I saw this picture on Notre Dame de Paris Fans and I was like “Woah! No Light, No Light lyrics! Cool”.

Helene Segara as Esmeralada Notre Dame de Paris  and Florence + The Machine picture image

Helene Segara as Esmeralada and Florence + The Machine

Funny thing is, No Light, No Light by Florence + The Machine is at present my favorite song and if this picture was posted a week before I wouldn’t have gotten it, odd huh? I’m very slowly becoming a Florence + The Machine fan (before this I’d only really listen to Cosmic Love by Florence +Machine) and for the most part I very rarly listen to popular/current music.

Can I challenge someone to make a music video using No Light, No Light (or another Florence + The Machine song) and Notre Dame de Paris? Because I don’t think I can pull it off and it would be so awesome! ^_^

Source of Picture is from thehostparty