John Matuzak as Sloth Goonies picture image

John Matuzak as Sloth

Again, never saw The Goonies, it never seems to appeal to me. I’m like three for three on not watching these movies for other Hunchbacks/deformed guys. Maybe next week’s  dude will be different.

Anyway Sloth was played the late John Matuzak.  His real name is Lotney Fratelli and he is the middle child of the Fratelli’s. His older brother is Francis and younger brother is Jake.

From what I can tell of Sloth, he locked up in the basement by his brothers and he also   likes sweets and is really strong. He isn’t evil as Chuck, one of the aforementioned Goonies, befriends him after getting locked in the basement with him and I guess he teams up with the Goonies. So he is more like Quasimodo than that 300 Hunchback dude and less violent the hunchback of morgue guy.