Sung by Hosaka Chizu who is a musical singer.

I’ve studied Japanese and while I’m by no means fluent I think this is a decent rendering of the song into Japanese. I like that for the word for “fate” is Sadame  which man fate but it has a sad connotation to it. Not sure what I think of the singing though.

I one time timed to tried to translate Belle into Japanese but not to fit the measure. I do think it would be cool if Notre Dame played to Japan, it’s played a lot in Asia but not in Japan.


Quasimode Sounds of Peace 2008 album

Quasimode Sounds of Peace 2008 album

I randomly discovered a Japanese Jazz group that calls themselves “Quasimode”. Doesn’t that sound very similar to our hunchback pal ‘Quasimodo”? Turns out that the name isn’t a reference, the name came from their pianist who says that the name means “mix, blend” (interview link) but I can’t seem to separate out the connection between the names. So I’m sorry to say that for me Quasimode will alway seem like a secret Hunchback reference.

Quasimodo Illustrtion Francois flameng

Illustration of Quasimodo


As for their music, I like it, I think out of what I heard I like Last Nine Days the best, it’s off the The Land Of Freedom album. It would be so cool if they did a Hunchback/Notre Dame de Paris inspired album ^^…… mmm Notre Dame and Jazz, seems like an odd and cool combo.