You know who would make a really great Esmeralda? Alica Vikander!

Alica Vikander , picture image

Alica Vikander

Alicia Vikander is a Swedish actress who has been in some major films recently. She was the star in A Royal Affair, she played Kitty in the 2012 Anna Karenina film and she is in the upcoming Seventh Son and The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Alica Vikander picture image

Alica Vikander

Vikander has a very good look for Esmeralda. She has a nice olive complexion, dark eyes and dark hair.  She also has a very expressive face. In addition to being a fine actress she was a dancer. She studied Ballet for nine years before making the decision to quit when she was sixteen.

Alica Vikander  picture image

Alica Vikander


She just seem like she would make the perfect Esmeralda especially if a film went with Esmeralda original backstory.

Alicia Vikander, picture image

Alicia Vikander

What do you think, would Alica Vikander make a good Esmeralda who is there a better actress for the role?

Quasimodo Kitteh

Quasimodo Kitteh

This is pretty much purr-fect!


LoL by: Winnie-Wonka (Picture by: Lorraine S)