When I read this passage in Hunchback of Notre Dame  “All at once the head of Phoebus she saw another head, – a livid, green, convulsed face, with the look of a soul in torment;” it always brings to mind one immortal face; The Grinch


The Grinch as Frollo picture image

The Grinch as Frollo

Bruno Pelletier as Gringoire in Notre Dame de Paris picture image

Bruno Pelletier as Gringoire in Notre Dame de Paris


Here is my newest Squidoo Len Gringoire of Notre Dame de Paris. Lens covers 26 actors who have played Gringoire in Notre Dame de Paris. Two more characters and I will have practically covered all the Notre Dame de Paris performers. But these NDdP Character lenses are a lot of work so who know when I’ll get to Clopin and Phoebus. But enjoy the Gringoire actors. I’m still working on quite a few biographies so be sure to check back. (this also my 50th lens ^^)

I have also been trying to create new Hunchback stuff on zazzle. Tying not sure if I’m succeeding though.

Colored Esmeralda Illustration iphone case
Esmeralda Colored Illustration casematecase
Esmeralda Colored Illustration by Hunchstore

Gringoire Shirt
Gringoire; Poet, Genius, Juggler shirt
Gringoire; Poet, Genius, Juggler by Hunchstore

Hopefully I can think up more Hunchback Zazzle ideas… I’ve been in a creative zazzle slump for a while…  :|