rebel in exile and his holdings are sequestrated.

Was there a point to this part? Is Ursus, the juggler-misanthrope, a snob who loves the British aristocracy? Or is this Hugo being Hugo? On a positive side, this part made me good and sleepy for bedtime.

Part 4
The last part tells us that Ursus love of establish authority keeps him as vagabond. So they whole thing about the British peers that Hugo made us read is part of his grand master plan to keep people way from him. Ursus really is a misanthrope and when he does help people he gives them sarcasm back. I like this misanthrope philosopher.