Colin O'Donoghue as Wish-Hook (Nook) Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 13 knightfall picture image

Colin O’Donoghue as Wish-Hook (Nook)

I like that this episode focuses on Nook. He has been a weirdly explained highlight of the season. While the episode wasn’t bad on the whole there was some plot elements that makes you scratch your head.

For instance the whole Maui’s Hook and Nook and Captain Ahab was odd.  Basically Nook wanted to prove to Ahab that he is was still cool and deadly even though Nook had Maui’s Hook which could have busted Alice out of the tower, even though we know Alice will get out of the tower and the subsequence poison heart curse was the result of Gothel teaching Nook a lesson.  

The Hyperion Heights stuff was Gothel goading Rogers to remember, Ivy trying to find meaning and Regina and Lucy teaming up. The scene with Regina and Lucy was cute. The twist with Tilly at the end was odd but hopefully the show will offer up some reason for it.   

It was an alright episode just weird with its execution on plot points if you think about it too much, which is par for the course with this show. Like did Gothel know about Maui’s Hook? I guess she didn’t since she went the motherhood route to get out of the tower. She probably didn’t know since Nook went to the wish-realm and Gothel is from A.E.F. Remember when realm hopping was hard? It was good to see crazy imp Rumple though.     

This episode was about a B+.