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Josh Brolin Interview for Men in Black

While promoting Men in Black III, Josh Brolin gave a short interview for The last question was about the upcoming Hunchback movie. He seems very excited about the project and thinks that filming will take place in either France or England. While I’m all about filming on location, Hunchback films are better when filmed on a set. Sets enable the production to create a more accurate Notre Dame as it looked in the 15th century. Both the 1923 and the 1939 were films on sets and they had amazing set design.  Also regardless of enthusiasm, I don’t see Brolin as Quasimodo. He just seems wrong in type.  While I want to say I’ll hold off judgement till I at least see a trailer, I probably won’t. I will say this though, if Megan Fox comes anywhere near this project I will boycott it.

What do you think; Josh Brolin as Quasimodo, Yay or Nay?

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Quasimodo, Hunchback in Black

He is Quasimodo, The Hunchback of The Men in Black